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Electric Funeral

This section is for everyone to take whatever they want. Right click on these graphics and save them, use them on your pages, whatever. I'll be adding different graphics and pictures of the Undertaker I make in the future, so keep checking back! By the way, the background on this page is ugly on purpose so you can see the images, otherwise they kind of blend in.

I've seen some cool column-like wallpaper around the web lately, and I've made a few. To see a preview of how these will look, click on the picture of the wallpaper, and you will be taken to a page that shows you how it would look used on a webpage, if you like it, come back and save it!

Floral colums with a black background.

Gold columns fade to black

Celtic spirals in a column on red to black gradient

Free Graphics 1
Free Graphics 2
Free Graphics 3
Free Graphics 4 (column wallpapers)



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