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This is the section for poems and short stories concerning the Undertaker. If anyone has anything they'd like to share, send it my way! It doesn't have to be love-poems (even though it can be!) send me the weird stuff too! Speaking of weird stuff, here's one I wrote:

Along these darkened halls we creep.
Growing in number as you sleep.
Your mind has been preoccupied,
The time has come, it's not denied.
We'll snatch your children from their beds,
Where they lay their precious heads.
Before you know, we'll have you too.
Too late to realize that all was true!
And as you disappear without a trace,
Darkness coming to take your place
The world will know OUR eternal face!

Enough of my strange mind! How about you share yours with me!

Untitled poem by Dville

The sun sets in hues of gold and red A hush falls over the world, and there is silence. Can you hear it? What starts as a murmur, turns into a chant. Around the world, the creatures of the night sound as one. The clouds part to reveal a full moon rising to the sky

The light is over . . . Evil once again has come . . . For the Dark Lord has returned.

Last Night by Maureen

Last night He came to me
He told me about all that I've seen, and all that I've done.
He told me what I wanted, and what it is that I need, and promised he could give me both.
He chased away all my fears, and returned my desire for love.
He ran through the halls of my mind, overcoming all the evil inside.
He ran through the halls of my mind, overthrowing every defense, leaving only the fiery passion,
that has been kept at bay for oh so long. He loved me..
And there was nothing to stop me from loving him. Last night he took me, and without hesitation I willingly let him,
Last night.

Elsewhen by Mylynka

In another where,
Another when,
I will know you,
You will know me,
And we will be.

In this where,
This when
You are not here
But there.
And I can only know you
Through images.
But in those images
I see,
A soul,
Kindred to me.

Do you know?
Do you see?
Are you a traveler
Like me?

Sometimes I feel
Your presence.
Always hovering
Over me.
In this where,
This when.

Should we meet
In this now,
I would look
Into you.
Would you see me
As I am -
Or as I could be.

Perhaps -
It does not matter,
Not in this where,
Not in this when.
For I know my chance
In this time
Has past with age.
And I am content
Within myself
Knowing -

In another where,
Another when,
I will know you,
You will know me,
And we will be.

Untitled poem by Pandora

I see your face in my dreams
through shadows
of night
Who are you
Are you the one
I have been seeking
The one who
will save me from
Are you the one
who will hold me up
and keep me
from drowning
in an abyss
of my own making
I have dreamt of you
in the night
my shining light
in the
eternal darkness
of my own mind
Are you the one
who will keep me safe
and warm in the circle
of your faith
and spirit
I can only hope

The following two poems are by Denise Williams from The Mistress and Her Tribute to the Ministry of Darkness".

The Sacrifice

The audience is watching me
A sacrifice they’re about to see

I don’t know what is going on
Then a bell rings and my mind is gone

I feel his presence by my side
Fear and panic I have to hide

I feel his cold, unforgiving stare
Silence, darkness everywhere

The time has come for the darkness to embrace
As I feel his hand gently touching my face

I know now that I can’t be afraid
I am the latest victim, his choice has been made

Little by little, my fear slips away
I know I’ll have changed by sunrise the next day

There is only silence until he starts to say,
“Ana, Nadra, Darkne, Dienvey”

Then he turns around and picks up a knife
Those who don’t understand fear for my life

One of his hands is made into a fist
With the other, he puts the knife to his wrist

Everyone wonders what’s going through his head
As the blood comes flowing, crimson red

Everyone is staring in surprise
Oh, how I wish I could open my eyes

He puts his blood in a cup for me
It may be revolting for all that see

Then he tells me from this moment on
The memories of my past are gone

I will be different than I was before
The person I was, she exists no more

Then he lifts my head and his blood I drink
Nobody knows what to think

I shudder and shake, he likes this behavior
As I make the Lord of Darkness my savior

What I’m feeling inside is something strange
The world I know has started to change

I feel myself relax as again he will say,
“Ana, Nadra, Darkne, Dienvey”

As he speaks, he unzips the dress I wear
Exposing my skin to the cold, damp air

He picks up the knife once again
Soon I feel the blade on my skin

The knife is cold, unforgiving steel
Yet the pain I do not feel

There is silence in the room as everyone waits
For his next move will determine my fate?

He carves a line of blood that’s mine
A few more carvings will make The Sign

The four bloodlines become a “T”
The symbol of the Ministry

When he rolls his eyes back, I know it is done
The darkness and I have finally become one

From Darkness to Light

This poem is dedicated to all of the Undertaker fans past, present and future.

I’ve watched you for so long, it amazes me how far you’ve come.
It’s been a few years, but you’ve become more dark and macabre than when you first started out.
You’ve been through a lot in your life.
Betrayed by the man that you thought was your friend, only to find that he knew the way all along.
Reuniting with the brother that you thought was dead, that you burned severely.
Living with the memory of the parents you murdered, and the love that still remains in your heart for them.
Walking alone in the darkness for all these years, now you’ve gathered an army that is proving to be an unstoppable force.
The title that you’ve held twice before is within your reach.
Whether you actually reach your destiny is up to fate.
You’ve been through hell and back, and we were there every step of the way.
Creatures of the Night.
Followers of the Ministry of Darkness.
Whatever you want to call us, we will always be true to you, our Phenom, our Lord of Darkness, our Undertaker.

Poem by Pandora:
In My Dreams

In my dreams
I see you standing there
I want to be near
but I am trapped behind
false walls
I want to touch you
but it is forbidden
In my dreams
I long to hold you
to feel your hands
to taste your kiss
but I cannot
I am trapped
in a cocoon of my own making
Do you hear me
calling your name
I wonder
or are these walls
blocking my cries
In my Dreams

Short Story by Reivyn Poe:

((Not as much Undertaker as Mark Calloway, BUT))

Another day... another fight... on and on and on for almost the past 10 years. It was almost starting to get monotonous. He was in his "civies". A black shirt with black jeans and a bandanna on his head. He also wore shades to look less conspicious. His bodyguards weren't too far behind, but not close as to atact attention. He had his luggage with him, ready to go on the next plane. No matter how he tried he stood out. He was 6'10"! People stared no matter if they knew who he was or not... the Lord of Darkness.

He almost collapsed into the padded chair, waiting for the next plane to ship out. He looked at the timeboard above and sighed. This plane was delayed!!!! It was at least a half an hour before he'd be able to find a hotel again. It would also be sooner or later someone recognised him and have this entire place transform into an autograph session. He loved his fans dearly, but how he ached so. He had his forearm slammed by a steel chair last night and his wrist was in agony to the tendons. He sat there, slouching, trying to relax for five minutes.

Luckily about 10 minutes passed... but the place started to crowd, waiting for people to get off of the last plane they were having trouble with the door.

It was then a girl came around and sat right next to him. He didn't think much of it until he saw what was in her hand. He took off his shades to make sure it was what he thought it was... The Undertaker comic book. She read it while he was waiting, but looked up at him briefly. With that, she did a double take. She looked back at the comic book and then to him. She had an odd look on her face for a few moments... before she put away the comic book and picked up a nearby newspaper from the table. He sighed and smiled very briefly at the girl, but the newspaper was already right by her face.

He awaited more from her as he looked at her for a few moments... nothing happened. He looked a bit worriedly at the girl, wondering if he insulted her, but she made no reply as she almost hid behind the newspaper. With that he shifted in his seat, waiting again for the plane.

15 more minutes past... and she was still ignoring him.

He looked at the girl again, wondering why she made no note of him. Was it that she thought he only LOOKED like the Undertaker? Was she shy? Did he do anything to drive her away? He looked himself over to see if there was anything on him that would drive her away... no, that wasn't it. With no other reasons in his mind, he finally tapped the girl on the shoulder. She went down from the newspaper, revealing her to wearing an Undertaker T-Shirt as well. The front had little but his insignia on the side with the graphic on the back, but it was still him.

"So... have you ever met him?" he asked
"Who?..." she replied before it struck her "Oh... him... well..."
She looked both ways before lowering her voice.
"Not before today, anyway." she replied
"Did I do anything to insult you?" he asked rather worried
"Oh no, not in the least." she replied
"How long have you watched wrestling?" he asked
"Over half my life, sir." she replied "You're one of my heroes. I've seen you since you first started."
At this, he was very puzzled.
"Not to sound arrogant, but why are you ignoring me?" he said, trying not to chuckle
"Well..." she replied "I took one look at you and saw that you needed a rest. If I made a big deal, the entire state would be swarming here. I thought you could use a piece of solitude instead of the hectic life of fame. I deeply respect you, sir, .. besides, it's enough for me to say I sat next to you."

He could say nothing... he had never met a fan like this before. His heart was truly touched by her considerate nature. He HAD to do something for her... he rummaged through his pocket and got a pen and attempted to write his autograph for her, but his hand stiffened. She saw this and held his hurt arm.

"Hey, don't worry about it... be careful or you might blow your cover." she said
"I need to repay you somehow." he said
"No you don't... you already did." she said "You always seemed there for me when I was a child."
At this, he himself was ready to cry. The call for the next flight was comming up so that they would get ready when the others came out to save air time.
"I never got your name..." he said sadly
"Sarah." she replied as she smiled "My only regret was that I couldn't save you from the media hounds longer."
"My only regret was that I couldn't know you better..." he replied
"Waitaminnute, then... um...." she stammered "May I borrow your pen?"
He let her borrow the pen he tried to write with. She picked up the napkin he was writing on napkin fast yet precise and handed it to him.
"That's my e-mail and address if you wanna write." she replied "I won't tell anyone your e-mail if you send me a line."
"You are the first one I believe in that statement..." he said "Thank you..."
With that he left the airport. He had learned a valuable lesson that day as well as earned a valuable friend.

A poem by Pandora called My Dark One:

I Lie Awake in my sleepless bed
My Dark One
Will tonight be the night
that you come for me
I can only hope
You Are My Dream in Reality
for you i would
relinquish everything i own
for just one touch
one look
to know that you see me
My Dark One
You haunt my dreams
you make my days seem long
I wait for nightfall
to see you in my dreams

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