The Tribes

The Tribes

Ever felt like you don't belong anywhere? Feel like the Mother Ship kicked you out and took off leaving you HERE with a bunch of strange creatures? Identify with every pissed off song you've ever heard? Well, guess what? You've found your place to belong. These are the Tribes of the Moon, all the misunderstood of the cosmos. Wander no more. You're home. Want to join your fellow freaks? It's only an email away. Drop a line to Kanike, at Send your name, or whatever name you wish to go by, a picture if you want to be seen, a link to your web page (if you have one), or if you don't have a page, links to any pages you consider cool or that show your interests, or anything else you feel describes you. It doesn't have to be wrestling or Undertaker related. PLEASE, though, if you do want to send in a bio, give me some substance, like the things I mentioned above. Just saying "Hi, I'm so and so, I like Undertaker, here's my pic.." isn't going to cut it. You're you, you're different, be proud, throw it in everyone's face!

Lynne's Thoughts:
I believe in God and Jesus but I also believe in the Supernatural. I am very patient but the road still ends. My favorite author is Patricia Cornwall and I love to be scared to death at the movies. The movies I like best are the gory bloody ones. The more blood the better. I believe that abortion for any reason is murder. I love life and all it has to offer. I love to watch the sky night and day. My favorite actors are Vincent Price, Bella Lugosi and Peter Cushing. My favorite actress is Betty Davis. I love all music except country but I listen mostly to blues and Meatloaf. Commitments are for life. Never take anything away from anyone else forcefully. Home and family are sacred, and i believe in the golden rule. I dont like any sports except wrestling and golf. I met Chi Chi Rodriguez one time. I love looking at buff men and I always watch the bodybuilding competitions. I am a crusader mostly for lost causes. When I makes friends its for life!

Undertaker's Child AKA Lexus
Website: The People's Palace
About Lexus:
I think since May of this year, I've been the Undertakers "child." Now, you're probably wondering why? Never in my life have I had recurring dreams until I started having them this May. My dreams are with the Undertaker! I just can't escape this man. In my dreams he calls me his "child!" I'd try to fight it but, now I accept the fact, that the UT is the greater "power" in my dreams! My dreams are weird and freaky to describe but I have them about twice a month. What they mean I don't know!
I've been a HUGE wrestling fan since I was just a kid. I grew up with wrestling in my family. My fav wrestlers as a child were Bret and Andre. My fav all time fav wrestler is Rocky Maivia! I'm a fan of many, many, other wrestlers..UT included!

Cenny AKA egzakto Cenny's Fave Hangouts: (Besides any decent site about The Undertaker)
Digital Pulp Fiction Postcards
The Onion Newspaper
Violent Animated Deaths: Stick Figures
"Pico" See Sabretooth's 'Newgrounds' link.
Likes: Large, long-haired, tattooed men, The Undertaker (is that redundant?), Art by R. Crumb, M.C. Escher and Bosch (his portrayals of Hell), Art Deco, silent movies, old books and furniture, claw-foot bathtubs, stringed instruments and pianos made before 1920, old sheet music, especially ragtime, cemetaries, large dogs, Harleys, unusual tattoos, blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, forrests, vintage clothing, earrings, bracelets, gargoyles, unusual statues and fountains, stained glass windows, houses with 12 foot ceilings, ECW and WWF.
Don't like: Self-righteous ex-smokers, people who put themselves down, whiners, people who stare at me, "cutesy" figurines (I just wanna go into a store that sells it, armed with a sledgehammer!), people who talk (loudly and continuously) in movie theaters, salesclerks who "hover" when I just want to look, bull-shitters, censorship, hot weather, 400 pound women who dress like they're 100 pounds, artificial flowers, men who douse themselves with cheap cologne, "cutesy" e-mails (if it ain't informative, funny or disgusting, don't send it!), people who cough or sneeze in my face, telemarketers.

Taker's Lady About Taker's Lady: I have been an Undertaker fan since about 1992. I've been a wrestling fan since about 1972. I like the Undertaker because he's dark, mysterious, elusive, evil, and of course, deliciously handsome and sexy. He makes me think about dark corners of myself that I don't examine too often. It is my goal to meet him one day and just bask in his aura for about 5 minutes and feel his energy. Some of my other interests are music (favorite bands include Blue Murder, Badlands, Sweet, Blackfoot, Kiss, King's X, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Rainbow (old Rainbow), Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pat Travers Band, Kansas and Krokus, reading (favorite authors: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul and Anne Rice), movies (I like anything suspense, blood & guts, or mystery) and collections (Undertaker items, South Park items and Collectible Barbies (yeah, Barbie may sound sissy, but the ones I have will end up being my retirement money because they're all prettyvaluable). In closing, I've always felt like I didn't quite fit in anywhere...I have a pretty dry, warped sense of humor (I love "The Far Side"), and things like the occult, vampires, medievel (sp?) times intrigue and fascinate me. I wonder about living during the reign of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and about being around when God put the mark on Cain for his brother's murder. To some, these things make me weird, to others they make me a part of the family....but to me, I'm just me..

Eternal About Eternal: I am 15 about to turn 16 (can't wait!) I have brown hair with blonde highlights but the blonde has faded, so my hair looks brown, I have blueish-grey eyes, I am 5'4 (I know I am short) weight (thats personal!). Oh yeah one more thing I LOVE THE UNDERTAKER! He is the best wrestler in the world and he could kick Austin's Butt n-e-day! I don't know if it's just me but I have no idea why I like him...This might sound weird but I feel like I am being drawn towards him. (yep it sounded weird! :) I really have no idea why, I mean he is so sexy and the finest thing that has ever walked this earth. But he's just like a habit and whatever I do to try to get rid of it, it always comes back stronger than ever and me wanting more. Yes I have tried to stop liking him for different reasons (my parents hate him and they don't like it when I like him!) But I know now how I feel and I am not going to stop loving matter what! (now I sound crazy). Well I guess that's all!

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