At Last Paradise. Diary of a Love Story

Chapter Seven

It took a while to sink in. It wasn't until they had left to go back to the house to relax that realization finally set in. They both were in the living room watching TV.
"Did I just agree to be with you at a match?"
All Mark could do was grin that devilish grin and shake his head.
"Oh its just now hitting you?"
She just looked at him with a playful scowl on her face, then picked up a pillow and playfully hit him.
"Oh want to play rough do you?"
He grabbed her and wreslted her on the couch, tickling her.
"Stop it." Laughing all the while.

He looked at her and how she laughted. He couldn't help it, he had to kiss her. It was a warm, heart pounding kiss. When he lifted his head, it was all she could do to catch her breath. They both knew now was not the time. They had a match to go to and it was time to get ready.

She was nervous. Mark was watching her pace back and forth like a caged cat. What if she messed up? She certainly didn't want to embarass the company, but she didn't want to embarass Mark most of all.
"Take it easy. You'll do just fine."
"That's easy for you to say. You've been doing this for a while. Remember, I'm just a newcomer."
"Just act naturally."
"That's a big help. You know what I'm like."

Yes he did indeed. He took her hands in his and pulled her next to him. That helped to calm her somewhat.

Time came for the main match. They got ready for their entrance. When the music started, smoke filled the top of the ramp. Margaret stepped out to the ramp while it was too smokey to see and made it looked like she just appeared. The Titantron showed her eyes. They had a special light shine on them to make them look eerie. She took two steps, raised her arms and brought them down. Flames then shot up on both sides of the ramp and lit up her face. She had a haughty look. She went down the ramp. Mark came in just about 3 to 4 feet behind her.

Everything went as it was supposed to. Mark won his match to retain the title. As they were leaving, everybody was cheering so loud the arena felt like it would collapse. When they got behind the curtain, Vince came over and said that was fantastic.

All Margaret could do was sit down and try to relax. She was still shaking. Mark was looking at her with amazement and pride in his eyes. She showered and met him at the entrance. There was a crowd outside waiting for them.

Margaret heard some people calling her name. She was looking to see who they were. She finally found the source. There were four women there - Kyraini, Kanike, Candyo and Kitty. Her moontribe sisters. She went over to them and gave them all a hug. She was glad to see them. Margaret asked them what they thought.
"You did great!" Could we have your autograph?"
"Now isn't that a bit much?"

They all laughed. She explained how she got there. She signed the program guide they had with her moontribe name - Dark Lady. Somebody in the crowd came over. When they saw how she was signing her name, they asked for her autograph. She nodded and signed her name - Dark Lady. Mark as usual was signing autographs till his hand was hurting.

What seemed like forever, they both got in his car and drove away. They found a quiet little place to unwind before they went back to the house. They got a table in the corner where they could have some privacy.
"You were great out there."
"I was petrified the whole time. Every nerve in my body was shaking."
"I couldn't tell it. You were a natural out there."
"Do you want to stay here a little longer or would you rather go back to the house? If I remember right you haven't eaten much today."
"Let's go back to the house. You're right I haven't eaten much. I've been too nervous to even think about food."

They were home in a matter of minutes. Margaret went to the kitchen and found something for the both of them. She was still shaking just a little.
"Why are you still shaking?"
"Maybe doing this in front of millions of people doesn't bother you, but remember, I'm not a member of this profession."

He went to the living room and put on some soft music. This should help her. When she finally came into the room, he put her on the couch and gave her a small glass of wine. He sat and put his arm around her. She nestled up to him. She could hear his heart beating. That was the most reassuring sound she had ever heard.

"Riding the motorbike this morning was just like riding the wind. I hadn't ridden on one since I was five years old. I have the scar to prove it. My uncle was giving rides on his motorbike to all the kids. When he went to turn around, I got off the bike but not as one normally would. I slid off. When we got back to the house, I was feeling something running down my leg. It was blood. I had cut myself on the corner of the license plate. Fortunately I didn't have to have stitches."
He asked about the scar on her forehead. "I got that in a car accident."

She described the accident and how she was the passenger. She told him she tore up the inside of the car. She hit the windshield with her face, bent the floor shift, hit the dash with her chest, and then was thrown back and hit the passenger door. She did laugh at one point. Whe she had sat on the floor shift, it made her backside look very patriotic - red, white, and blue. She had to have stiches in her forehead and leg. She thought now was a good time to tell some other things he needed to know.
"I have other scars on me also, but not the kind that show on the outside."

He didn't like the sound of that but he asked her what happened. "I was in an abusive relationship. He would slap me when he was drunk or when something didn't go right. He beat me in the back so bad I couldn't turn my body for about a week. He used to slap me in the face a lot. One time it was so bad he made my eyes black and blue and swollen to the point I could not see. I went to the doctor and had X-rays taken to see if there were any bone fractures. Fortunately there wasn't."
She could see his eyes cloud with anger.
"That was a long time ago. I left him and took the son I had by him with me. He's grown now and off at college. There is something else you do need to know. My son is mixed. His father is black."

Mark looked at her. He could see she was trembling. "I knew you had a son. When we were at your house, I happened to see a picture of him in the living room, and I could tell he was mixed."
"That doesn't make any difference?"
"Why should it. That is in the past. This is now. This is about you and me."

He knew he was going to have to tell his side too.
"I have something I need to say to you also. I have 2 small boys from my first marriage. We divorced because she couldn't handle the fact of me being a wrestler."
"Didn't she know you were a wrestler when she married you?"
"Yes she did."
"Then she should have known what it was going to be like. You are not to blame. How often do you get to see the boys?"
"Because of my schedule, maybe 2 or 3 times a year."
"When was the last time you saw them?"
"About a couple of months ago, before I met you?"
"When do you plan to go and see them?"
"When she feels she wants them to see me."
Margaret looked at him. "When she feels she wants them to see you!? Maybe I'm treading in an area I shouldn't, but Mark you have every right to see your two sons."

Mark was always amazed at how she reacted to things. To think she would be upset because he didn't get to see the boys more often.
"My own son never saw his father at all. He never sent him money, a birthday card, or anything. I raised him myself. The one thing I regretted all these years was the fact he didn't have a father to help him with things that only a true father could help him with." At least you do go see your sons. I know it's not my business to say anything about this, but I am upset that you are treated like this."

There was a faint trace of tears in her eyes. Mark held her closer than ever. He definitely knew he was lucky to have found her. He was glad he had told her. Her reaction was one that it didn't matter about having 2 sons. He had a feeling she would love them the minute she saw them. Margaret too was glad she had told him. One thing she didn't want was to keep secrets from him. She felt she was very lucky to have this man in her life.

Simultaneously they kissed each other. It was a kiss that silently spoke their feelings for one another. They went upstairs, this time to his room. He carried her to the bed. But with the match they had tonight, and the revelations they told to each other, it had left them somewhat exhausted. They fell asleep each still thinking that they were lucky to have found the other.

Chapter Eight

The phone was ringing the next morning. Mark looked at the clock - 9 a.m. Mark answered. It was Vince saying he wanted to meet the both of them. Mark said around 1 o'clock would be okay.

After hanging up he looked over at Margaret. She was still asleep. He couldn't get over the fact of how peaceful she was. He leaned over and kissed her lips. Margaret started to move in the bed, half-opening her eyes.
"What time is it?"
"Nine o'clock."
"I thought I heard the phone ring. Who was it?"
"Vince. He wants to see us. He's coming over at one o'clock."
"Whatever for?"
"We'll know when he gets here."

Mark started to think about the conversation they had last night. She must have honestly thought he would be upset about the fact that she had a son who was mixed. That probably was one of the reasons she held back. There was one thing however that had him upset. It was that she had been abused. It had taken courage for her to tell him. He swore that if any man ever, ever laid a hand on her, there would be hell to pay. He also knew that one day she would have to meet his two sons. It was going to take time but he was sure they would take to her, if he ever got the chance to see them himself.

"What's wrong Mark?"
"Just thinking about what you and I talked about last night."
"Are you having second thoughts?" He heard a trace of hesitation in her voice.
He cupped her face. "How could you think I would have second thoughts? I meant what I said. This is now, you and me. This is our life, and no one else's. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever going to separate us."

He kissed her passionately. She returned his kiss with her own passion. Before they knew it, their clothes were on the floor. He made love to her very slowly, savoring every moment of their union.

While Mark was gone, there had been the usual pile of mail. Both of them went through the mail. Being a secretary was a big plus. Soon the mail was organized so it was not as big a mess as one would think. This kept them occupied til about the time Vince came.

"The reason I came to see the both of you was that the ratings were up higher than usual, especially the title match. The one aspect of the PPV was the reviews about the entrance of you two. In fact, it was your entrance, Margaret, that got their attention. Faxes and e-mails were coming in right and left asking who was that woman - that Dark Lady. So I'm asking you, would you like to be a part of the WWF?"

Margaret was stunned. She thought this was just a one night thing. Never did she give a thought that it would lead to a new career. At this stage in her life, at the age of 48, going into the wrestling profession! This would be something that would take some definitely serious thinking.
"I will have to think on this, Vince. This was totally unexpected. I will need at least 24 hours."
"That's all I ask. Just think on it. Call when you come to a decision."

After Vince had left, they finished up the mail and cleared away any that could wait. Mark knew she had a lot on her mind. If she accepted, it wasn't going to be easy. It meant being on the road perhaps 10 months of the year. Even though she would not actually be in the ring, just the traveling alone would wear her out. She also would have to take care of some business before she went on the road.

Margaret was pretty much thinking the same thing.

Dinner was quiet that night. He didn't press her to talk, knowing that any decision she made would greatly affect her.

Margaret was weighing the pros and cons. So far, she had found no reason for not joining the WWF. The one big factor that was in favor of joining was that she would be near Mark. This would be a good chance for them to really get to know each other better, to develop their relationship.

The next morning she told Mark her decision, then she called Vince. "Okay, I'll join the WWF."

Chapter Nine

It had been a month since Margaret made her decision to be in the WWF. The pace was indeed hectic. There were many nights she would be exhausted, but she didn't let it slow her down. She was getting along nicely with all the wrestlers except one or two - Bossman and Tori. For some reason they felt she shouldn't be there as she had no background experience whatsoever. They would make rude comments to her about how she looked and her lack of wrestling skills. Margaret would generally ignore them. Whatever it was it was their problem. Mark on other hand, was getting more and more ticked off at them.
"Why don't you tell them to leave you alone?"
"Mark, I have had to deal with people like this before. If you say something to them, they know they are getting under your skin. The less you say, the more it will let them know they don't matter."

The other wrestlers were equally as ticked off at the both of them. They felt Margaret was pulling her weight here. The ratings were up, she was always pleasant with them, and she was able to take a joke. They were already calling her "big sis." To her that was the greatest compliment they could give her. That meant she was accepted into their close knit family. They saw how good her and Mark worked together. And they also saw the chemistry that was between the two of them.

Margaret had to get a passport as they were going to England to do a show.
"Do you realize Mark this is the first time I have ever been outside of the U.S.? In fact this is the first time I have really traveled anywhere."
"We're going to be in London for about 4 days. Why don't we take a tour for ourselves. Just us two."
"That would be perfect."

Ever since she joined, they really hadn't any real time for themselves. Her character role was getting more popular. In fact it was to the point she had her own t-shirts and plans were in the works to have a replica doll manufactured. There was even a little fan club - Dark Lady's Army.

To Bossman and Tori, it was an insult to them. It made them more determined to make her life a living hell.

Mark was hoping to have some time alone with her. The trip to London would be the perfect time to be with her.

After checking in at the hotel, they took a double decker bus and did their own tour. He had been there before, so he took her to all the places that he had been - Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace - she almost got the guard at the gate to smile, but didn't quite make it. All this time, Mark was thinking about their relationship. They had known each other for only 4 months, but in that 4 months he came to know her even more. There wasn't a time when he wasn't thinking of her. He was in love with her. From when they had gone out on that first date, he knew this was going to be forever. Everything about her was so right for him. She cared about him not as Mark - the Undertaker, but for himself. She fit in with the other wrestlers, who treated her like a big sister. He knew the time had come to pop the question (so to speak). But when?

Margaret was looking at Mark. In the 4 months they had known each other, she was constantly thinking she was very lucky to have him. His acceptance of her son, the way she looked, the tender way he had made love to her. Every time she thought of those nights when she first came to his house, her whole body would shudder. He treated her like she was someone very special. She knew then and there that she was in love with him, but in reality, it was from the very first time she met him. She would give up the WWF if it meant spending her whole life with him.

When they had got back to the hotel, it was time to get ready for the match. Mark was in a match against the Big Bossman that night. Mark was supposed to win the match. During the match, Bossman started hitting Mark for real. Bossman was going to make life miserable for whoever. Margaret could tell something was wrong, Bossman had an evil grin on his face. He was trying to hurt Mark for real. Tori came down the ramp to the ring to try to intefere in the match. This was not supposed to happen. Somehow Margaret knew they were doing it because of her. She was not going to let Tori get in the ring. As soon as she saw Tori come down the ramp, she took the rod that she carried and tripped Tori before she could get in the ring. Tori started to get up to hit Margaret. But Margaret had been secretly learning a few simple wrestling moves from Kane. She ducked Tori's fist before Tori could connect, and backhanded Tori. While Tori was backing away, Margaret slammed her to the floor face first. With the rod near, she started hitting Tori on her back and arms. If Tori wanted to play rough, so could she. Tori was curling up into a ball and was crying. She was going to have bruises all over by the time Margaret got through with her. In the mean time, Mark had busted Bossman's nose for real and was chokeslamming him to the floor repeatedly. The anger that had built up inside of him for what Bossman had said about Margaret had surfaced. He kept on chokeslamming him til Bossman no longer was conscious.

The crowd thought this was all part of the match. They hated Bossman and were cheering Mark on. Tori wasn't liked very well either as the crowd did not like to see her with Kane, and they definitely were Kane fans. It took all the refs in the back to separate Mark from Bossman. And some of the wrestlers had to keep Margaret from doing any more damage to Tori, who by this time was almost unconscious.

The crowd was going crazy. Some of them were chanting "Taker." The others were saying "Lady, Lady." Vince was in the back watching all of this. He didn't know that Bossman and Tori had been harassing Margaret.

Edge, Christian, Big Show, and Kane told Vince what had been happening. This did not set well with Vince. Mark and Margaret were his big stars, and nothing was going to happen to them.

When everything had calmed down and the ring was cleared, the rest of the matches went on as usual. No one in the crowd was the wiser, except maybe one. She thought this looked a little too real to be just a match.

After the matches were over with, Mark and Margaret were signing autographs together. Everybody was crowding around them trying to get their autograph. It was almost too much for Margaret, but Mark was like a fortress. She was glad he was there.

When everybody had gone, Vince called them over. He was talking to Margaret.
"I was watching in the back. Some of the wrestlers told what had been happening to you. Why didn't you tell me what Bossman and Tori were doing to you? I have to admit, I don't think I ever want to get you angry. Just watching what you did to Tori gave me the shivers."
"If I am going to make it, I have to learn to deal with it myself first. I knew something was wrong when I saw Bossman hit Mark the way he did. It wasn't part of the match. Then when I saw Tori come down the ramp, I knew then it definitely was not supposed to be. I wasn't going to have Bossman get an edge. So that's when I did what I did. I apologize for that."
"There is no need to apologize. They got what they deserved. Tomorrow, if they are in any shape, they are going to be talked to. If they do this again, they will be fired and won't be able to wrestle anywhere again. And they are going to apologize to both of you in front of everybody. By the way Margaret, you broke a couple of Tori's ribs and busted her nose. I believe you won't have any trouble out of her anymore. Where did you learn that slam?"
"Kane taught me. It was simple and not hard to learn." Mark looked at her. "I wanted to learn some kind of move in wrestling just for the fun of it. Little did I know I would have to use it."
They all smiled.

Margaret had the distinct feeling someone was watching her. She turned around and saw a young woman standing by the back door. She went over to her, something about her was oddly familiar. Then she recognized who she was. It was Gillian. They hugged each other. Gillian and Margaret talked for a while.
"I didn't know you could wrestle?"
"I can't really. I just learned that move just for the fun of it."
"You and Mark work well together. I also see something in his eyes everytime he looks at you. Are you and him...?"
"Yes, we are. Gillian, he has been the best thing to ever come into my life. Ever since we met he has treated me as someone very special. No one has ever done that to me. I realized something today that I knew all along, I am in love with him. I would do anything to keep him with me, even leave the WWF if I had to."
"Just looking at the two of you together makes me think you may get your wish. I am not an expert, but I can tell. I wish you all the happiness in the world."
"Could you email the girls and let them know I think about them."
"Sure, I'll do that. Plus they may receive a little more information than normal from me, so to speak."

Margaret couldn't help but smile. They said goodbye to each other. Mark asked her who was that. Margaret said it was a friend she had known for sometime over the email. They both got in the limo and went back to the hotel.

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