Rules for submission of fanfiction

I've decided that I should put up a list of rules for the submission of fanfiction and poems to this site. They aren't that demanding, mostly just common sense and common courtesy.

Rules for poetry submissions

  • Check spelling and grammar!
  • If possible, copy and paste into email, if not send as a simple text attachemt.

Rules for story submissions

Might want to first read this: Dr. Merlin's Guide to fanfiction.

While the above is NOT a set of rules for sending stories to this site, it IS a very helpful set of guidelines worthy of reading. Pay SPECIAL attention to the "Who is Mary Sue and why she must die" section. In case no one has noticed, there is a large, and BORING bunch of 'Mary Sue' (or as I call them 'everyone-loves-the-girl') stories on Taker and Kane already. I'm hoping to see less and less of these pretentious storylines. **Thanx to Dischordia at Dischordia's Domain for signing my guestbook and leaving her link there. She has some great fanfic and links and is where I found Dr. Merlins, her site is worth a look!**

  • Check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Check it twice.
  • This is an Undertaker site, I want Undertaker stories. Not that other wrestlers aren't cool and cute and all that mess, but I'm only concerned with Undertaker stories. Submit Kane stories to my sister site, Brides of Kane. Click on 'The Library'. Make sure you read her rules also.
  • I reserve to right to edit out parts that would get us in too much trouble here on Tripod. I let as much go as possible, but there is a line to be drawn.
  • I reserve the right to NOT accept a story. I don't expect anyone to bitch at me if I don't post theirs.
  • Please send the story to me either copy and pasted into email, or as a TEXT file attachment. I don't have Word, can't read Word documents, and I don't need the fancy formatting either when I put in the code.
  • If you know HTML code, and can place it in your stories, I'd be VERY appreciative! If not, that's OK.
  • If I find a story you have sent me actually belongs to someone else, it'll be taken down immediately. No plagiarism tolerated.
  • It doesn't have to be a romantic story about the Undertaker. It can be any story revolving around long as it isn't an ANTI-Undertaker story. I kinda like the guy, and yes, I'm biased.

That's it, if you can handle those, send me your stories! Can't wait to read them! My email addy is, as always, at the bottom of the page.


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