At Last Paradise. Diary of a Love Story

Chapter Ten

When they got back to the hotel, some of the wrestlers were in the lobby talking. Kane was the first to say something.
"Brother, what a woman you have! You had better be careful. I don't think you ever want to get her angry. It took me and two or three others to get her off of Tori. Got any more like you?"
"I might be able to hook you up with someone."
All Mark could do was roll his eyes and shake his head.
"Where did you learn that slam?" Edge asked.
"I learned it from Kane."
"Oh!, my brother's been teaching you. I'm surprised you learned anything from him."

Kane looked at him with a "just wait" expression. Margaret had to laugh and went on to the room. It would sure feel good to take a hot shower.

She didn't hear the bathroom door open. By this time she was under the shower reveling at how good the hot water felt. The feel of something rubbing her back made her turn around. It was Mark. He had been right behind her but was stopped by Mankind, who always had something comical to say. Mark had come in just as she was in the shower. He had quickly shed his clothes and joined her. He continued to wash her, using slow, langorous, massaging strokes. She felt like she was ready to collapse. There wasn't a place on her he didn't touch. Then she started doing the same to him, slowly massaging his entire body til he thought he would go out of his mind.

When he put her on the bed, he kissed her, stroking her body with his hands, lips following where his hands had been. He could hear her moans. This only feuled his fire more. She was now to the breaking point. Just like two pieces of a puzzle, they came together as natural as nature had intended them to be with all the passion that had been bottled up these 2 months. They stayed that way the rest of the night, neither wanting to let go of the other. When morning came, both of them were spent from the night before. She was curled next to him, his arm around her. He awoke just long enough to come to the decision that when they got back to Houston, he would ask her then.

Chapter Eleven

Word had leaked out somehow about the relationship between Mark and Margaret. They had just arrived at Kennedy Airport, when they were meant with a mob of reporters. It took them thirty minutes just to get from the plane to the terminal exit. They were bombarded with questions about how did they meet, how long have they known each other, the usual. It got to the point that airport security had to get them out of there. They decided to spend the night at one of the hotels not far from the airport. They were tired and needed to get themselves together.

They had a busy schedule ahead of them. For the next 8 weeks they would be traveling to just about every major city - Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, New York City, Worcester, MA, Chicago, Kansas City. They did autograph signings in Minneapolis, Little Rock, Santa Rosa, Phoenix, Austin, Montgomery and Johnstown. Everywhere they went, Margaret would see her Moontribe sisters. She would always talk to them, after all, they were family. There were a couple who couldn't make it because wrestling never came to their area, as they lived in Hawaii and Montana, but Margaret made sure they got pictures or t-shirts, and when possible, would email them about how she was doing. To add to an already hectic schedule, they found they would be going to Puerto Rico to attend a house show. By the time they got to Houston, they were completely exhausted.

Everybody was wondering when Mark was going to propose. They had known for a long time that the two of them were very much in love with each other. All anyone had to do was look at the two of them. They had even nicknamed them "The M&M's".

It was Friday, the time was coming when he would ask her that all-important question. He was at one of the workout gyms keeping up with his usual training. Kane came in as he would regularly to do his workout.
"What's the matter, big brother? You look like a bundle of nerves."
"I'm going to ask her."
"It's about time. I was beginning to think you were going to become an old bachelor (smirking). Does she have any idea what you're planning to do?"
"No, she doesn't. But she has been looking at me awfully funny lately."
"It's no wonder. You have been acting a little weird."
"I guess I have. I've been thinking of all sorts of ways to ask her. Each one just doesn't seem to be right. I had even thought about doing it in front of the crowd at the match. That didn't seem right either. What if she turned me down in front of everybody?"
"I can, what is that word Vince uses, 'guarantee' you that she will not turn you down no matter where you ask her. But, do you really want to ask her in front of everybody, or would you rather do it in private? The whole world knows about you two, so it really isn't private, it never was in the first place. People would ask, since I am your brother and should supposedly know what is going on. I would pretend stupidity. Here's a question, what is the one place she likes the most?"
"The garden at the house. She loves it there. She says its so quiet and peacful."
"Ask her there. You know by now, at least I hope you do, what she likes."

Mark gave him a rather "duhh" look. That is a thought. She does like the garden. She would always go there to relax. He started getting some ideas. He was through with his workout. If he was going to ask her tonight, he had a few things to arrange.
"By the way, big brother, don't forget to give her a ring too."
He gave Kane one of his "that's enough" looks. Kane laughed.

Chapter Twelve

Margaret has been spending much of her time unpacking their things and getting the laundry done. Yes, she would still do small domestic chores around the house even though there was someone there to do them. Despite the length of time they had been together it still was new to her.

The staff didn't mind too much. She never asked them to do anything she herself wouldn't do first. They had been working for Mark for several years and had seen women come and go. She was the first one to actually be down to earth.

Earlier that day he had called to say they would be going out tonight and to wear something special. After that, he called the kitchen phone and told the chef exactly what he wanted. The chef smiled and said things would be done exactly as he specified.

She was thinking while she was showering that Mark was not his usual self and really hadn't been for the past several weeks. Something was going on, but she couldn't figure it out. She had asked Kane if he could figure out what was going on with his brother. He wasn't any help at all.

She was planning on wearing a new dress she had bought that day. This would be a first for her as her usual attire was slacks and blouses. It wasn't really dressy, nothing more than a simple black dress with barely visible gold threads going through it. Thank goodness she had kept her hair short. It was naturally curly so there was nothing to do but wash and towel dry it. She heard him come up the stairs on his way to his room. He was whistling. Now that's something he had never done.

As time was approaching, he started getting jittery all over again. He didn't want to think that she would turn him down. Kane had a lot of faith she would accept. Of course, Kane can be unreliable at times. He felt like wearing the black leather outfit that he wore to the ring. After all, not only would she be marrying him, but the Undertaker as well.

He was in the living room waiting for her to come down. When she came in the living room, he couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. To think when they first met she felt she wasn't good enough. She was starting to have more confidence in her attitude and the way she carried herself, like a queen.
"I'm ready to go."
"First close your eyes, I want to show you something."

She closed her eyes and felt herself being led by the hand. They were going outside. What is this? They were going to the garden.
"Okay, you can open them."
For a minute she couldn't say anything. It was like being in another world. Candles of all sizes were everywhere. In the middle of the garden was a table, beautifully set, and on one of the plates was a single, long stemmed red rose. From out of nowhere there was music playing. He held the chair for her. She couldn't beleive this was happening.

As soon as he was seated, the chef, who had known what to cook, served them. Everything was smelling delicious. She jumped slightly. It was Mark opening a bottle of champagne. She loved champagne, but the bubbles made her giggle.

Having eaten very slowly, he asked her if she wanted to dance. It had been sometime since they had danced. It was a slow love ballad. They danced very close, enjoying the feel of one another, not saying anything.

Mark felt the time was right. He started pulling a small box from his chest.
"Margaret, ever since we met, you have always been on my mind. I have never met anyone like you. You have been my friend, my comforter, my strength, my lover, everything a man would ever want. Although its been only 6 months, in that short time I have experienced more than before I met you. I can't see spending the rest of my life with anyone but you."

Mark opened the box. Margaret gave a soft gasp. It was a heart-shaped solitare diamond (2 carat) mounted on a gold band that actually was two bands intertwining.
"Will you marry me?"

Tears were streaming down her face. She hadn't taken her eyes off him. After waiting for what seemed an eternity, Mark heard the words he would remember forever:
"Yes I will marry you."

Slipping the ring on her finger, he picked her up off the ground and kissed her as if he couldn't get enough.

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