In the Ring Shots

Left: Zipping up some poor soul in a bodybag. Right: Just looking straight-up gorgeous.

Left: I think Taker is pinning that Brookyln Brawler guy. Isn't HE the lucky one :) Right: That adorable chokehold.

Left: The coffin Undertaker made for his Survivor Series casket match with Kamala. If I remember right, this was the first casket match ever. Left: Working on the casket some more. Those arms look mighty fine, even without the tattoos!

More casket making...he sure used to love doing that!

Left: More lovely shots of the muscles. Can't seem to get enough! Right: One of his famous flips over the top rope.

Left: Survivor Series match with Kamala. Right: Hottie from the WWF mag in 93

Left: Chokehold on somebody...don't know who! Right: Taker and Nailz from their short feud in 93.

Left: Kamala getting sealed in. Right: From a magazine cover. Pretty eyes and luscious lips! :)

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