The Tribes

The Tribes

Ever felt like you don't belong anywhere? Feel like the Mother Ship kicked you out and took off leaving you HERE with a bunch of strange creatures? Identify with every pissed off song you've ever heard? Well, guess what? You've found your place to belong. These are the Tribes of the Moon, all the misunderstood of the cosmos. Wander no more. You're home. Want to join your fellow freaks? It's only an email away. Drop a line to Kanike, at Send your name, or whatever name you wish to go by, a picture if you want to be seen, a link to your web page (if you have one), or if you don't have a page, links to any pages you consider cool or that show your interests, or anything else you feel describes you. It doesn't have to be wrestling or Undertaker related. PLEASE, though, if you do want to send in a bio, give me some substance, like the things I mentioned above. Just saying "Hi, I'm so and so, I like Undertaker, here's my pic.." isn't going to cut it. You're you, you're different, be proud, throw it in everyone's face!

Fave hangouts:
Brides of Kane
Life of Agony
Funny Page!
Beautiful Pictures
Likes: Kane-The Undertaker-WWF (that's all a given!), Wiccan, spellbinding, writing poetry, songs, and stories. Quote collecting, studying the elegance of the darkside, protecting myself and loved ones, listening to great music such as Pantera (my fav), Metallica, Life of Agony, Rob and White Zombie, Powerman 5000, Danzig, and anything with as much talent as these fine bands have. Also playing pool..
Dislikes: Sell-Outs, fakes, ignorant, close-minded people who have no respect for anyone or themselves for that matter. Women who use their sexuality as power, or who think that their body is the only thing they have going for themselves, mindless girls. I don't like liars, but who does? And it really bothers me when people put trash into the ashtray, hate it! People who judge on color, nationality, and/or relgion need a reality check.
What else? I find myself to be a very passionate person. Passionate about myself, love, friendships, and my writings. I know I am always true to myself, and never try to be something I'm not. I accept people for who they are, not who I want them to be. The best compliment I have ever recieved in my life came from my boyfriend who I believe got it from a song, he said, "Moe, your going to change the world, but you can't nor do you want to change me." He's damn right too!

The Lady of Darkness
Site: The Lady of Darkness' Undertaker Parlor
Fave hangouts:
Likes: UNDERTAKER (duh), Art, Music, things that go bump in the night, wild weather(although Thunderstorms scare me), Harley Davidson, video games, Gothic/Medieval stuff, Halloween, and Christmas. Scary, yucky, gory, bloody and horror movies. Poetry, reading, computers, Airplanes (kick ass) Black Sabbath, History.
Dislikes: Talking on the telephone, Daytime, people who down My Undertaker, people who think they are all that and thensome, stuff that sucks! Annoying people really piss me off!!!people who think they are right even after you've proven them wrong. When people try to control me, I usually have to dominate them.
What makes me different: I am shy, a cross between a biker and goth and tempermental (thanks to being part Irish).

Angel Callaway
Site: Angel's Undertaker and Kane page
Fave hangouts:
I LOVE music!
Official WWF site
I'm a nut for this!
Likes: I love music, poetry and acting. I'm a theatre performance major rightnow, and is the only thing I want to do with my life.
Dislikes: I hate liers, cheaters, and "fake" people. Also, I don't like people who condone Kane and Undertaker, even though I've never met them in person.
What Else: I'm a Bride of Kane and have a web page dedicated to both Kane and Undertaker. I'm a christian, but not a fanatic.

Occupation: Beer drinker, Ninja
Education: Way too much
Hometown: Austin, TX
Religion: Poor excuse for a Buddhist

Hi there. I’m Yunomi. I was born when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and have survived this long by stealth, guile, and an unnatural stubbornness. My favorite things are Undertaker, Kane, writing, beer, wrestling, sex, tattoos, exotic food, beer, dinosaurs, frightening small children, tattooed people, sex, comic books, wreaking havoc, bitching, beer, arguing with Christians, single malt scotches, Jerry Springer, hallucinogens, watching Rock.Alt late at night on Austin Music Network (Those of you in the Austin area-this show rocks!), scaring Yuppies, weight lifting, my tattoo artist, my roommate, reptiles, dogs, parrots, and being obnoxious in the proper context.

I hate Yuppies, snotty people, rich people, children, cruelty to animals, beets, pretentious people, cats, Jeff Jarrett, Rena Mero, network television, contemporary country music, bad food, the Big Shit, uh, Show, being bored, not getting my drink when I order it, frat boys and sorority girls out in the bars, cute bouncers who won’t flirt with me, Whole Foods Market, homophobes, born againers, 12 steppers, judgemental people, and asswipes in general (I decide).

My favorite kind of movies are adventure/fantasy/horror/samurai. (Kind of like my writing!) My favorite authors are Shakespeare, Jim Harrison, and Truman Capote. (Hey-read “In Cold Blood” and “Handmade Coffins”-you’ll see.) My favorite artists are H.R. Giger, Simon Bisely, and Olivia. My favorite bands(right now) are Rob Zombie and Type O-Negative. My favorite bands of all time are Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and ZZ Top.

I haven’t explored the net enough to have favorite links besides Tribes of the Moon and Brides of Kane. I do like Scoop This!, Verotik comics, Sabretooths crypt, Undertaker/Kane sites, and tattoo sites.

Favorite quote: “Ah hate ever’body!” from my Lord Undertaker. My friends think it’s mine, since I say it so much, but I stole it from Him. My own quote would be “I have a very nice life, thank you. Maybe you should look into getting one.”

I am 23 yrs old, 5'8", 140 lbs, long black hair, green eyes, olive skin, very athletic, 36D( as if you even were concerned about that), italian female who holds her own practice as a massage therapist, and am very much into the meta-physical and the "bizarre" as people would like to call it. I always have been, for reasons being my own. I have attended WWF events here in the Northwest, and have always shown my support for the Undertaker and his brother Kane. My most noticable antic was wearing a black bodysuit with the symbol of the Undertaker embroidered on the entire front of my outfit, covering my front almost, at least the parts my body suit didn't cover.... hehehehe... But never mind me, I have fun in the oddest of ways. I like classical music, along with some AC\DC every now and then. I also like to go on hikes and take long walks on the ocean shore, especially during thunder storms, which I find fascinating to watch and to behold. I also draw and paint alot, mostly fantasy artwork such as angels and dragons and fae ( Oh my! )

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