All Things Calaway

All Things Calaway

This section provides links to interviews Mark has done or articles about him. I try to track down every article he is mentioned in. This section will most likely have more and more in it over time. If you see any Undertaker/Mark Calaway Articles, let me know! Also, there's links here to Undertaker merchandise. Yeah, more than just from If you run into any broken links, please email me about it. My addy is, as always, at the bottom of the page.


Pictures from Undertaker's Exton Autograph signing. Also, if you want to see pictures from a Kane signing, and look into other wrestling merchandise, go to The Sports Center's mainpage. credit to Joanne

Undertaker on the cover of Cigar Aficionado with Big Show and Vince McMahon. Thanx to Yunomi
An article by Cody Monk concerning Mark's beginnings in Pro. Wrestling. Incidentally, Monk mentions the Dallas Sportatorium in his article. For the curious, I'm including a picture of the outside of it below.

I took this pic a few years back on one of my trips there. Came in handy didn't it? There is also a picture of the ring (well the outside of the ring) and me standing by it on my Tribes bio.

Las Vegas newspaper article about Mark at the De La Hoya boxing match. Thanx to GG.

Picture of Mark and a ladyfriend(?) at the match. Thanx to GG.

Undertaker Adds Dark Poetry to Rasslin'. From October of 98, I know this one has been around awhile, but I did not have it. Thanx to 'Casper' for sending it to me!

Entertainment Weekly article from April of 1999.

Tells about when Mark did a chat at AOL in April of 1998. Pictures of him there too.


Mickey1120's Videos on Ebay. He buys, sells and trades WWF Videos. He has over 100 WWF videos at present. This guy is a big Undertaker fan and also has a large aspect of his career on video.

Attitude Undertaker section. There's an assortment of things here, but the one thing I found interesting was an Undertaker clock...thanx to Denise for pointing this out to me!'s book section. Here's a book about The Undertaker. Not sure if it's a WWF book or not.

WWF afgans from Harriet Carter Gifts. One has Taker on it.

The Wrestling Superstore. T-shirts, figures, photos and much more.

Order Undertaker and other WWF stars checks.

Have to look for the Undertaker stuff, but it's in there!

IMAGEFigure Zone has TONS of action figures, and they also claim to be able to find an action figure you may be looking for.

Norman James International. Couple of very nice Taker posters.

Undertaker neck ties.

This is where you can apply for a credit card that has a picture of Undertaker on it.

WWF Attitude bears.

Ever wanted an Undertaker wallet? Here's where you can get one.

Have your choice of two life-size cardboard stand-ups of Taker.

Some Insight

So what kind of stuff does Mark get into anyway? What other stuff has he done? There's definitely more to him than just the fellow on WWF wrestling. Here's a few things I've dug up over the nine years I've been watching him. While I don't know him personally, I've tried to compile this little list with things I know to be true.

It was reported in The Globe that Mark attended Waltrip High School in Houston, Texas. Here's the website for that high school for those curious what it is like.

As far as I know, this is his favorite band.

Yeah, he likes Harleys! Does he have any other shirts in his wardrobe? HAHA

A likely place to find Harley lovers. I don't know if he's ever been to this, but it's most likely an event he'd enjoy very much


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