The Tribes

The Tribes

Ever felt like you don't belong anywhere? Feel like the Mother Ship kicked you out and took off leaving you HERE with a bunch of strange creatures? Identify with every pissed off song you've ever heard? Well, guess what? You've found your place to belong. These are the Tribes of the Moon, all the misunderstood of the cosmos. Wander no more. You're home. Want to join your fellow freaks? It's only an email away. Drop a line to Kanike, at Send your name, or whatever name you wish to go by, a picture if you want to be seen, a link to your web page (if you have one), or if you don't have a page, links to any pages you consider cool or that show your interests, or anything else you feel describes you. It doesn't have to be wrestling or Undertaker related. PLEASE, though, if you do want to send in a bio, give me some substance, like the things I mentioned above. Just saying "Hi, I'm so and so, I like Undertaker, here's my pic.." isn't going to cut it. You're you, you're different, be proud, throw it in everyone's face!


Me and Kane taken on 9-19-99. Thanx, Glenn, you sweetie!

This is me standing by the ring in the Dallas Sportatorium a few years back. I'm scary as always!
My fave hangouts:
Heartless Bitches InternationalI just found this site, and I have to put it at number one. Boy do I identify. Impatience with assholism IS a virtue and no, being sappy sweet isn't going to buy you the world. Being a Bitch is a GOOD thing!
The Dark Side of the Net
So much little time!
My Little Corner of the World
Page all about Pagan-stuff, recipes too! (yeah I like to cook)
The Magick Cauldron
This is the home page of my favorite store to go shopping at here in Houston.
Page about Hudson Leick
Here's a page about my fave Xena character, Callisto, and the woman who plays her!
Accent's links to radio stations
There's links to radio stations all over the world, you can also find anything you want as far as RealAudio stations to listen to while you surf!
Black Sabbath Lyrics
See what Ozzy is talking about up there!!
I like: everything gory, heavy metal, paganism, Italian food, peanut butter and chocolate chips, playing softball, driving, watching Xena, doing graphics, having naughty daydreams about The Undertaker, talking to Storm on IM, messing with this damn web site, among other strange things too numerous to name.
I don't like: crappy service in stores, idiots that drive too slow, anything to do with SCSA, bimbos, people stealing anything off my site without asking first, wrestling groupies, liars, instigators, folks with over-blown egos, gang banger wanna-be's, groups like Backstreet Boys...well, I think you get the point!

Storm Elara
Website: Brides of Kane
Storm's Fave Hangouts:
The official site of her favorite band.
The *best* Smashing Pumpkins website on the net!
Wonderful site with *tons* of full length music videos in the RealPlayer format!
WitchWay Graphics
The best site I’ve ever seen dedicated to my religious belief.
This site has photos of every Tarot deck you could possibly think of.
The Art Bell Web Site
Art Bell is a late-night radio host whose topics include UFOs and the supernatural.
The Blair Witch Project
This movie is the coolest idea I’ve seen in a long time. If you haven’t seen it, I *highly* recommend it.
The Garbage Receptacle
This site has many, many full length Garbage songs in MP3, midi and Real Audio format.
Tom’s Xena Page
This site has tons and tons of Xena files, downloads, and pictures.
Likes: Kane, Undertaker, Wrestling (mostly WWF), Gothic & Alternative music, New Age music, thunderstorms, candles, incense, traveling, the night, Vampires, anything dealing with the supernatural (ghosts, UFOs, etc..), Wicca, art, museums, Tarot cards, Ouija, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Futurama, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live (current cast only), Charmed, and anything unique or unordinary.
Dislikes: Gossip, back-stabbers, fake people, religious intolerance, intolerance of other lifestyles or races, people who are bandwagon jumpers (follow the leader types), war, politics, most “pop” music, country and rap music, fighting
What makes me different: I have never been one to follow what anyone else “expects” of me or wants me to do. I’m a very independent person who 99 percent of the time feels like she doesn’t belong on this planet. Let’s put it this way...if a UFO flew down and tried to abduct me, you’d probably find me going with them more than willingly. I tend to like things that others find weird or unusual, and I’m more comfortable alone or with one person at a time than with a large group. In fact, I detest crowds and people who are considered “normal” by all accounts

Website: Sabretooth's Corrupted Crypt
Sabretooth's Fave Hangouts: (Besides any decent site about The Undertaker)
Animated mutilation, gore, and death! Love it!.
Play games online, shoot people, things, blow stuff up.
Paul Booth
Paul Booth's site, hasn't been updated in ages but it's still a great place to look around.
AOL Sucks
Another site that hasn't been updated in awhile, but you have to love a place that's sole purpose is to bash AOL..
Evil Overlord
Once again a good site that is no longer updated, but it's got some great humor..
Quake (1) servers:
Likes: Undertaker, Intelligent people who like the Undertaker, Art (performing and visual, mostly dark stuff), Games of many kinds, Music (Rock/Metal and most derivaties of), Anime/Manga, Comics that don't suck, Fall/Winter seasons, The Medieval/Gothic era, Fantasy, Thunderbrids, Tattoos, Technology, Science, Mild Anarchy, Thundering Rainstorms, Cemetaries, Moonlit nights (though pitch black ones are fun too), Sleep.
Stuff I friggin Hate: Trends/fads, and the sheep who follow them; people who like to rip others off, traitors, people who are overly happy for no reason, people who are rich and are anal about it, overbearing governments, people who abuse power and authority (what gives them the right?), sunlight, hype, censorship, tomato sauce, people who insult the Undertaker viciously for no good reason save to try and piss me (or other UT fans) off, close minded people, summer, this Y2K crap (come on, it's just another year, half the calendars are either wrong or just different anyway), the fact that you need a little piece of paper from a stupid school (after H.S. I mean) to do what you want, despite the fact you already know what you're doing.
I guess that's all, at least all that isn't overly vulgar...

'Miss J' Likes: I like the undertaker, wrestling, rock and heavy metal music, gothic stuff, horror and comedy movies, poetry, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and friendly people.
Dislikes: People who are very snobby and who think they are too good for everybody.

Here's his school I.D. Nick says this is an older pic, he had short hair for wrestling season. He is LQHS Team Captain.
Nick's fave places:
Rajah's WWF News and Rumors!
The Lord of Darkness
KISS Freaks
Lynn's Kiss Dominion
Any other site having to do with UT, Black Sabbath or KISS.
I'm interested in all kinds of freaky sh*t. I love KISS and Ozzy/Black Sabbath. and most of all, The Undertaker. I'm known as a psycho in my school, where I'm senior class prez. I love to stick out my tongue, I got a black pinky nail, and a long goatee. Kinda picture Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons and Mark Calaway combined--That's me!

To Bio's for: Kanike, Storm, Miss J, Sabretooth and Nick
To Bio's for: Lynne, Cenny, Lexus, Takerslady and Eternal
To Bio's for: Ayble Brimstone, Lilly, Melara, Melinda and Magda.
To Bio's for: Maureen, Lady of Darkness, Angel Callaway, Yunomi, and Star.

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