At Last Paradise. Diary of a Love Story

Chapter Four

The sun was getting ready to rise. Mark woke up wondering what had happened. The last thing he remembered was he and Margaret were looking at the moon. He felt something on his shoulder. He turned and smiled. Margaret was still asleep with her head on his shoulder. His arm was still around her. She looked so peaceful sleeping. It felt so right with her next to him.

He thought back to how the evening had gone. The look on her face when he gave her the rose. When she told him how she didn't think he would go for someone like her. He was going to have to work on that. Of all the women he's known, none have ever made him feel that what he felt really mattered. The tears in her eyes when she told about how she felt about their ages.

Her eyes, he still couldn't believe those eyes were for real. They were the most beautiful he had ever seen, almost surreal. He had to laugh they had won the money at the casino. She had almost tripped over the seat she was so ecstatic.

The walk they had taken, the kiss. He could feel her lips quiver when he first kissed her, almost like she was doing so for the first time. They were warm and full, perfect for kissing. But it was the second kiss that sent him spinning. This time it was full of passion. He knew there was a lot of passion in her, and he was hoping to be the one to bring it out.

He had a feeling that she wanted to say more, but held it back. He wouldn't ask her or force that, she would take care of that in her own time. What surprised him a little was she wanted to listen to the music he liked. This was something he hadn't expected. She was willing to accept what he liked without making a big deal out of it. Mark had the feeling he would be occupying her time, permanently.

By this time she was stirring in his arm. He kissed her on the forehead. She slowly woke up. She felt something around her. Then she remembered, she was in Mark's arm. She turned her head up and was looking in his smiling eyes. What a way to wake up.
"How long was I asleep?"
"You mean how long were we asleep. Probably about 3 hours."
"You mean the both of us?" She started to laugh, and so did he. It seemed only natural to give her a "good morning" kiss.
"I must look a mess. What about your arm? Do you think you can move it?" It took a while but they finally got the circulation started back in his arm.
"It does feel good to move it again. Say, how about a bit of breakfast. I am getting a little hungry."
"So am I. There are a couple of places open."
"Lets go."

There was a coffee house open. It was busy but not overly full. They seated themselves. Each had a cup of coffee to at least get them started. Mark asked what would she like. Not being one for too much in the morning, she had juice and toast. He ordered the works. They talked about the night before and how each of them had really enjoyed it.
"I want you to have the money we won."
"Mark, you actually won it. After all you were the one who pulled the handle."
"Take and use it for whatever. I'm not what you call hurting for money."

They both smiled. Breakfast was lingered over. They both were still tired, so they went back to her house. They both laid on her bed and fell asleep.

It was about four in the afternoon when they woke up. Mark knew he had to get back to Memphis to catch his plane. Reluctantly they got up. Margaret gave him a washcloth and towel so he could freshen himself.

Fifteen minutes later he was kissing her goodbye, but said he would call after his match. They would make plans to go out again in a couple of weeks. She waved goodbye to him as he left.

Mark called after the match, and just about every other night after that. They would talk for a couple of hours at a time. She was beginning to wonder what his phone bill was like. It was always good to hear his voice. She had been watching him on TV. She was always excited when he came to the ring. While they were talking, he said instead of him coming there, why don't she come to Houston. They were going to be there and that was his home base (so to speak). He would make the travel arrangements, she said she would try to get time off from work. She felt like she could get at least a week or two (she did have enough time in at work). Mark said he would call to let her know what time her plane was leaving.

About a couple of days later, he called, told her when the plane was ready and that her ticket was waiting on her. He also told her to pack lightly. He would get anything she needed for her when she arrived.

After packing, she made arrangements for the house to be looked after. She then had a friend's son take her to Memphis to the airport. She picked up her ticket and was soon on her way. About two hours later the landed at the airport.

Chapter Five

Margaret was going through the terminal trying to locate the baggage claim area. After asking she went over to pick her bag up. Just as she was about to pick it up, a big hand reached around her. She turned and there he was.
"I'm glad you're here." He kissed her on the cheek.
"So am I."
"By the way, you will be staying at my house."
Margaret was surprised. She had expected a hotel room. She had completely forgotten he had a house here.
"I also have another surprise. I'm taking you to the arena the next day to meet everyone, even the head man himself."

Her eyes bugged out. She never expected this. They left the airport, this time in a very expensive limo. She thought limos were only for taking the wrestlers to the matches. On the way, they stopped at a shop. Mark bought her some outfits and some other things she needed. One thing she didn't forget, the perfume she had worn the first time.

A couple of hours later they arrived at his house. She was in awe. It was a mansion. She couldn't believe her eyes. She could see people working at the house. He told her he always had someone there to keep it up and had a personal chef.

It would take too long to describe the mansion. All she could do was stare at the rooms as he showed her around. Finally he showed her the room she would be in. It was beautiful, down to the four poster bed with satin sheets.
"Would it be okay if I changed clothes? I really would like to freshen up."
"Sure, see you later."

She took a nice warm shower and at least made herself look more presentable. She put on one of the outfits he had bought her, a black and purple (what else) caftan. She went downstairs and came into the living room. It was huge. You could have put at least 2 rooms in there. Margaret knew it had been decorated with him in mind. Over in one corner there was a large black leather couch (the kind with three sections in it). Facing it was a large tv (40 inch screen). But something on the other side of the room caught her eye. It was a trophy case which had all sorts of awards in them, including replicas of all the wrestling titles he had won. Also, in the case were replicas of motorbikes. He definitely does love motorbikes.

Mark had been silently watching her and her reactions. He was right, she would be right at home. He came in and asked how she liked it.
"I love this house. It relfects the real you. Thank you for bringing me here."

About that time, dinner was ready. They went in to the dining room. It was a beautiful candle lit dinner. The food was spicy, but wonderful. Afterwards they went for a walk outside. It just so happened he had a small garden in the back where he would go to do some thinking in private.
"I can see why you would come here. It is so tranquil and calm. Anybody would feel better after being here."

He wrapped his arms around her. It felt good to hold her again. They stayed that way for a few minutes, each lost in their own thoughts. As if by magic, she turned around. He tilted her chin and kissed her. His tongue was epxloring the inner reaches of her mouth. Likewise, she too was exploring. He gave a low moan and pulled her closer, so close it was as though he was trying to pull her into his body.

Margaret was glad he was holding her tight because her whole body felt like it was ready to drop. All the longing she had locked up was coming back. The flames of desire were starting to ignite.

He looked in her eyes and saw the desire there. He had never seen such intense desire before, and it only served to make him want to make love to her even more. Should he dare to ask.
"You know what I'm thinking."
"Yes I do."
"Are you sure, very sure?"
Without hesitation she nodded. They slowly went back to the house. When they came to her room, he stopped and asked again, "Are you very sure?"

He picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her down ever so gently, as a piece of porcelain. He bent and kissed her with a fierce passion she had never experienced before. He then kissed her ear then her neck. It was as though she was floating on a cloud. She felt the zipper of her caftan come undone, then it was on the floor. Somehow his clothes were off. The rest of their clothes followed.

His hands explored her gently, making her feel as if she were on fire. She also was doing her own exploring. Mark was feeling the fire in him rise to a roaring flame. It was to the point now where neither could contain themselves any longer.

Mark joined their bodies. It was like riding the wind, each having the same rhythm. He was kissing her face then her lips. She was digging her fingers in his back with each rhythm. They both reached the apex of their desire. Neither could hold back any longer. Margaret was ready to scream as was Mark. They exploded, each burying their heads in the shoulder of the other. After what seemed like an eternity they finally came back down to earth.

Mark kept his arms around her and soon both were asleep.

Chapter Six

Morning came. Both woke up at the same time.
"How do you feel this morning?"
"Like I haven't felt in a long time."
"I feel the same. I hadn't planned this, but when we were in the garden, it was as if you belonged here. It was as if it was meant for us to meet."
"I feel the same way. It's as if some unknown force brought us together. I haven't had feelings like this before."
"Remember when we fell asleep in the car?"
"How could I forget. I still think about it."
"I knew from that time you were going to be the one. The one that would be in my life."

Mark took her hand and kissed every one of her fingertips. He reminded her of their trip to the arena. Each went and cleaned up. After breakfast they went to the arena, but this time on his motorbike. That was a ride in itself. She was seated on the front with Mark right behind her. His arms were long enough to reach the bars. It was like no other ride she ever had. She hadn't ridden a motorbike since she was 5 years old.

Some of the wrestlers were already there - Kane, Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, even Mick Foley. Did they have the surprise of their life when Mark and Margaret came in. They had a suspicion all along that he was seeing someone from the phone calls they could hear from his hotel room at night. They gathered they would be meeting her very soon.

Some fans had already arrived. They were wanting autographs. He stopped and signed them. Margaret had to smile. If this relationship was to last, one of the things she would have to get used to was the fans, especially the women fans. "After all," she said to herself, "he is a very sexy man, and I am one very lucky woman." About twenty minutes later he came back to where she was, at the entrance to the arena.
"Sorry about that."
"What's to be sorry about. This is all a part of it and something I will have to accept."

He was constantly amazed at how she took things in stride, as if it a natural thing. He put his arm around her and they went in. The fans did not go unnoticed by the fans, especially one in particular - a moontribe sister, who at the moment cannot be remembered. She couldn't wait to get on the net and tell the rest of them what she had seen.

Margaret was introduced to everyone there. She was a bit nervous. This was so unexpected. They knew Mark was never one to talk much about anything, so they asked Margaret to tell how they met.
"Welcome to the craziest crowd you'll ever meet," Mick said.
"What do you mean by crazy? Is there something Mark forgot to tell me?"
They all laughed.

Mark showed her where the ring was going to be set up; the dressing rooms, and so on. They ran into JR and Lawler. JR was as nice in person as he was when people would see him on RAW. They shook hands."I've watched wrestling for a long time. I have to tell you I think you are the best announcer in the business. You have a way of making it interesting to watch."
"Thank you, I appreciate that. Its good to hear that."

Lawler was a different story. He seemed to be preoccupied with himself to even acknowledge her presence. This didn't bother Margaret at all since she had gone through that before. Mark, on the other hand, was disgusted by the way he acted.
"Don't make a big deal of it, Mark. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. There's always one in every crowd. He'll get his one day. He just had better not do it with you. He'll find out that when push comes to shove, I definitely will put him in his place - the garbage can."

Mark looked at her and didn't really want to find that out for real. It so happened that Vince and Linda had just arrived. Mark introduced her to Vince and Linda. Linda was looking at Margaret in a weird way.
"May I ask you something? I know we just met, but are those eyes for real? I have never seen color like that before."
"Yes, they are for real, Mrs. McMahon."
"Call me Linda. Everybody else does."

Linda pulled Vince to the side. "Remember you were talking about having someone precede the Undertaker when he entered in the arena?"
"Yeah I remember that."
"Take a good look at those eyes of hers. Have you ever seen anything like them before? And they are for real."
Vince took a good look. He had to admit, he hadn't seen eyes like that before.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking Vince?"
"You mean use her?"
"Why not?"

Vince pulled Mark over to the side and talked with him for about five minutes. Mark was listening to Vince, although Margaret was curious to find out what they were talking about. Mark was looking at her then at Vince. Finally they came back over.
"How would you like to participate in the arena tonight?"
Margaret's eyes just bugged out. She didn't believe she heard right. Vince asked her again.
"What would I have to do?"
"Simple, you would be wearing a long black dress with the purple emblem of the Undertaker on the front. You precede the Undertaker on his way to the ring. On your way to the ring, you would be carrying a rod, topped with the emblem of the Undertaker. When you would be about two steps onto the ramp, you would bring your arms down. That is the signal for flames to shoot up on both sides of you. This would be Mark's signal to come down the ramp with fire burning on either side of him. You would go to the bottom of the ring steps, stand there, when Undertaker got to the steps, you would bow just a little bit. He then would take off his leather coat and give it to you. You then would go over and sit by JR til the match was over with. You then would go behind Mark on his way up the ramp. How about it."

This was just too much. In her wildest dreams she never expected to participate in anything like this. This was a big show. It was a PPV, which was going to be televised all over the world.

She looked at Mark.
"I don't see any reason why you can't" he said.
"Okay, I'll do it. When?"

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