The Tribes

The Tribes

Ever felt like you don't belong anywhere? Feel like the Mother Ship kicked you out and took off leaving you HERE with a bunch of strange creatures? Identify with every pissed off song you've ever heard? Well, guess what? You've found your place to belong. These are the Tribes of the Moon, all the misunderstood of the cosmos. Wander no more. You're home. Want to join your fellow freaks? It's only an email away. Drop a line to Kanike, at Send your name, or whatever name you wish to go by, a picture if you want to be seen, a link to your web page (if you have one), or if you don't have a page, links to any pages you consider cool or that show your interests, or anything else you feel describes you. It doesn't have to be wrestling or Undertaker related. PLEASE, though, if you do want to send in a bio, give me some substance, like the things I mentioned above. Just saying "Hi, I'm so and so, I like Undertaker, here's my pic.." isn't going to cut it. You're you, you're different, be proud, throw it in everyone's face!

Ayble Brimstone
Undertaker's Domain
Fave hangouts:
My all-time favorite band! Jason is one hell of a sexy man!!!!
Man! Dave is like two years away from 40, and he looks GREAT!
It's hard to compare him to other bands. He's been around for over thirty years, and he has an amazing voice when he sings. He's great!
Our Lady Peace
One of Canada's greatest Alternative bands around.
Sailor Moon
Yeah yeah. A Japanese cartoon, but I love Japanimation! I also like Akira (Japanimated movie), Digi Mon, Pokemon, Astro Boy, and the BEST movie: Barefoot Gen. It's AMAZING!!!!!
Wrestling: WWF: The Head Quarters of my favorite wrestling organization (yea!!!!!!!!!!) Been a fan since 1986. Brides of Kane: The BEST Kane site EVER!!!! Storm provides all Kane fans with everything a site can offer! Rosey's Undertaker Page: Another fantastic site!! The Lord of Darkness (Kaleigh's site): Another site with beautiful Undertaker graphics, along with Tribes of the Moon. Undertaker's First Brides.
Likes: Undertaker, Kane, Mick Foley, WWF, cemeteries, Halloween, Death, Darkness, the night, Zombies (call me weird, but I find them CUTE!!),the Resident Evil games (as far as I know: all three. May be more??), MEN, bums (aka ass), NOSES, Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Our Lady Peace, horrorflicks, writing stories, thrillers, winter, cats, coffins, the color black, talking to fellow Undertaker and Kane fans, talking about sex and the maleparts, reading, Medieval history, any stores that carry my bands and Undertaker things, and Medieval things, tattoos.
Dislikes: Hatred, sexism, racism, back-stabbers, air heads, not working, school, being broke, not being sociable, being single, so-called "friends", people who can't accept me for who I am. I ain't gonna change any time soon, folks! Stupidity, rap, pop, country, being unwanted when I am in need of support (Ironically, I am here for everyone).
What else? I am somewhat shy, but if I am prevoked, my Leo will come out, so watch it!! Easy to get along with, tolerent, compassionate, loveable. I am a dark person. I love the Darkness, and I love the Dead. I will be an undertaker later on in life, so I can relate. Once you get to know me, it'll be like we've met years ago. If I get on a topic that I enjoy, I can say an earful! "The Casket is now closed."

Lilly Likes: Undertaker of course even though people at my school think I am weird but thats okay cause I dont care. Black Sabbath, Kiss, Rob Zombie, Wicca. My friends nicknamed me Lilly because of my mean streak. I guess cause of my dark clothing and my freaky style people at school fear me. I am 16 and I go to a preppy school and I feel like I am the only normal one there. (sound familiar?)
Dislikes: People putting crosses in my face. Stone Cold grrrrrr! My boyfriend cause he likes Stone Cold. Mom telling me to get rid of my wrestling posters and start acting like a lady. Boys at my school telling me that Taker is gay (just 'cause they are mad 'cause they aren't as cool as he is). Britney Spears, yucky Backstreet Boys and all the white boys in my school that want to act like they are black. I am not prejuidice but white boys just look silly acting like that. People that run over animals on purpose to have fun.
What else? What I do for fun is wrestle at my friend's WWF pay per view parties. Very unlady-like yes, but oh so much fun! I also referee. Unlike WWF referees I do not get hit because the boys are scared to death of me. I really don't blame them I am quite strong and I am tall for 16.

Red Horse's Squared Circle
Fave hangouts:
Brides of Kane
Dark Lord's Bride
Dark Thoughts Forum
Likes: Horses, Undertaker, Kane, Midian, Archery and the WWF....
Dislikes: People who are overbearing, my job, People who are annoying out of spite!

Melinda I am bdragond because of the numerous dragon tattoos all over me. My UT Centaur is my most special piece but because it is so big (covers my whole left thigh) I have crossed over the line and now am considered a freak. Well, all I have to say is "Feel free to touch the Freak!"
I am over 40 (let's leave it at that) but do not fit the norm for 40ish women -- I am a diehard headbanger. The harder the metal music the better -- Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Type O Negative, Danzig (who by the way has many UT type lyrics in his songs) and several others that pop in and out of my moods.
How young I am inside does not fit how I appear for alas we cannot completely stop the march of the ages. (A little hair color helps somewhat though!)
I am a traveler (not physically -- any others out there understand?) And have always been able to see spirits. When I was a kid I just thought they were my friends that no one else could see. I have a touch of psychic ability which I cannot control at will and am greatly affected by the full moon phases (I don't sleep much during them and that is when my psychicness strikes the most.)
I don't know what else to say except that I am so glad to find others I can relate to!
As for favorite web sites -- I've only had my computer for a few weeks but this one is definately in my favorite's file as well as LadyUndertaker's From the Darkside. But I am always on the look out for more.
I do not at current time have the ability to send a picture of myself but I soon will.

Skweaky's Room
My own little world of oddness, writings, and home of the Raven acclaimed RWO.....
Fave hangouts:
View Askew Productions
Jay and Silent Bob rule!
Major League Soccer
I'm a soccer bum what can I say?
The Raven's Crucifix
I love Raven to death, and this site has the best stuff to accomodate the man.
The Monkees Home Page
The Monkees live on, at least in my eyes..
Likes: but of course the Undertaker, Raven as well, writing weird stuff for my site, 80's glam rock as well as heavy metal. My brother raised me on Ozzy. The mountains, being called the Raven Chick in a demeaning text but turning it to my advantage (stupid Goldberg fans), art, sculpturing, dressing my Barbie up so she can hang out with my Undertaker, bikers (specificly Harley guys), long hair, toned bodies (hey I'm an artist I look for that reason only hehe), I grew into Country music only recently strange as that may be, annoying my friend's mom with my look, and standing outside the gates to get some wrestlers on video (thanks Shane for looking my way and tell Benoit not to be such a grump hehe).
Dislikes: My scanner I hate that thing, my job, wrestling fans that don't respect their heros, football (give me soccer anyday), being woken up from great dreams, Miami (if you've lived there you understand), pop music yech, morning people, preppy jocks, being a legal adult without a driver's liscense, the wrong kind of guys chasing me, my high school friends dropped off the planet after graduation, and that mysterious slime in the bathroom.

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