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This is the section for poems and short stories concerning the Undertaker. If anyone has anything they'd like to share, send it my way! It doesn't have to be love-poems (even though it can be!) send me the weird stuff too!

Untitled poem by Patzeb

A breath taken
love forsaken
moments that pass

of his reflection
in the looking glass

He - cheated and lied
She - false and tried
They are nothing here

an empty space
her blank face
not one tear

lo' and behold
She is strong and bold
and yet betrayed

He did not care
would not share
and never stayed

He - always gone
before the dawn

a rose left behind
is what she will find
for surrendering to desire

Darkness of Rage
By Julie Kitchell

He is the Warrior King of his kingdom, but he is a Darklord of rage and fury as well. He sits on his throne his eyes cold and unfeeling, he thinks of his enemies. He's been still totally too long. He feels his brides and his people's cries for vengence now, he feels their pain and agony; they need him.

His own brother's darkness screams in his own soul, a scream of pure rage and absolute fury. The cold ice in his heart is about to explode in the faces of his enemies, now it's time for him to take them down and out little by little. Their souls shall be rended without mercy, without remorse and without pity.

He strikes for his children, his creatues of the night. You look close in his eyes and you see nothing but intensity of his thirst for vengence and blood. He walks off his throne, goes to the window and stares out into the night, he howls in rage and fury. You can hear and feel this warrior's hatred.

Now he starts to walk out of the throneroom his fists clenched tightly and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He is now walking to the graveyard and he walks into the night, the moonlight shining on his handsome face. He swings wildly and destroys a headstone that was nearby. It's time for him to bring fear back into the WWF!!!!!!!

By Shakito

He is the Taker.
Reaper of the lost souls.
Wayward and searching.
Till they find in him a home.
Gather the freaks to him.
For only he can lead them.

He is no hero.
Of shining light and virtue.
But a saviour dressed in black.
And clothed in shadow.
In his cold eyes.
Salvation will the desperate find.

They call him demonic and unfeeling.
Only because they fear to understand him.
If they opened their hearts to his power.
They would then have to worship him.

He will be your saviour.
But you must surrender.
Let the darkness of the Taker embrace you.
And he will lead you.

Do not approach with falsities.
In your heart or mind.
Heed well the lessons of others.
Who have come to him, their tongues ready with lies.

None such liars have been spared.
Even Kane, flesh and blood of Taker.
Must now his brother fear.
His heart Kane may have found.
But his soul must weep in despair.

Only if the Taker reaps it.
And soothes Kane’s pain into ease.
Will the Big Red Machine be able to.
Rest in peace.

By Marta

I walk into the darkness gladly, embracing it as a friend,
Like a tree in a windstorm still standing, not breaking because I will bend

I listen to the silence around me, I feel the touch of the night,
Never doubting my love who goes boldly, seeking only the strong and the right

Ever and always I love thee, forever my heart will you own,
As I stand in the shadows unfearful, ever beloved and never alone.

I watch as you walk from the darkness, your eyes gleaming with love and with lust
I go to your arms more than willing, as I give you my love and my trust.

My shadow lover is stronger, than any mere mortal could be,
And he ever is there just to hold me, in his shadow filled home by the sea

I stand in the arms of my lover, though alone I seem in your eyes,
But my lover is stronger than any, and tells me no stories or lies.

Beside me in spirit are sisters, who feel about our lover as I,
We range far apart in our tempers, some fearful, some bold and some shy.

But alike do our hearts beat in rythm, and our lover her smiles to see,
Each sister, though different in viewing, our hearts beat as one thee and me.

So tell me your stories of weddings, and happily ever after romance,
While I sleep in the arms of my sisters and Love, ever peaceful in Shadows we dance.

Christmas Dreams
by Melissa Crawford

Vince had called 6 of the WWF wrestlers to meet him in the meeting room at Titan Tower to address the issue of the annual Christmas charity. As soon as they were seated, he began:
"First of all, thank you for coming on such short notice. As you know, the time has come for the Christmas charity to be held. This year I have decided to hook us up with the local Banting Memorial hospital to give the children some holiday cheer. The presents have all been arranged and will be delivered to the office on the 20th and we will be going to the hospital on the 23rd. The hospital staff asked mostly for the six of you to attend as you were the ones the kids wanted to see the most. I'm asking you to donate your time and go to this event. Is there anybody who objects to this?" He looked to each wrestler in turn and was relieved to hear no ojections to the question. Undertaker, Kane, The Rock, Steve Austin and Mankind agreed they'd be there and the meeting was adjourned.

Throughout the week, the final preparations were made and the wrestlers were given the gifts and some final last minute suggestions before they left. The spirit in the limo was cheery as the guys talked of going home for a very brief Christmas before heading back on the road for the boxing day show. Rocky was up to his usual joking self as he rolled down the partition in the limo and leaned his head out over the driver's shoulder.
"Merry Christmas Jabroni. Where are you taking The Great One and the rest of these pieces of monkey crap?"

Kane tilted his head to the side at being called a piece of monkey crap and the rest just shook their heads and snickered. They had seen this go down many times before.

The driver opened his mouth to answer Rocky and Rocky was all over him.
"It doesn't matter where we're going! All that matters is that you get The Rock safely to the hospital so The Great One can and will, meet the smaller ones of his millions..." He waited for the chorus of "And millions" from the back of the car. Kane even joined in on the fun. The Rock continued "...of The Rocks fans that can't make it out to see The Great One in all his glory. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?"

The driver was laughing so hard he had trouble keeping control of the limo.
"Yes sir." Was all he could manage.
"Good now pancake your ass and our asses to the hospital."

They arrived at the hospital at 11:30 in the morning and were ushered past the autograph hounds and groupies that had formed after word had leaked out from hospital staff. The hospital chief of staff greeted them at the entrance to the children's ward and gave them all some information about the children they would be delivering the gifts to. They were permitted to stay as long as they wanted, but it was asked they stayed at least an hour. Rocky couldn't resist. He went into his "It Doesn't Matter" routine. The chief, not a big wrestling fan, was flustered.

He led them down the hall to the room that had been set up for their arrival. Smiles lit the faces of every one of the 15 children, and cheers went up as the gifts were brought in and given out. All of the wrestlers gave each child some special attention.

Mankind brought out Mr. Socko and told ridiculous stories which had a few of the other wrestlers turning their heads in his direction every so often.

Kane had latched onto a child who was burned in a recent fire. He took it very personally and told the child to stay strong and everything would work out. He even complied when the young one wanted to touch his muscles and hair and asked for a hug. It was the first time the guys had seen Kane around children and were pretty surprised at how gentle he was.

Rocky was singing to two little girls who were giggling at his eyebrow raising antics and fun loving nature. He really played it up for them, their laughter his fuel and motivation. He gave them their gifts and watched them unwrap them.

Edge was with two older girls who were more interested in braiding his hair and touching his muscles than the gifts he had given them. In their innocence, they asked him if he had a girlfriend and were both disappointed when he said he indeed did have a girlfriend. They went back to playing with his hair.

Stone Cold was talking to two of his biggest fans in the hospital, they were thrilled to get some autographed pictures from their hero and they sat there in awe, not quite yet believing he was really there.

Undertaker had the biggest challenge of all as the children he was giving gifts to seemed terrified of him. They looked up at him their eyes wide as saucers. They knew his ring persona, but did not know what he would be like to meet. Mark looked down at them. "Do you think I'm scary?" He asked. The boy and girl both nodded silently. Mark smiled."I'm not like that for real. That's just for T.V I don't hurt children or anybody outside the ring. It's all a show, OK? I have some gifts for you." And he handed them the presents. It took awhile for them to be at ease around him, but he was patient, kind and understanding and soon the boy was asking him all sorts of Ministry questions and the girl was playing with his hair. Silently Mark wondered what it was about long hair that little girls were so drawn to.

In the end,the wrestlers stayed for 3 hours bringing holiday cheer and Christams dreams WWF style. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Present
by Nightjammer
Inspired by posts from the Moontribes list.

As the night slowly ticked away, Kaleigh, Betty, Gillian, Athena, Margaret, Marla, Christine & Kanike are happily talking about the fact it is Christmas Day tomorrow.
"I don't know why," said Betty, "but I feel like something special is going to happen."
"We all feel that way," Christine says. On that note, the sisters of the Moontribes go the bed with smiles on their faces. "Oh yes my sisters, tomorrow will indeed be special!" as my gentle winds lull them to sleep with a smiles on their faces.

After a good night sleep, they are awakened by a low sexy voice saying, "Come here."
"Who are you?" they cry.
"You know who I am. Now come."
"Where are you, how do we find you!?" cries Kanike.
"Just close your eyes, lift your arms and call Nightwind, Nightwind." As the sisters do as they are told, they feel themselves being gently carried on currents of wind.

When they open their eyes, they are standing in front of a door. They look at each other confused, "What do we do now?" Margaret says. Before they can answer, with a soft smile I gently blow the door open. As they enter, they gasp in awe for the room is dark except for the array of black, purple, and red candles. As they step further in the room, they all but swoon, for lying on a bed shaped like a big black box with red trim is their beloved Phenom under red silk cover shaped like a large box top with black & purple trim. As they, in a daze, approach the bed, he holds up his hand. When they stop, with a smirk on his face, he points to a large door. As they look, another bed, Red with black trim suddenly appears. As the sisters stand rooted to the spot, I gently blow the black silk covers with red & purple trim down to reveal their "Sweet Kane."

As the sisters hold onto each other for support, the Phenom rolls his eyes into the back of his head, Kane tilts his head, they hold out their hands and says "Who's going to be the first to unwrap their presents?" At these words, Kaleigh, Betty, Gillian, Athena, Marla, Margaret, Kanike & Christine scream then faint.

I softly laugh and look at the two most precious baby brothers any one could have and say Merry Christmas dear hearts.

The End.

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