At Last Paradise. Diary of a Love Story

Chapter One

Well, there she was 48, still single, a grown son, living in a town that had started to become a prison. There was absolutely no one there who she find to spend her life with. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her as far as she was concerned. Well, she was a bit on the heavy side, but that didn't bother her all that much. She had Dark Brown hair with a natural frost in it, big yellow eyes (like those of a cat), a very pleasant personality although you did not want to get her angry, and loved to go out and have a good time. By the way, her name is Margaret.

Margaret worked at the university. You would have thought that by now she would have met someone, but such was not the case. Most of the men were so wrapped up in themselves it wasn't worth the time. One of the things she liked to do most was surf the web. Every chance she got she would spend her free time surfing the web. It was during her lunch time that she found a unique website. This was one she had never seen before. It was a site that was mostly of women and dedicated to a wrestler. Now she did like wrestling (WWF to be a matter of fact). This site though was dedicated to one wrestler in particular - Undertaker. She was starting to like this site as he was her favorite wrestler. She joined this group named Moontribes.

A couple of days passed. While checking her email one day she noticed a lot of messages from people whom she did not know. When she checked they were from the members of Moontribes welcoming her to the site. Margaret was really surprised. She had never had this many people welcoming her at all! They made her feel at ease. She started chatting with them and found they were easy to talk to, fun loving, and loved to be risque at what they talked about - mainly Undertaker. She would laugh at some of the things they said, but also at the same time felt a kindred spirit for some of the problems they had experienced or were going through.

Talk had been going back and forth about a get together of the members at a wrestling show. There was one going to be in Memphis, TN, which was not too far from where she was. After some more talking, it was decided that those who could make it would meet in front of the Pyramid, and all would wear a shirt of some kind showing who they were. Margaret got her ticket early to be sure she would be there.

When the day finally arrived, she took off work early and drove to Memphis. After about an hour of trying to find a parking space, she finally found one about a couple of blocks from the Pyramid. She rushed over to find her fellow sisters. It was really crowded in front of the Pyramid. This was a major show, a Pay-Per-View, so everyone on TV would be seeing them. It didn't take long to find them, everyone of them had on an Undertaker t-shirt. Well, Margaret hadn't had the chance to get one but nonetheless they knew who she was. It was mainly because she was carrying a sign saying "dedicated taker fan". Everyone was glad to be there, so they went in. As luck would have it, they were seated right behind the announcer's table.

The matches were under way. About half way through, who should make his appearance but Undertaker himself. He came over to the announcer's table and sat down. He commented on what he was going to do to Kane and the Big Show, with whom he had a score to settle. Margaret looked at him and couldn't believe just how sexy he was in person. The first thing you noticed was the way he carried himself, with a kind of regal posture. Then when you started looking at him, you would see his long dark hair, which looked so good on him it would make you scream. Then you saw his eyes, a beautiful piercing green. His build was out of sight. But when you heard his voice, a deep, resonnating voice that just oozed sexuality, you wanted to just stay there, rooted to that spot just to listen to him forever. This was how Margaret felt. She had seen pictures of him, but now she knew they did not do him justice. She got as many pictures of him sitting there as she could. After about 5 minutes or so he went to the back to get ready for his match - a four-man elimination match to see who would get the title.

For the rest of the night, the matches seemed long and drawn out, rather dull. Then came the time for the big event, the 4-man elimination match between Undertaker, Kane, Rock and the Big Show. Who ever was last standing in the ring would get the title. Rock came out first and did his routine. Then Kane came out. It was awesome to see him when he got in the ring and the fire came out of the ring posts. Then Big Show came out. The lights all of a sudden went out, you knew who was coming - Undertaker. When they played his theme all eyes were on the top of the rampway. Then he appeared, dressed in black leather with just a hint of purple in it, smoke swirling around him, making it look like he was floating in the air. He walked to the ring with a look saying "This is my arena, you are my subjects." The girls were going freaky when they saw him. Margaret couldn't do anything but stare at him. In all the years she had dated men, none had made such an impact on her as he had done that night.

The match lasted 15 minutes. The Rock was eliminated by Kane. Then Kane and Undertaker were going at each other. Big Show tried to interfere but Kane and Undertaker both put him out of the ring. Then it was Undertaker and Kane in the ring, going at each other. Just as he had promised, Undertaker was beating up on Kane. Kane though was holding his own. Then Kane missed when he tried to clothesline Undertaker, who caught Kane in a chokeslam. Then he did the tombstone on Kane and won. He held the belt up as if to say, "This is mine, and mine alone."

All of the girls went back stage to get autographs of the wrestlers, but mainly of Undertaker and Kane - since they liked the both of them. After getting their autographs, the girls decided to go to a local bar not too far from there to have a drink and get to know each other better.

The girls were seated in a table not too far from the entrance to the bar. It was a nice place to be, wasn't rowdy, just a nice place to go to have a drink and talk. They had been there about an hour or so when who should walk in but Undertaker himself. Their eyes just bugged wide open. To be in the same bar as Undertaker himself was almost too much. All they could do was stare. But one in particular was doing so, Margaret herself.

Chapter Two

After what seemed liked an eternity, the girls finally came to their senses, if you can call what they call senses. It was hard to keep from looking at him, dressed in tight black jeans, shirt open to the middle of his chest, biker boots, hair pulled back with his trademark bandanna, and his sunglasses. Every time he took a drink (beer) the girls would just drool. It was hard to keep from smiling at them. Cenny and Kaleigh kept saying it was getting very warm in there despite the fact the whole group was close to the front door.

All the girls were taking turns buying rounds. It was Margaret's turn, and as the bar was unusually busy that night, decided to give the order to the bartender personally. Unknown to her, a pair of eyes had caught her and her friends at their table, and even now was watching as she came up to the bar. While she was waiting for the bartender, she felt something brush up against her. She turns to find a strange man attempting to put his hand on her backside (which she had to admit wasn't hard to miss). Now there was one thing that did irk her was having someone she didn't know put a hand on her. She politely asked the man to take his hand from her as she did not like it. He just looked at her and laughed and went on to put his hand on her backside. The stranger who had been watching was not liking what was going on. She again told the man to take his hand off of her. He paid no attention to her request. This time she was starting to get angry and pushed his hand from her. By this time the stranger who had been watching came over and grabbed the man, who swung but missed, and found himself slammed to the floor like a wet rag. Margaret turned around only to find herself looking into a big broad chest. Upon looking up she was looking into the most piercing green eyes she had seen. Then she recognized the stranger as Undertaker. While all this was going on the bartender called the police. The man was just getting up when the police arrived. The bartender told them what happened and they took him away. Undertaker asked Margaret if she was okay, she assured him she was. He then asked if it would be okay for him to buy her a drink, she said okay.

There happened to be an empty table so the two of them sat down. He was very polite, holding the chair for her til she was seated. They both introduced themselves and conversation started from there. She couldn't help but notice he smelled of leather and cologne, which was much to her liking. In talking they found they had a lot in common in things such as music, bikes, etc. She was thinking to herself this is the one, but would he, being younger than herself, even think about wanting to go out with her (as she was ten years older than him). What happened next surprised her even more, he asked if he could have her phone number and address and perhaps call her some time to talk. It gets lonely on the road and sometimes it was good to have someone other than the people you're with to talk to. Before she knew it she had given him her phone number and address, thinking all the while she had nothing to lose as she probably would not see him again. She happened to look over at her friends (whom she had just about forgotten), and explained to Undertaker she had better get back to the girls. Of course she knew what she would be in for. They both laughed and said good-bye.

While all this was going on, the girls were looking at what was happening and wondering what in the world could they be talking about. You could bet they were going to grill her when she came back to the table. They bombarded her with questions right and left, "What did you talk about?", What did he really say to you?", "Is he going to call you?" etc. All she told them was that they talked about the wrestling business and how hard it was to be on the road. She didn't tell them that she had given him her phone number and address. She didn't feel that would be appropriate. The bartender said the last round was on him. With that the girls left and went back to their hotel rooms as the next day they were leaving to go back. They all agreed though that next year they would all have to meet again for a reunion.

Life went on as usual, and slowly the events of that night faded into memory. About a month later, Margaret was sleeping really sound as she had had a hard day. The phone rang. Looking at the clock it said 3:00 in the morning. "Now who could be calling at this hour?" She picked up the phone half sleepy eyed and said slowly "hello?" A deep voice on the other end said, "Did I wake you?" It didn't dawn on her at first who it was, but then she slowly started to recognize who it was. When he asked her again, she woke up with a start. She couldn't believe it, he actually called her. She told him truthfully he had, and added kiddingly that at 3 in the morning she normally wasn't used to be woke up. They talked for a couple of hours. He apologized for not calling sooner but his schedule was very hectic. She said there was no need to, she understood and quite honestly had not expected him to call at all. She didn't go into detail as it would have taken too long. Plus she realized it was easy to lose track of people you meet.

He asked her if she would mind if he came and perhaps took her out. You could have heard a pin drop! Margaret couldn't believe it! Undertaker asking her out. Before she knew it, she said yes. He said he would be there in a couple of days. He would call when he got into town to get directions to her house. They agreed as to when and where. It hit her like a bolt of lightening. "He's coming here to take me out!! In two days!! I haven't got a thing to wear!!" and passed out.

Chapter Three

Friday - it was finally here. Margaret was waiting on pins and needles to see if he would call. All afternoon she spent getting ready for this date. If he didn't call she would be devastated. At 5:30 the phone rang, it was Mark. He was calling from his car phone just on the outskirts of town. She very nearly dropped the phone. She gave him directions to her house without sounding like she was shaking, which she really was. Five minutes later he was pulling into her driveway. She almost ran out the door but stopped herself. She didn't want to be too anxious about this.

All the way down from Memphis Mark was wondering if she really would be going out or would she be doing this just as a game. He had had too many of those in the past. But he told himself, no, she was different, she wouldn't do anything like that.

Margaret waited for him to knock on the door. She took a couple of breaths to calm herself down and opened the door. They both looked at each other as if they were just meeting for the first time. It seemed like forever, but Margaret broke the silence. "I'm glad you found the house. Not too many people here in town can find it." Mark smiled which made her feel somewhat at ease. She was just hoping that Mark couldn't hear the loud beating of her heart. Margaret almost forgot her manners and asked him in. She said she would be ready in a couple of minutes. She couldn't help but look at how he was dressed - dark tight pants, black silk shirt, leather boots, his hair loose instead of in its usual braid, which made him look so sexy. Margaret was hoping she looked good enough. Mark was thinking to himself she is a pretty woman. Margaret hoped he liked the perfume she was wearing, it was her favorite - Moonlight Path.

She noticed Mark was hiding something behind him. He told her to close her eyes. When she opened them there was a single, long stemmed red rose. She blushed, something she hadn't done in years.

Mark said they had reservations at a club in Memphis which played, by the way, some blues music, which happened to be one of her favorite kinds of music. Mark was driving a custom-made Explorer. The interior was so plush she was almost afraid to get in. It was so nice and comfortable on the inside. While on the way to Memphis they talked about what had been going on with the wrestling business. She commented there must be times when he was tired of being on the road so much. He had to agree there were times when he felt like he wanted to quit, but couldn't because he liked to wrestle so much.

What seemed like only a few minutes, they were in front of the restaurant. Their table was almost in the middle of the restaurant, where everyone could see them. She thought that was odd, he was one that didn't like to be out in the open, more in an area where he could see but couldn't be seen. He ordered their drinks and dinner. While they were waiting, he asked her if she would like to dance. There was a dancefloor not too far from where they were. She frankly had to admit that dancing was not one of her special talents. Mark said it was not his either, but between the two of them they could at least give the impression they were dancing. She had to laugh. They danced to a couple of slow tunes. There was a lot of electricity flowing between them. It was good thing when their order arrived. It gave them a chance to at least cool down somewhat.

"I was thinking about what you told me on the phone the first time I called you. Why did you think I wouldn't call?" He asked.
Margaret looked at him and knew he was the type of person who would want a straight answer, no BS. "Mark, the reason I said that was I thought I was just another one for the proverbial "black book" so to speak. I would meet someone, then not ever hear from them again. That's what I thought when you asked for my phone number. You are a very handsome man. Women would give their right arm to go out on a date with you. Someone like me usually doesn't stand a chance. It just didn't seem possible that you would consider dating someone like me."
"I don't just date any woman. The woman I want to date is someone who is her own person, who can be trusted and that I can count on to be there when things don't always go right. The first time we talked to each other, I could tell you were someone that I could trust, someone I could talk to and that would listen to what I had to say."

She was taken aback when he said that. To even think that he would feel this way. She knew she had to ask this question, for their whole relationship (if there was to be one) would depend on it. "How do you feel about dating someone who is older? Mark, I am ten years older than you." He looked at her, not believing that she was older than he was. "Yes, I am older than you. I have never dated a younger man in my life. I never thought that I would or find someone that would look beyond the age factor. I myself was unwilling to do so at one time, but I had to do some honest thinking. One never knows where one will find that one person, and if it is with someone older or younger, then so be it."

It was clear to him that she was being straight forward, and that it was taking a lot of courage for her to speak about this. He could see the tears well up in her eyes. He knew that she was telling the truth.

Margaret was expecting Mark to be disappointed because of this. But instead, he took her hand and looked at her intensely with those green eyes. "Why would it make any difference about age? When two people care about each other, truly care, it should not matter what their age is. Society may care, but society does not run my life. If I care about someone, age doesn't matter. I have seen many women in my life, and I can tell you that most of them were not even half the woman who is sitting across from me now.

Margaret was blushing now, from her toes to the top of her head.

"Besides, they didn't have such beautiful eyes either. I have never seen eyes that color before. It's as though they are looking through me to my very soul. I don't ever want to see tears in those eyes again. The way I like to see them is lighted up when you smile."

Margaret was completely overwhelmed. And she also knew by the look in his eyes that he was telling the truth.

All through dinner they talked more about how they felt about relationships. By the time they had eaten, they had pretty much answered all the questions they silently asked.

They decided to go to Tunica to one of the casinos and do a little gambling, basically on the slot machines. So they went to the Isle of Capri and had a bit of good luck on the slots. They won around $500. They had a time there. They even went to one of the shows they had. But the night was too beautiful to stay inside. A full moon was out tonight. By this time though Margaret was just a bit tired. This was more than she had done in years. Mark could tell she was getting tired, so he decided that maybe they should go back to her house.

When they got into town, she didn't feel like going home, so she told him about one of the parks in town where they could look at the moon. It would be peaceful and quiet.

Mark parked by one of the paths that the park had for people to walk on. But before they got out of the car, she asked him to play some music (his favorite by the way). Mark was a little surprised at this as she didn't seem the type to like some of the music he listened to. She admitted she wasn't but she wanted to hear it anyway. Now playing metallic music isn't the most romantic music in the world, but to each his own.

Afterwards they took a stroll down the path that went around the park. They held hands at first, but then he put his arm around her and pulled her closer. Never had she felt so safe and secure. About halfway on the path they stopped. They were on top of a hill that overlooked the park. From there the moon was in full view. They turned and looked at each other, it just seemed the right time. He bent and kissed her ever so gently. It must have affected them both at the same time, because as soon as they parted, they kissed each other again, only this time it was a very passionate, knee buckling kiss. It was getting to the point where it was almost too much for either one of them.

Mark knew that if he didn't stop, there was no telling what was going to happen next. Margaret looked at him.
"You know what I'm thinking."
She nodded, shaking all over. Her body alive as it had never been before.
"It wouldn't be right. Not now. You are too special."

They stood there just holding each other, not saying a word. What seemed like hours (only just a few minutes), they walked back to the car. By the time the moon was going to be setting soon, about an hour or two before dawn. But she still didn't want to go home, not yet. They just sat there in the car, Mark with his arm around her, just looking at the moon as it was setting. Somehow they both fell asleep. Margaret, with her head on his shoulder, and Mark, with his arm around her.

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