It's in the Genes

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Dark Night of my Soul

Matiya and Taker drank the remaining whisky and both of them decided to go find some good trouble. They thought they'd go on down to the hotel bar, maybe hide in a corner and drink some more for starters. When they got off the elevator on the floor where the bar was, a woman with bleached blonde hair in a very short dress with her cleavage practically hanging out stepped up to them before they could even get in the door to the bar. She was an obvious 'ring rat'. She touched Taker on the arm and cooed "You're the Undertaker aren't you? I've been a fan of yours for a loooong time!" she looked at him flirtatiously, getting closer to him and almost rubbing against him "Could I buy you a drink?"

Taker could feel his sister bunching up to spring at the blonde girl, who had seemed to make a point to ignore his female companion completely. He ever so slightly nudged Matiya, and she looked at him. Understanding passed between them.

Matiya thought Ask her room number.
"How about you do something else for me? What room are you in, darlin'?" he over-exaggerated his southern drawl, and the groupie ate it up with a spoon. She giggled and leaned against him.
"I'm in 507." she whispered, trying to be sexy, but looking about as cheap as it got.
"How about you go wait for me? I'm going to have a drink or two, then I'll be up for you. I'll give you a night you'll NEVER forget."
The groupie was almost wiggling in anticipation. She whispered, "OK, don't be long!" and sashayed to the elevator. When she passed Matiya she gave her a corner-of-the-eye glance, almost triumphantly telling her "Too bad, bitch, he's mine now!"
Matiya smiled at her and thought "Oh, this skank is going to DIE."

The doomed and clueless blonde got in the elevator and stared at Taker until the doors closed. He kept up his phony grin until she was out of sight. Then told his sister. "Can't say I never gave you anything." Matiya's face lit up with lunatic glee and she took off like a shot for the stairs. He walked into the bar to have a drink or two...or more.

Matiya tried to make herself take it slow going up the stairs, not because she would get tired, but because she wanted a decent amount of time to pass so the blonde wouldn't think anything was up. She had the idea that this blonde wasn't smart enough to put that together though. She made herself sit on the top step of the landing and wait a few minutes more before slinking into the hallway. She felt like a kid on Christmas morning, unable to wait to open her presents. She found room 507 and softly knocked on the door. She stood off to the side so she couldn't be seen thru the peephole, just in case the blonde was actually intelligent enough to use it. No need for such worries because the door opened and the blonde woman stood there wearing nothing but hot pink, skimpy lingerie. She said "Hi there..." and then stopped when she saw Matiya, her face clearly showing her confusion. The hesitation was more than long enough for Matiya to whip out a hand, grab the blonde by the throat and back her into the room, closing the door behind her.
"Expecting someone else?" she said and giggled.
"What are you doing here? Where's Undertaker? He's going to be here any minute and when he does..." the blonde's words were cut off abruptly as she was back-handed and knocked to the floor. At first she sat there with her hand to her bloodied mouth and stared incredulously up at Matiya. Then, with a shriek, she launched herself at what she thought was her competition, her fingers flexed into claws, ready to scratch and pull hair. Matiya easily sidestepped the blonde groupie, and spun around, kicking the girl in the side and sending her sprawling again.
"That all you got? Oh come ON! Don't bore the hell out of me!" Matiya said, sighing and rolling her eyes.

The blonde's face twisted into one of utter fury as she hissed "Bitch!" and sprung again, this time grabbing for Matiya's hair and scratching at her face. Matiya fended her off, then, tiring of the festivities, grabbed the blonde's wrists and twisted them. Blondie shrieked again and began to sink to her knees. She looked up hatefully at Matiya. "We're going to take that look out of your eyes, my dear! We might even take out your eyes!" her sunny grin surfaced and she happily broke three fingers on the blonde's left hand like breadsticks. Then she became murderously serious and attacked the blonde.

There was no screaming, but there was a lot of blood.

A little while later, the Blonde's friend, who was also a blonde, cautiously opened the door and stepped into the room. "Tif?" she whispered. "Tiffany? Are you alone?" the room was completely black, curtains drawn. She knew they hadn't left it like this. Her hand went towards the light switch but stopped when she heard a soft sound. A sliding sound. "Oh! I'm sorry! You've got company!" she grinned and said in a sly voice "Fine! I'll just go stay somewhere ELSE!" she walked out of the room and closed the door.

The next morning, Tiffany's friend would walk into their hotel room to find Tiffany's severed head on the bed, her body in the bathtub, and the words "No, Tiffany wasn't alone last night!" scrawled in blood on the wall. Directly beneath that drawn a great big gory smiley face. Tiffany's friend would piss down both legs before fainting dead away.

Matiya had to wash most of the blood off herself before leaving room 507. She couldn't exactly meet Kane looking like she'd been playing in a slaughterhouse. Thanks to the lovely mood of her twin, he had supplied her with Kane's room number and everything. She was going to have to remember to give Taker an extra special hug for sending her after that blonde too. She just HATED blondes! No one could ask for a better twin than hers! How sweet he was, he always knew what she needed, even though sometimes he could be a little testy.

She reached Kane's room and tapped on the door. She heard the TV going in there, he had to be in. Or so she thought. No one answered the door and she knocked louder this time. "Kane? Bubby? It's me, your sis. Matiya." she waited impatiently and was about to knock again when she heard a door click shut. It was the door to the stairs. That was odd. Too odd. She decided Bubby was being a little shy. She ran down the hall and raked the door open.

After finding out Tori was attacked and seriously injured "by some crazed fan" and that he should "keep an eye out" Kane sat nervously for a long time in the dark staring out the window. He knew that was no fan. He saw Matiya walk up to the hotel, and got away from the window, pulling the curtains and moving onto his bed. He soon fell into a shallow, uneasy doze in front of the television. In his slumber he kept dreaming about skeletons.

He was startled awake by the TV. He had sworn he heard it say "Better wake up, sleepy-head! The blonde-haired girl is certainly dead!" He stared at the TV, then narrowed his eyes.
"What did you say?" he whispered, but the TV was now talking about the newest collection of 90's rock hits and was apparently done speaking to him. Bret Michaels of Poison was singing that every rose did indeed have it's thorns. "Yeah right." Kane thought.

He was thristy and wanted something to drink. The water in the faucet tasted like chemicals, and was warm. He frowned and realized if he wanted cold water he would have to go get ice. He didn't really want to leave his room, but he WAS thirsty. He stood undecided of what to do when the TV again startled him. This time it was a Sprite commercial. It seemed to jump out and scream "OBEY YOUR THIRST". Unsettled, Kane snatched up the ice bucket and hurried out of the room, forgetting his key in the process. He wouldn't notice this until later.

He silently walked down the hall, filled his bucket and made his way back to the room. As he turned the corner, he was horrified to see HER standing at his door, knocking on it and then calling for him. He stood completely still and even held his breath. He was almost sure she could sense him. Maybe even smell him. He set down his ice bucket and looked around. He realized with desperation that if he wanted to slip onto the elevator, he'd have to go right past her. Then he realized with even more desperation that he had forgotten his key in his room and couldn't even escape back into it if he DID get away from her. He was trapped. He looked around for a place to escape and his eye happened on a door that said "stairs". He'd have to step out into the hall for a moment, but just a short, fast moment, as long as the door wasn't locked. He knew from experience that these doors were usually open. He decided to take the chance.

He stepped into the hall, saw her still preoccupied with his door, and then made for the stairs. The door opened silently on pneumatic hinges and closed slowly as Kane made his escape. He was already to the next floor, taking steps two at a time, before he heard the door shut with a click.

Matiya stepped onto the landing and looked up. The stairway was poorly lit and she had to allow her eyes a brief second to get used to the gloom. At first she heard nothing. Then she heard a soft noise a floor or two up. "Kane!" she called out. "Bubby! I want to see you, Bub! Stop hiding from me!" she took to the stairs, again calling out "No place to hide up there, Kane!"

Kane looked down and saw her hand on the bannister just two floors down! She was coming up after him! A wave of anxiety washed over him. Why couldn't she leave him alone?! Why did she have to follow him like this? He backed up against the wall and made a primal hissing noise, the only sound he was capable of in his stressed state.

Matiya stopped when she heard the hiss. It was an obvious warning, coming from somewhere above her in the dank stairwell, but she just smiled and said "I got one for ya..." and she let loose with a hiss of her own. She stood there with bared teeth, looking like a rabid animal. "Come on, Kane! We're all related here! Let's not get too pissy, OK?" She heard him continue up the stairs, unmindful of the noise he was making now. "I think you really don't want to see me. That hurts my feelings, Bubby." At this point she heard a thump, then another followed by a loud BANG. She sprinted up the stairs.

Kane had reached the top of the stairs and encountered the door to the roof. This door was locked. Kane was a seven foot tall, over three hundred pound, very muscular man in a state of flight. He hit the door twice before it banged open. He ran up a few more narrow steps before going thru another door, which was unlocked, and practically spilling out onto the roof. He noticed this part of the roof was almost completely bare, and the other sections of roof were too far down to jump to. He was trapped.

He went as far away from the door as he could and prepared to stand his ground. He noticed the entire section of railing behind him was unreliable, the bolts that held the railing in place were rusted off and missing in some spots. He was about to change his position when Matiya slowly stepped out onto the roof. "Hiya, Bubby." she said.

Kane growled at her, then seemed to find what little voice he had and said "Stay away!"
"Won't you listen to what I have to say?" Kane didn't reply. She continued, "It's been a long time, Kane. Too long." she paused then walked towards him with outstretched arms "Bubby, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen to all of us! I wanted to set us all free!"
Kane cocked his head to the side. "Free?"
"Yes, I didn't mean for you to get burned. All this time I thought you had died. I want your forgiveness for this. My twin has forgiven me, can't you?" Her arms encircled Kane and his body stiffened. "My little Bubby, you've grown so big!" she looked up at Kane, then hugged him again.

Kane was paralyzed with horror. He was thinking SHE wanted to set us free. SHE didn't mean for me to be burned. SHE did all this? All these years. All these years... his mind turned back to the pain of his hospital days, the ridicule of other children and eventually adults at his messed up face and inability to speak. The frustration of not being like everyone else, and here was the cause of all this, standing here in all it's evil glory, asking for forgiveness? He shoved Matiya away from him as hard as he could. She landed in a heap a few feet away.

Matiya looked up in shock, she had never been thrown like that. Little Bubby had some scary strength to him. She gathered herself again. "You know, if you won't forgive and accept me, I can't just let it go. Oh no." she pulled the switchblade out of her jacket. "If you won't love me, you won't love anyone." she crept towards him with the knife open. She fully expected Kane to just stand there frightened, but she greatly underestimated her baby brother. When she got close enough, Kane stepped forward and punched her in the face. She slashed at him with the knife, and by some miracle he managed to avoid the blade. With an insane anger-filled scream she jumped at Kane and at the last minute feinted to the opposite direction, this time scoring his upper arm with the blade.

They circled each other like animals, never taking their eyes off each other. "You made me do that!" she screamed pointing the bloody blade of the knife at him. She saw Kane shift sideways and she realized he was trying to manuver his way towards the door. "Oh no, dear-heart, there's no escaping. We're having ourselves a nice little discussion here, it's not over until it's over."

She rushed Kane who was still standing by the weak section of railing. Instead of coming at her, or ducking down, he stepped off to the side. She realized it at the last minute and tried to turn her body, but it was too late, her forward motion carried her heavily into the railing which broke with the force. She went over the side of the building, but managed to grab a part of the railing. It was smooth and she couldn't hang on. She slowly slid down towards the end of the pipe and empty space.

Kane looked over the edge and saw her hanging on. She was within arms reach of him. He could have reached out, took hold of her arm and hauled her back up to the roof easily and that's what he started to do, when he remembered his past again. Thought about how savagely Tori had been beaten, thought about that eyeless lady in his dream and the many other nightmares he had. He knew his sister was total evil and the world would be a better place without this creature in it, fouling it with her very presence.

"Kane!" Matiya said, her breathing was heavy, her voice desperate. "Kane I'm your sister! I loved you! You can't let me die like this!" she slipped an inch. "KANE! Bubby, pull me back up, now!"
"You would kill me." Kane rasped in an accusatory tone.
She slipped another inch...two. "I wouldn't! You pissed me off, But I wouldn't have killed you!" she held perfectly still and calmly said to him "Trust me, Kane."

He watched as she slipped another inch, then another, then faster. He watched as she tried to grope for purchase on the smooth metal and found none. She slipped, slipped...and then the end of the pipe came and she fell. Right before she fell she seemed suspended in mid-air and she whispered in an acid voice "I'll be back ya know!" Kane fled for the door, not wanting to see the rest.

Matiya felt her body pulled by gravity, she saw the top of the building getting further and further away, she saw her hair streaming up over her, felt the wind whipping through her clothes. She did not scream on the way down.

When she hit the ground, she wasn't dead immediately. She could feel her body completely broken apart, but there was oddly no pain. She looked over and saw a rat digging thru some garbage. She tried to laugh but couldn't get her lungs to work, besides all her teeth seemed to be broken and in the way. She looked up and saw what was supposed to be her right arm. Her fingers pointed in all different crazy directions and the bones of her forearm poked through the flesh. She managed to whisper to the rat "I seem to have broke myself. I wasn't done...not...done."

Then she died.

Taker was back in his room by this time. He was waiting for her to come back when he felt it. There was a feeling of vertigo, followed by total rage, then pain, then something felt like it was being pulled out of him. He gasped and felt the worst pangs of fear and loneliness ever.

He realized his twin was dead.

A wind blew through the alley where Matiya's broken body lie. Newspapers fluttered over the body, covering it like so much garbage. Soon all that was visible was the huge pool of congealing blood and a gnarled hand. The monster was gone from this world.

by Fear Factory from the Obsolete CD.

I've felt Darkness
closing in on me
Chilling shadows
surrounding me
I've had the poison
leak into my skin
And it corroded my heart away
Bled Away
Cut Away
Dark night of my soul...

Not an end, but a beginning.

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