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This is going to be where all the updates are. They will link to what has been updated, so you don't tear your hair out figuring out what's new in here!

OK...the domain is in the works and I'm trying to get everything over there. This is going to be a real pain in the ass, and I might not be around too much for a couple days. Y'all don't forget my change in email addys too, the new one being Kanike@ev1.net. Just a reminder, I know I'm not the number one thing people think about so I have to keep being pesty! Thought y'all might like to be kept up to date too if you visit often. The change is coming soon!



I've registered a new domain name. Tribes of the Moon is going to be moving in the next week or maybe two. The new URL is going to be: www.moontribes.com My email address is going to change too, right now it'll change to Kanike@ev1.net. If anyone likes to talk to me on AOL IM, that name is going to change too. My new AIM name will be MizKane2. Yes, I AM getting rid of AOL sometime this week or next. I hope this site will become bigger and better even though Taker himself hasn't been seen for awhile. I plan to expand the multimedia area and add things like screensavers, wavs and more movies. There's a lot of changes I have planned that I'll be implementing in the next few months, but I'm just one gal, so give me some time! Just wanting to keep anyone who is interested informed! Also, Acolyte's Smackdown Report for this past Smackdown is up!

Added a link to Mickey1120's Video auctions on E-bay in the All Things Calaway section.

Two small banners added to the bottom of Electric Funeral, free graphics gallery one for your using pleasure. One says "Undertaker Now" the other "Endangered Species? Save The Taker!". Changed my links section AGAIN, as well as added a link to Lady of Darkness' Undertaker Parlor. From now on, I'll only be adding TEXT links because I'd like to start a real links collection of all Undertaker sites, webrings, Elists and the like. Have anything devoted to Taker? Please drop me a line and let me know!

Here's the Rumble results real quick. Undertaker was NOT at the Rumble, nor was he mentioned or even hinted at. If you still care about what the results are, here goes:


Tazz over Kurt Angle
The Hardy Boys over The Dudleys
Chris Jericho is the undisputed IC champ over Chyna and Hardcore Holly
Outlaws (still champs) over the Acolytes
HHH (still champion) over Cactus Jack
The Rock is the winner of Royal Rumble 200

Five new scrapbook scans in In the Ring gallery 51

Won an award from Dark Lord's Bride. Thank you!

Well, I just want to say that over at WWF.com they have a tidbit that says they are opening an Undertaker site. They are also asking for fan-created stories and art concerning The Undertaker. So far, BOTH the email addresses given by the WWF don't seem to work. So far I have sent four messages, and got back four returned emails. Has ANYONE had success sending anything to these adresses? If so, could you let me know. My email is at the bottom of the page, and yes, it DOES work.

A new poem by Patzeb added to Nightbreed's second poem page. I have added a rules page for the submission of poems and fanfiction. It can also be accessed thru the Nightbreed main page.

Welcome back to Acolyte, who has been released from Christmas Hell in the retail industry. He rejoins the world and sends us his Smackdown Report!

Well, not exactly shining news from the Ross report on WWF.com. JR had this to say: It is doubtful that the Undertaker will return at the Royal Rumble (now watch the Phenom appear bigger than life!). Y'all take that any way you want to. Makes me wonder if the WWF keeps us Taker fans hanging on just for our PPV orders as we continue hoping our man will come back. Anyway, the last two pages of It's in the Genes is up. Yep, that one has come to a conclusion. For now.

Yunomi's Story Book three is up in it's entirety!

The beginning of a NEW story called Stranger in Black by Margaret in Nightbreed. Also, added chapter 20 to Thalia's Legend of the Flower of Darkness.

Don't be alarmed! Yes, there is a new background on this site! I thought perhaps the stories and other things may be easier to read, but of course I couldn't just get rid of my celtic chain now could I? I also couldn't make ME a new background without giving something to y'all, so I made THREE new backgrounds in the same style as the one I have. They are located in Electric Funeral, gallery 4. I also made example pages, just click on the wallpaper you like. It'll show you how it looks on your desktop or webpage. Hope you like!

Made a new picture in not Natural called Stairway to Heaven.

New Weekly Weak award winner. Yeah, I've had it up to HERE with this damn attitude.

New desktop wallpaper in the Electric Funeral section. Also, I made a new pic in the fourth gallery of not Natural. Top picture.

A link to AttitudeTees.com where you can buy an Undertaker clock among other things in the merchandise part of the All Things Calaway section. Updated links to Icewolf's site as well as 'The Phenom'. Mar's column The Bottom Line Rests in Peace has been updated with his first column of the millenium! NEW story up in it's entirety called Woven Threads of Fate by Margaret. New poem called Darkness of Rage by Julie Kitchell up in the second poems section.

OK, sorry I haven't updated in a little while. I was out of town and am STILL fighting off a lousy cold, BUT, I do have a couple updates:
First, yes I know the message board isn't up. Looks like Disc Server itself is down. If it isn't back up in a VERY short time, I'll be changing boards again. THANX to Kitty for giving me her Not Total Crap award from The Cat's Meow website. Also, there's a new piece of art up in Into the Void by Lynne. In the next few days I hope to post up a new story by Margaret, maybe a poem or two and several more pics I'll be scanning. Keep stopping by, and by the way, thanx to everyone who visited this site in 1999!

Merry Christmas! This is Tribes' first Christmas on the web and I hope we have many more to come. Hope everyone that comes here has a good Christmas, and y'all have a drink for me on New Years! I have a new poem up in Nightbreed poems and short stories section by Shakito. Thanx!

Added six more of my scrapbook scans to In the Ring, gallery 50. They are the bottom six pictures.

Well, Taker didn't make an appearance at RAW like everyone was hoping. :(
Chapters 29 and 30 added to At Last Paradise. These two chapters conclude this story. Also, added a poem by Marta.

I have REMOVED the anti-right click code on ALL In the Ring galleries. Doesn't mean I'm intending open season on my pics, but, if anyone wants to use some they can, just please...if you do use some, give me a link and a credit on your site. It's just common courtesy. Added three more pages to At Last Paradise, starting with page six and going to page eight. Added the conclusion to Yunomi's Story-Book Two.

Added more chapters to At Last Paradise.

An article at Jimmyvan.com said "Andy Weil dropped me a line to say that Raw is War will be coming live from his home of Houston, Texas on Monday. According to the Houston Chronicle, the Undertaker is scheduled to appear. No other details are known at this time."
This of course does NOT mean his appearance there is carved in stone, but apparently Undertaker is advertised as being there. Like I say, don't believe ANYTHING until you see it, but it was interesting to see this. Since Houston, TX is also MY home town, I'll be at RAW on Monday to see if this does indeed come to pass. Jimmyvan.com also has an article about Taker's wrestling match in Puerto Rico this past Wednesday if anyone wants to check it out.
New digital art from Storm and Marta in Into the Void's gallery 3. Also added chapters ten through twelve to At Last Paradise.

Here real quick is a list of the results from the Armageddon PPV:

The Acolytes win the tag team rumble
Kurt Angle over Blackman
Miss Kitty wins the Evening Gown match and the women's title
The Hollys over Vis and Rakishi
Val Venis wins the Euro title
Kane over X-Pac
Chris Jericho wins the IC title
Big Show keeps the World title
HHH beats Vince, and Stephanie ends up turning on dear old dad.
Disappointingly, Undertaker did NOT make an appearance at this event.

Story by Melissa Crawford called Christmas Dreams in the poems and short stories section of Nightbreed. New piece of digital art in not Natural, gallery 4. It's the first picture. Also tomorrow, I'll be having a chat two hours before the PPV in the Where the Monsters Live Java chatroom. The link is at the bottom of this, and all pages of this site on the sitemap. Also, I'll post results either here or on my message board after Armageddon. IF Undertaker makes an appearance at the event, I'll just run in here RIGHT AWAY and post it right after it happens.

Page five added to It's in the Genes. This one is especially violent. If you don't like that stuff, don't read it. Also a link in the Merchandise section of All Things Calaway to a book about Undertaker sold on Amazon.com. New link to The Wrestling Fanatic, a site by Marta.

Added page six to Yunomi's Story, Book Two. Also, chapters 7, 8 and 9 are up in At Last Paradise.

Well, yesterday I made a silly pic, today I'm in a depressed mood, so I made a pretty heavy one. Top picture in not Natural, gallery 4.

Added the conclusion to Undertaker and the Girl by Mylynka. Also added the first six chapters of a new story by Margaret called At Last Paradise. Diary of a Love Story. I made a new, kind of silly picture in not Natural, gallery four. That's a new gallery and this picture is the first in it.

Cool short story called The Christmas Present by Nightjammer added to the second page of the poems section of Nightbreed.

Welcome, Star to The Tribes. Added some more of my scans. Three new pictures on the bottom of In the Ring, Gallery 49 and more yet in gallery fifty.

Made a change in the chat room. Well, actually added another one. Tribes offers Java chat as well as HTML, now for those that like the Java better.

Untitled poem by Dville added to the Nightbreed poems section.



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