At Last Paradise. Diary of a Love Story

Chapter Thirteen

Kane had been telling everybody about Mark proposing. He had a lot of fun talking about him being nervous.
"No, not Mark! Not the Rock of Gibraltar?!!"
"I couldn't believe it myself. He's usually so cool and in control."
Kane knew his brother would have his hide for this, but he just couldn't help it.
"They're supposed to be here in a few minutes."
"What do you think, act casual?"
"Yeah, act casual, as if nothing is going on, you know, just the usual."
"Things were getting rather dull around here. It's about time things livened up."

There was an autograph session that afternoon. They were due any minute. When they drove up, everyone was acting, or least trying to act, casual. Mark could tell something was up the minute he got out of the car. He was looking at Kane, who he just knew was behind this.
"Hey big brother."
"Okay, Kane, what's going on?"
"Nothing. Why?"
"The way you're acting now gives me a pretty good idea you're up to something."
Kane couldn't hold back. He just had to ask, "Well?"
Mark smiled, "Yes she accepted."
Kane shook his hand. "Congratulations. Set the date yet?"
"No we haven't thought of the date yet, after all, we did just get engaged."

Margaret in the mean time was surrounded by the girls, who were oohing and aahing over the ring. They asked all sorts of questions. She told them just enought to get them satisfied. The rest of the details were hers and hers alone.

Kane came over and gave her a big hug.
"I told him you would say yes."
"Uh, Kane, I'll be the only one that's going to be doing any hugging here." Mark was giving him the eye.
"Sorry." He knew Mark was only kidding.
"Oh, give me a break. With me marrying one and having the other for an in-law, I know my life will never be dull. By the way Kane, I'm still working on you."
Mark gave her a dubious look. "Playing matchmaker? Good Luck. You're going to need it."

Vince and Linda showed up just before the first match. They had been told when they got there about the engagement. They both shook Mark and Margaret's hands.
"Have you set the date yet?"
"No, not yet."

After the matches, they decided to go on back to the house.
"I'm still getting used to being engaged let alone think of a possible date."
"I know it sounds like I'm rushing it, but I thought maybe the first Saturday in June."
She was thinking June is the perfect month, but that's only 4 months away.
"That's only 4 months from now. We have to consider how big a wedding this will be. You know, there is no way we can have a 'small' wedding. Let's face it, everybody will want to come."

There was a lot to think about. She agreed to the date, because it was indeed the only time they would have off for the next 8 months. How she was going to do it would be another story.

Chapter Fourteen

The next morning Margaret started getting the wedding together. It had been a sleepless night. There were so many things she would have to do she thought she would scream. Well, as fortune would have it, Linda came by. She told them that the wedding was being paid for. They both looked amazed. Linda said it would be a present from her, Vince, and the company for having done so much. Margaret still couldn't believe it. Of course, neither could Mark, Vince was known for being a bit of a tightwad at times. He believed that Linda had something to do with this. She also offered to help Margaret get the wedding ready. Margaret couldn't refuse as she knew she could never do it alone.

The rest of the day was spent choosing what colors for the wedding (purple and white, black would have been okay but was just a bit morbid). Linda asked how many bridesmaids she would be having. That would be up to Mark to choose his groomsmen. Mark didn't want to leave anybody out, but he knew there was going to have to be a limit. He chose 12 (Kane [best man], Mankind, Bradshaw, Edge, Christian, Jeff & Matt Hardy, X-Pac, Road Dogg, Farooq, Al Snow, Shawn Michaels). Well now it was up to Margaret to choose her maid of honor and bridesmaids, plus she decided on having a junior bridesmaid (Sharon [maid of honor], Marla, Hannah, Betty, Melara, Kyraini, Lordess Angel, Laura, Chawn, Gilda, Cenny, Marta, and Vicky [junior bridesmaid]). She wanted all her sisters in the wedding, but she knew she could find something for each of them to do at the reception as she would need 4 for the guest list, and at least 9 for the gift table. She also made sure that all of them would have escorts. Who knows, out of all that there might be some relationships starting up.

The only place that could hold as many people as were to be at the wedding was the arena itself. Linda was going to talk to the owner and see about using it. The reception they decided would be at the Marriott Hotel. As most of the guests (total of about 800) would not be coming for the reception. Five floors of the hotel were reserved for the bridesmaids and other guests from out of town.

The gowns for the bridesmaids were to be a very simple a-line style with long sleeves. Flowers were to be tea roses with baby's breath tied together with purple satin ribbons.

The ring staff offered to build anything that would be needed. Margaret wanted to have two arches. One where she would enter and the other for her and Mark to stand under. Each row of chairs would have purple and white satin sashes. The arches would be covered with vines stuck with small roses and baby's breath.

When Margaret saw the guest list, she couldn't believe it. It seemed that everybody was coming - WWF organization, business acquaintances of Vince, Mark's family, her moontribe sisters, most were in the wedding anyway. She knew Vince was going to get the most out of this. She found out that he was having this filmed to be broadcast on one of the shows.

Margaret asked Carlos, the chef at the house, to pick out the menu and find the right catering company. He was more than happy to do so. The invitations were picked out and mailed with a lot of help from the WWF staff. Believe it or not, this was done in about 6 weeks. She managed inbetween all of this to get her sisters emailed, giving them the details of the wedding and who was going to be in the party. Also, if it was necessary, she would pay for their trip there and back. She also told them they would have to be there at least 10 days ahead of time to make sure their dresses would fit. She hadn't seen them in a long time and wanted to talk with them again. And she made sure all the hairdressers were put on alert.

While planning the wedding, she kept up her end of the contract. Mark was beginning to worry that she would wear herself out and asked Vince if she could take the rest of the time off. He agreed. She flew back to Houston with 6 weeks left before the wedding.

Mark had some things to do himself. Kane helped him out. He made sure all the guys had their tuxes (yes tuxes for these guys.). He was very particular about what kind of tux he would get. He wanted to look his best for her. He had picked out their rings. On hers though he had an inscription put on the inside "You are my life." Plus he checked on their honeymoon trip - it would be to the Bahamas. He wasn't going to tell her. This was going to be a surprise. There was one thing he was able to do. His sons were going to come to the wedding. He knew this would make her happy.

All the girls could make it so arrangements were made for their travel and they arrived 2 weeks ahead of time. Margaret had them out to the house for a special get together luncheon. It was so good to see them again. She introduced them to Linda. She was starting to feel better now. Everything was going according to what it should.

Vince let Mark leave a week ahead of time. At least he had this much time to get everything looked over and ready.

As far as the wedding dress goes, no one knew what it looked like. Margaret didn't want anything too extravagant or extreme, so it took awhile to find it.

All the guys were planning a stag party, but they didn't want to get Mark in trouble. After rehearsal, everybody went back to their respective places for the night. Tomorrow was going to be a long day, especially for two in particular.

Chapter Fifteen

This is it. In four hours she would become Mark's wife. It was still too good to be true. It seemed like only yesterday they had met. She wondered what Mark was thinking now. Mark was basically thinking the same thing. He thought back to how they first met and what they had been through.

They both decided not to see each other before the wedding. It was hard, but they knew they had the rest of their lives. The girls had met their escorts in the wedding party. Sounds like a fairy tale, but they all got along great. Margaret could see there were a lot of possibilities.

Everything had been double checked, every detail gone over. Now all that was left was the wedding itself. They both arrived separately a couple of hours before. She was taking her time getting ready. She wanted to look as good as possible when Mark saw her. Well, all the girls finally got to see the dress. It wasn't fancy with a lot of lace and beads on it. Margaret wasn't into that. It was a simple gown, A-line, long sleeved satin dress (Margaret always did like satin). The neck was v-shaped and scalloped. The bodice though had a design on it. If a light was shone on it right, it was the outline of the Undertaker's symbol. She wore a tiara with the veil hooked to the back, with the veil stopping just below the waist. Pearl earrings were the only jewelry she wore. She looked at herself in the mirror and hoped Mark would like it.

The arena was decorated just as she had wanted it. Music, flowers, velvet carpeting, the two arches, everything was as it should be. The aisle though was on a slightly raised ramp so everyone could see. Cameras had been stationed in strategic areas to record the wedding. Margaret was going to give each of the girls a copy of the wedding if they wanted it. Earlier in the day, she had given each of them a necklace just for being her sisters.

There was a knock on the door. It was Linda and Vince.
"You look beautiful. Nervous?"
"Yes! My stomach feels like butterflies." They each gave her a hug and went to be seated.
"Mark won't be able to take his eyes off of you." Margaret took a couple of deep breaths and they all went to the entrance.

Mark by this time had made his entrance and was at the front of the stage. He was starting to sweat, but Kane assured him everything was going to be okay. Mark made double sure that Kane had the ring.

Then the processional music started. The girls came out - Vicky by herself, then the bridesmaids came out two at a time, then came the maid of honor. Everybody remarked how gorgeous the girls were.

Then came the signal. The crowd stood up to wait for the bride. Mark turned toward the top of the aisle. When she entered, Mark thought she looked like she was walking on a cloud. He had never seen her look so beautiful. When she saw him, it was like he was drawing her to him. He was a handsome man, but today he was especially so. Denise was watching very intently. For some strange reason she was having headaches. She never had these headaches unless something was going to happen. She looked at Margaret and the headaches were worse than ever. Something was going to happen, but she didn't know how or when it would. But she wasn't going to let that bother her, not now.

They barely heard the words the minister was saying. The minister addressed the crowd to say that each had written their own vows.

Mark: "Ever since we first met, you have made my life something more than just living. You have been my friend, my confidant, my source of strength, the love that builds me up. Without you, I feel empty and incomplete. This ring I give you is my pledge to now and forevermore be your lover, your friend, your fortress until death."

Margaret: "Mark, you have shown me a life I never knew could exist. You have been my inspiration, my friend, the one I turned to for solace. I can't imagine living without you. This ring I give you is my pledge to love you, to honor you, to be your friend in good times and bad, unto death and beyond."

The minister then gave them the blessing. He pronounced them man and wife.
"You can kiss the bride now."

This is the moment he had waited for. They kissed for what seemed an eternity. As they went down the aisle, everybody was standing and clapping.

Chapter Sixteen

Everybody was waiting for the newlyweds to arrive at the hotel. They had been there for at least half an hour. They were beginning to wonder if they were going to show up.

Kane smirked, "Maybe they decided they couldn't wait and left."
"That would be just like him. And she would go along with it just because." Big Show added his two cents worth.

Sharon defended her sister. "She didn't go through all this trouble and not be here." She gave Kane a smack on the arm. He was massaging his arm. No one had hit him like that before. He just eyed her. He was going to say something else but thought better of it. Then he took a good look, all her bridesmaids were waiting for someone else to say something, especially their escorts. After watching how Kane got smacked in the arm, they kept their mouths shut. But secretly her sisters were wondering also.

It was amazing how Margaret had paired up her sisters with the guys. It was like somehow she had a sixth sense as to who would go together. She would be seeing the start of several relationships there. Of course Big Show didn't have one, and neither did the Rock. She couldn't find anyone that wanted to be paired with them.

Someone had been posted outside the ballroom to see when they were coming. "They're finally here."

When they entered, everybody was on their feet cheering and clapping. Now finally the party could get started.

The ballroom was beautifully done. There was an orchestra playing on a small stage at one end. She had wanted a band that could play any kind of music. The tables were set with white china in gold trim and roses in beautiful vases. In the middle of the room was a small fountain which had flowing champagne. She hadn't asked for that, but thought it did add a special touch (compliments of the hotel). In the corner nearest the entrance was the gift table. The girls were already at work opening the presents. She had her work cut out for her when she got back from the honeymoon. In the opposite corner was the wedding cake. It was a huge 8-tier cake. It looked like it could feed an army. She had to laugh to herself because she was looking at Big Show. The table for the wedding party spanned the whole width of the ballroom, and behind the two middle chairs was a heart-shaped wreath big enough to make everyone focus on the bride and groom.

The band starting playing a love ballad. Neither one heard what anyone was saying. It was a song by the Isley Brothers, "You're all I Need." After a couple of minutes, the rest of the couples joined in.

Soon everyone was seated and were being served. The time came for the usual toasts. Kane had his say.
"Big brother usually intimidates everyone he meets. I never thought I would see the day when this one woman is the one who intimidates him. I just want to say that I wish the both of you a lifetime of love and happiness, and that big brother considers himself fortunate to have a woman that loves him as much as he loves her. Salute."

Everyone clinked their classes. Vince got up.
"To the best duo I ever had, I just want to wish you the very best. By the way, hopefully there may be more UT's in the future."

They just looked at each other. Mick got up.
"Mr. Socko couldn't make it today because he couldn't find his tie. Actually, Mark and Margaret, or as we called them, 'The M&M's,' may everyday you are together be as beautiful and wonderful and it is now. Cheers."

Mark and Margaret had to kiss on that one.
"I'm glad he didn't make it, because if he had, someone would have been in a lot of trouble." Margaret was giving him the "it's a good thing you> didn't" look.

The Rock finally got his say. "After looking at you two jabronis, I know you're looking at the Rock (looking at her) and the $500 shirt, knowing you want to give him a piece of your puntang pie. Puntang yourself back to the hotel room. And you, you candy ass jabroni, I want you take this champagne glass, pour out the champagne, shine that glass up real nice, TURN THAT SUMBITCH SIDEWAYS, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDYASS!!

Margaret cracked up laughing, so did Mark. The Rock never changes.

Mark reluctantly (playfully that is) let Margaret dance with Kane and all the groomsmen. All the girls (with a watchful eye from the bride) got to dance with Mark. But really the girls loved being with their escorts. Seems they didn't dance with anyone else the rest of the afternoon.

It was time for them to cut the cake. They each pushed the cake in the other's face. Everyone took pictures. The endless pictures and shaking hands, Margaret felt like her face was ready to come off and her hand was numb.

It was early evening. They went upstairs and changed. The suitcases were already at the airport. About twenty minutes later they came back down. It was time to throw the bouquet. All the ladies waited at the foot of the stairs. She was about halfway down the steps when she threw it backwards. The bouquet broke and flowers went everywhere. Seems the girls each got a flower.

As they left the hotel, everyone pelted them with rice. They ran not to a limo, but a motorcycle. There was something attached. It was small bags of M&M's. He put her on the front and he got behind.

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