At Last Paradise. Diary of a Love Story

Chapter Twenty-Five

It was late the next morning when she woke up, the smell of coffee coming up the stairs. Mark was sleeping with one arm protectively wrapped around her. She looked at him. She had seen the result of what he had one to Austin.
"My God!" she thought. "It looked like someone had run over Austin with a truck." It had been almost a year since they married. Margaret reflected on all that had happened in that short a time. It seemed they had lived a lifetime and yet had not even begun. If someone were to ask her did she regret the choice she had made, she would say no regrets, this is what she had waited for.

She got up without disturbing him, which wasn't easy at times. Kane and Sharon were in the kitchen having breakfast. She was thinking how much more would they have to endure. Thank goodness the events of yesterday were over. At last maybe they would be able to have a normal life.

Sharon had kept the rest of the sisters informed as to what was going on. Seems there were more weddings to go to as Chawn and Sir Dogg, Kyraini and Jeff, Lordess and Matt, Marta and Shawn, Cenny and Al, Gilda and Farooq, Hannah and Bradshaw were engaged. Melissa had told her that she and Big Show were now a hot item. One of the newer sisters, Mrs. Undertaker (email name) was going with Gangrel.
"What are you thinking about Sharon."
"Oh, nothing much. Just the events that have occurred in the past year. A lot has happened, some of it good and some of it wasn't."
"Yeah. But one thing you can say, it's not been dull."
"Well right now I could use a little dull."

Margaret had joined them.
"How do you feel this morning?"
She nodded.
"What about that package you had delivered? When are you going to give it to him?"
"What package?"
"You'll find out."

Kane thought about how strange this all was. The way Mark and her met, how she knew who to put with who, the events of the past few weeks, like it was all a cosmic plan for them to meet and go through, as if their love was being tested. Then a package being delivered. Seems Mark had the same idea. Then all the girls getting engaged, Betty and Edge were having a baby at the same time they were. When Margaret came into their lives things had happened that never happened before. It was as if she had come from another world.

Mark was the last to wake up. He felt for the familiar warmth of her body next to his. She wasn't there, but the lingering scent of her perfume was. Mark was thinking were they ever going to have a normal life. Something was always trying to tear them apart, and yet everytime they would triumph, as if they were being tested. He couldn't get over how strong she was. She was a fighter.

Margaret came in the room carrying a tray. Mark sat up.
"Breakfast in bed?!" What did I do to deserve this?"

She placed the tray in front of him and gave him a big kiss. Before he could say a word, she started feeding him. She had never done this before. He wasn't complaining though. "I could get use to this," he was thinking.

That evening after supper everyone was in the living room sitting around talking. Margaret then surprised him by giving him a big box that she had had hidden for these past few days. He opened it. He was shocked. In it was a replica of the championship belt, only in the middle was his Undertaker emblem. Around it were pieces of gold with the dates of his championship titles. He was speechless. Everyone thought it was beautiful. On the inside of the belt was an inscription, "To my lover and champion." He gave her a big kiss. He had a surprise for her. He reached inside his shirt pocket and brought out a small oblong box. Margaret opened it and her eyes bugged out. It was a long gold link chain with a diamond encrusted heart pendant on it. In the middle of the pendant was an oval ruby (her birthstone). He put it on her. It twinkled like a thousand stars. She hugged his neck so tight he thought he was going to choke.

Later that night, when they were alone, he made love to her as he did on their honeymoon.

The next morning, they were getting ready to leave. It was time for Mark to get back to wrestling. He didn't want to, but knew he couldn't stay away any longer. He wanted her to come with him, but she shook her head no. The more he insisted, the more she refused. He finally gave up. She went back to Houston, he went on to Kansas City. This was the first time they had really disagreed on anything, and he was angry when he left. She was going to stay at home as she had done when they married. Mark had not wanted her to be alone, he still was very protective of her.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Mark hadn't called her in two weeks. It was no wonder, she was thinking, he was angry at her when he left. Just then Vince called. Margaret used the speaker phone and let the maid tell him her reply. Vince wanted her to come back and make an appearance for old times sake. She didn't want to. He tried to convince her that the fans wanted to see her again. She was very adamant about it, and had the maid tell him no.

After the phone was hung up, she sat down and started thinking about it. He hadn't asked her to come back for good, only for one appearance. She knew Mark had been angry with her when he had insisted on her coming with him. She knew why, but the past events were over with, there was no more danger. He hadn't called her either and she missed his calls. Then she felt the necklace, which she never took off for any reason. It was the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen.

It had devastated Mark when he saw what had happened to her. He had felt like he had not done what he should have - protect her. She thought back to the look on his face when she gave him her present and the way he made love to her that night, as if they were on their honeymoon again. He had stayed with her during all that time, even relinquishing the title to be with her. He had put his life on the line for her when she was kidnapped. Tears were beginning to come from her eyes. She remembered back to their wedding day, when she vowed to be there in good times and bad, to honor him. She had taken great store by those vows, doing all in her power to keep those vows. She cursed her stubborness which could get in the way at times. They had never disagreed on anything until now. She loved Mark more than she loved her own life, but she knew what she had done was not from lack of love, but from pure stubborness. She knew what she had to do.

She found Rosa and wrote out instructions on what she wanted done. This was going to be a surprise.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

She was in Philadelphia two days before the show was to arrive. She found out where they would be staying. She registered and wrote a note wanting their best suite. She also had on the note that no one was to know she was there and that the instructions she had written were to be followed to the letter. The manager knew who she was, being a wrestling fan himself, and made sure that no one, not even her husband, would know she was there. She had done some shopping before she left. What was in the suitcase was all a part of a plan she had. The show was to be a live RAW. What she had in mind would shock everybody, especially Mark.

Vince found a note the next day waiting for him at the arena. When he had finished reading, he smiled. The note also said no one was to know, not even Mark. Vince talked to the pyrotechnician and told him what to set up for tomorrow night and not to say anything.

Early that afternoon a lone figure showed up before anybody had arrived, and was now waiting for the final match, the title match between Mark and Big Show.

RAW was a hit as usual. The matches were going at a good pace. Mark was getting a little down. He hadn't spoken to her in over two weeks. He had been disappointed and angry that she hadn't come with him. He knew the reason why, he still was very protective of her, but she had been very stubborn about her going back to Houston. He knew he should call her. He missed her very much. Kane had told him to call but he didn't listen to him at first. He knew he couldn't stand it anymore. He got on the phone and called. When Rosa said she was not at the house, he was wondering where she could have gone. He hung up before Rosa said anything else. Maybe she left him. No, he didn't want to think about that. She couldn't do that to him. Kane said maybe she stepped out for a little while and to call again after his match.

Big Show made his usual entrance, then Mark made his. But just before the bell sounded to start the match, the lights went out. Smoke starting filling up the top of the ramp. Both men looked at each other. What was going on? Then his music started. There appeared at the top of the ramp a lone figure, and upon lowering her arms fire shot up on both sides of the ramp.

She was standing there, royal as a queen, making her way down the ramp, looking at him the whole time. The crowd went wild, never did they expect this. Lawler and JR were just as surprised. They knew the viewers at home were going crazy. The crowd in the arena started chanting "Lady, Lady..." As she drew closer, he saw she wore the necklace he had given her. Never had she looked so beautiful. All he could do was stand there, mesmerized. When she got to the bottom of the ramp and turned to go to her usual place, she winked at him. He starting grinning from ear to ear.

JR asked her, "I know you can't talk right now, but how does it feel to be back?" Margaret nodded, smiling the whole time.

The match started. It was all Mark could do to keep his mind on the match. She was there. She hadn't left him. Big Show whispered, "Come on Mark." It was an extraordinarily good match. Mark winning the title as usual. When it was over, she waited on him and they went up the ramp, the crowd still going crazy.

Everybody back stage had been surprised when they saw her going to make her entrance. They thought she was never going to come back. They hugged her, telling her they were glad she was there. The looks she gave Mark though sent shivers through him. Something told him he was in for a wild night, and he couldn't wait for it to get started.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

When they got to the hotel, they went immediately to the honeymoon suite. When they entered, the room was dark except for the candles she had had the hotel put in there. Mark was wondering was going to happen next.

She slowly started undoing his clothes, running her fingertips where his clothes had been. "What does she have in mind?" he groaned. The shower room was already hot and steamy when they entered. She had Mark undo her clothes, slowly taking them off. She then led him into the shower. She was using a special shower cream she had bought before she came there. It was an aromatherapy cream that relaxed you and had you feeling very sensual wherever it touched. She was making it even more so by using those familiar slow, massaging strokes, concentrating on the area at his thighs. He was going out of his mind. She could see the effect it was having on him and she hadn't begun yet. She led him to the bed, both still dripping wet and hot from the shower. She pushed him onto the bed and began kissing him, her tongue exploring every cavity til he thought his teeth would melt.

He closed his eyes, letting her do as she wanted. The next thing he knew she was nibbling his ear, tracing its outline, using light feathery flicks on his neck and gently nipping his shoulder blade. Her hands were exploring other parts of his body, sending him on an upward spiral. She flicked her way to his chest, concentrating on his nipples, flicking each one and then gently tugging with her teeth. His fingers were going through her hair, his groans were becoming louder. By now she was licking his stomach and nibbling his naval, his breathing was getting heavier. Then she went down and licked all around his thighs, using long slow strokes. Then she started as one would lick an ice cream cone. He jumped, never had he been done like this. He was moaning for her not to stop. She started slowly going back up and before he knew it, she was on top of him, bringing her body down very slowly. He was absolutely out of his mind now. His hands were tracing the curves of her breasts, kissing each one, sucking each rosy pink tip, moving in rhythm with her. Each stroke bringing the both of them closer to the brink. She was kissing him fiercely now as she was at the point of release. He was doing the same. It was as if a volcano had exploded.

They both were visibly shaken by the love they had just shared. "I've missed you so much."
"So have I," she mouthed. He kissed her fiercely, his passion rising again.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

They made love all night, neither could get enough. When morning came, Mark was in a daze. Did he dream last night or had it really happened? His senses had been taken to a height he never knew was possible. Every inch of his body had been loved like never before. He felt an empty space beside him. It was still warm and the scent of her lingered. Margaret came in and sat on the bed. She bent and gave him a slow, deep kiss. Every nerve tingled. She had brought a tray with her.

Mark sat up and before he could say anything she started feeding him breakfast. "At this rate," he thought, "I won't be able to do anything." Her robe fell open exposing her rosy-hued skin. Mark couldn't resist. He pulled her to him, his hands caressing her. Then the robe was off, his lips devouring every inch of her.

Sometime later, when they were coming down to earth, Margaret handed him a note (as her voice was not yet healed). Her eyes were watery as he opened it.
"When you left angry because I wouldn't come with you, I knew you did it because you loved me. It took some time for me to figure out that there is only one place for me to be, that is beside you. I love you, Mark. Never again will I ever hurt you."

He held her close. "I was angry when I left. It was only because I had almost lost you. I didn't want to lose you again. When I called the house and you weren't at home, I thought you left me. Then I saw you come down the ramp last night, that told me more than any words could say." He kissed her and once more they entered another world. They were back to normal. Everybody noticed the change in Mark now that Margaret was back. He was more lively now, not so morose.

Everywhere people were glad to see them come out together again. Margaret would see her sisters and ask how they were doing. Each was busy planning her wedding. It seems there were going to be a lot of presents to buy. When they weren't in the ring, they would go off by themselves, either for long walks or someplace very private. They were inseparable.

Kane told them that Sharon was due at any time and so was Betty. While she was happy for them, Margaret was wishing she could have a baby, but at her age she ran the risk of losing it before full term. She never let Mark know about her wish.

They had been on the road now a total of three months and would be on the road for another three before they would have any time off. By now both Kane and Edge had gone home. Kane called to say Sharon had the baby (a boy as expected). Edge called saying Betty had a baby boy. A lot of boys were being born lately, and more could be forthcoming.

Margaret woke up one morning not feeling well. It was nothing unusual. She thought it was acid indigestion as they had eaten some rather spicy food the night before. She was ill all day. She told Mark not to worry. But deep inside she was worried. All that day she couldn't keep anything down, spending most of her time in the bathroom. Margaret called the doctor when Mark wasn't around and made an appointment. She slipped out when no one was around. About an hour later the doctor came back in and told her, "You're pregnant." She just looked at him bug-eyed.
"Your pregnant, approximately 4 weeks pregnant."

Margaret had to sit down and close her eyes. What would Mark say? Their anniversary was in a couple of days. She would tell him then.

Chapter Thirty

They were in Memphis. The place where it all started. Mark felt this was the best place to celebrate their anniversary. He found the restaurant where they had their first date. He made arrangements for that night. It was to be very special.

Margaret was nervous. She hoped that he would be happy. It was still a shock to her. As she was getting ready, she was going over what to say.

They got there about seven. There was the same table in the same spot. In the middle were a dozen long-stemmed red roses, and candles were lit. They danced very slowly, holding each other close. When they had eaten dinner, Margaret decided this was the right time. She gave Mark the note, shaking as she handed it to him.
"I don't know how to tell you. I guess just straight out. I'm pregnant."
Mark stared at the last two words. He looked at her. She needed and mouthed, "one month." A big grin came across his face.
"This is the best gift you could give me." He held her hand. Sometime later they were back at the hotel. They talked the greater part of the night about what was best. Things were finalized. He was afraid to make love to her. She nodded her head to say it would be okay. For the rest of the night he was gentle with her. The next morning Vince was told. He congratulated them, and that he was sorry it had to end.

Margaret was busy for the next 8 months getting the nursery ready. The girls were ecstatic. It was time for a reunion. They had the baby shower at the house. It was fun having the girls there, even for a few days. Mark was still on the road, the guys calling him "Daddy Mark."

Mark in the mean time was seriously thinking about retiring. He had done everything in wrestling anyone could do. With the baby coming he needed to be at home. He owned a couple of very successful businesses now. He didn't need to be on the road anymore. Maybe once in a while make an appearance. The guys gave him a farewell party. It wouldn't be the same around here anymore.

Time was drawing near. He had made it plain to her that she was not to overexert herself. She was beginning to feel like a blimp he laughed when she tried to sit. She threw a pillow at him and hit him in the head.
"I'll be glad when you have the baby. Maybe you won't be such a crab."
She just looked at him and smirked.

One night about two weeks later she felt the pains of labor. She woke Mark up. They were at the hospital in no time, the doctor was already there waiting for her. She was in labor for 10 hours. The baby was born twenty minutes after. During that time Mark never left her, even in the delivery room. She had refused anything for the pain, wanting to have the baby as natural as possible. As she pushed, it felt like her whole body would explode.

The baby came out with red hair just like Mark. His features were exactly like Mark's. He felt like he was looking at himself all over again. He was a big boy, weighing 8 lbs. 14 oz. Margaret was weak but okay. Mark was allowed to sleep with Margaret that night. Two days later they were home. They named him "Markus." Margaret knew he was going to be just like his father. Whenever he saw her hold him, it was the most natural thing in the world.

On one of their rare moments alone, they were in the garden. Mark had his arm around her and she was nestled as close to him as possible. He kissed her forehead.
"With everything we've been through the past couple of years, we now are here together forever." He cupped her face.
"I love you, Mark" She could speak now, her voice coming back not too long ago.
"I love you. "
He kissed her, each knowing they have at last what they had been searching for - paradise.

The End

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