It's in the Genes

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Truth in the Dark

The Undertaker had a very fitful night at the hotel after the matches. He couldn't sleep. He kept having bad dreams. He decided to stay up and go take a shower. In the dark. When he felt unsure and nervous, he liked to take a shower in total blackness. It was like a womb, where none of the strange thoughts could come get him. He spent a very long time scrunched up in the shower stall and through the course of his time there, he swore he heard muffled screams and bumps against the wall. It was probably his imagination. Sometimes his mind floated away. Then he thought perhaps it was the very demons he was trying to get away from. They couldn't find him in the dark though. He was safe.

No one else knew about his 'dark showers', he didn't want anyone to know. This was his little secret.

He sometimes had premonitions or fantasies while he took his showers. As he sat in the gloom, one of them began to form in his mind. His hands dropped limply to his sides, and his body lost all animation. He looked like a man under heavy sedation. Taker made no sounds at all for a while, then he began to hum a song from his childhood. During his normal state of mind, he wouldn't have even remembered the song. Taker was in a state that was similar to very deep hypnosis. The only thing an observer would hear at this time was the water from the shower hitting the tub and Undertaker's low, eerie humming, but there was no one to see, no one to hear. He was alone in his astral travels.

Some unknown time later, The Undertaker crawled from the shower, and onto his bed, where he lay uncovered and nude for the duration of the night.

Matiya drove the Firebird through the night. She had a map, but didn't seem to need it. She began to realize there wasn't much need to torture poor Steve, except for the fact it made her pretty excited to do so. It was becoming apparent that the closer she got to her twin, the more something very strange was happening. She seemed to be plugging into him somehow, into his mind. For the most part she considered this kind of thing bullshit, but there was no denying the fact she was finding her way to where he lived without giving it any of her own thought. She was also having some cryptic visions of her own. She felt like she was in a warm, dark, wet place, safe from harm.

Then her fantasy switched to the house she lived in with her twin and her younger brother and her parents. She was little again. Her and Marcus were playing a quiet game of their own creation and singing a silly little song. Their brother, Kane, toddled into the room and asked in his tiny, high baby-voice "'choo dooin?" Matiya told him "HERE Bubby!" 'Bubby' was the name the twins called Kane by. He had no problem with that. He loved attention from his older siblings. Matiya clumsily grabbed the three-year-old and tried to put him on her lap, but he wiggled around. He didn't want to sit still. "NO Bubby! Play nice!" Kane got away from her and wandered over to the bed. He sat next to it and grabbed some blocks that were there. He started putting them into some kind of order. He giggled happily. The sun that had been shining through the window took on a sinister reddish glow. It glinted off Kane's baby curls and and then blackened them. His hair fell off his little head in clumps. Matiya was aware of wanting to scream but could only watch in horror as the side of her brother Kane's face melted. His eye somehow deflated and dropped back in the socket. He continued to giggle and play with the blocks. He looked up at her and smiled, one half of his lips seared together by a tremendous heat. He pointed down at the blocks and said "ssseee?" Matiya didn't want to see what the blocks spelled. She didn't want to look at the words, but she couldn't stop herself. She looked. The blocks spelled "yu did this yu kild me."

She slammed on the brakes of the car, while shreiking wildly. Her head hit the steering wheel and knocked her semi-unconscious. When she came to, she crawled into the backseat of the car and curled up in a ball. She sobbed uncontrollably and begged forgiveness from the fading vision of Kane's ruined face. He eventually faded away completely, but still she cried. This was the single act in her life that she regretted most. She killed her little brother. She lit the damn house up and killed him. She never meant that to happen. When she was younger, she often did things she wasn't aware of doing. Setting the fire that killed her family was one of those things. While she did not feel the same kind of guilt for killing her parents, as she thought of them as 'big people' and big people weren't a part of her's and Marcus and Kane's world, she felt deep, stabbing remorse about Kane. She felt no remorse at any other life she had taken, or crime she had committed. Those weren't 'real' people after all. Not her blood.

She fell into a deep slumber where not even the nightmares could follow. The sun began to rise. It eventually illuminated the house at which she unknowingly stopped. It was the house of her twin brother Mark...or Taker as he was now called. The greenhouse effect warmed the car, and woke Matiya. She sat up, swollen eyed, and peered around. She knew she was alone here, and she scrambled out of the backseat and started the engine of the car. "God knows who's seen me!" she mumbled, cursing her carelessness once again. She pulled around to the back of the house, and parked on the grass, hiding the car from the road and driveway.

She broke a window and climbed into the house's cool interior. She knew this was HIS house right away. It smelled slightly damp, as if it sat closed up for long periods of time. She wandered up a short flight of stairs and quietly stalked towards a closed door at the end of the hall. She opened the door and discovered his bedroom. She stood in the doorway for several seconds before walking to the king-size bed and falling onto it. She buried her face in the pillows and got a faint whiff of his scent. Matiya closed her eyes and smiled. "Soon soon..." she whispered. He would be here today. Today was the day she got to see him face to face once again! She laughed and rolled in the sheets.

Her contentment didn't last for long, her ever-present paranoia returned and made her creep down to the kitchen, find a large butcher knife and retreat to a hall closet, where she huddled among various leather coats and other garments. The smell of leather was almost overpowering in here, but she figured what was leather besides dead skin? The closet comforted her, and she sat poking at the wall with the knife, a disconnected smile on her face, awaiting the arrival of her twin brother.

Hours later, Taker entered the house and immediately felt something different. Everything looked the same but..."Want me to hang your coat up?" a voice asked from behind him. In his unease at entering the house he almost forgot that Midian was there.
"Yes, that's fine. You know where the closet is..." his voice trailed off as he walked to the back of the house. The sight of the black car in his backyard startled him. He just stared at it for a second, then his eyes traveled to the broken window. Whoever owned that car must still be his mind he heard a sly, cat-like, female voice say "I need KEYS, Marcus-Taker..." he turned around and made his way back to the front of the house. He knew who was there now.

Midian carried Taker's leather trench coat to the closet, intending to hang it up along with his own jacket, nothing special, no big operation. His mind was on getting something to eat, he didn't expect what happened when he opened the door to the closet.

As soon as the door swung open, Matiya flew out at him. Midian was used to reacting quickly, and that's probably the only thing that saved his life. Matiya slammed Midian against the wall behind him, the whole while shrieking like a demon. He only had an instant to react to the shiny fist that was heading towards his throat. He caught her hand before it could slice home, and with dismay he noted that the shiny fist was actually a huge butcher knife meant to slit him ear to ear. Her other hand flashed towards his face, and he realized this woman wasn't f***ing around, she was going to take his eyes out. He caught her other wrist, and they stared into each other's eyes. Midian could just hold this vile, hissing creature away from him and stare into it's green eyes...eyes so much like...

"TAKER!!! WHERE IS HE? WHO THE F*** ARE YOU? I'LL KILL YOU!" Matiya screamed in his face. Midian shook his head from side to side, eyes wide with the shock. Matiya smiled a thin evil smile, she said in a very fast, low voice "If you don't tell me where he is, I'll chew your fingers off, chew your nose off, I'll be swallowing pieces of you while you scream and scream and SCREAM, where is he where is he WHERE IS HE??"

"Matiya." The voice came from off to her left. She whipped her head around, and there he was. Standing like a vision, it couldn't really be him could it? She pulled away from Midian, already forgetting him. The knife dropped to the floor with a dull metallic thunk. She wandered up to her twin staring at him in disbelief. " that really you?" she whispered.
"I've been waiting for you to show up." he said.

She was utterly silent for seconds before throwing her arms around him and hugging him as hard as she could. She laughed and then sobbed before lapsing into strange whispers that would have sounded like gibberish to anyone but her twin brother. Taker hugged Matiya back, and looked over her head to Midian, who was dazed and sitting on the floor, his back against the wall. He told him "Midian, this is my sister. My twin sister." He picked up Matiya, as she had become incoherent, and carried her to the darkened livingroom, laying her on the couch. She didn't want to let go of him and clutched at him like a drowning victim.

Midian wandered into the room and watched the scene with disbelieving eyes. He never heard Taker talk of a sister! The more he watched their interaction, the more he realized they shared a very strong, strange bond, he also realized the sister was dangerously crazy. It was no act on her part when she flew out of the closet with that knife. It was just the way she was. This woman had a madness to her that transcended anything he had ever seen before. She was scarier than even...well...Taker.

"I will not leave you. I want you to rest here, Matiya." Taker told her. Finally she relinquished her hold on him and became quiet. Within minutes she was sleeping deeply. Even in sleep she looked evil. Taker turned to Midian and motioned for him to follow. They both left the room and went into the foyer. Taker quietly closed to closet door and picked up the butcher knife. He looked at it thoughtfully for a few moments before telling Midian, "You're not to tell anyone you saw her here. I haven't seen her since we were both children, and I thought she would most likely be dead by now. I see she has exceeded my worst fears."
"Where did she come from?" Midian asked.
"I imagine she came from some mental home, or maybe even prison." Taker looked Midian in the eye. "I tell you to keep it quiet that she's here not only because I would do you harm; if you did tell I WOULD do you harm, make no mistake, but the harm she would do you would be much much worse. Understand?"
Midian nodded "You know I'm with you, Taker. It's safe with me."

The Undertaker knew he could trust Midian. He was a very loyal follower. He wasn't sure about how he could keep his sister from finding out about other things, though. He was especially concerned with how she would react to the fact Kane was alive. She had somehow found him, it was only a matter of time before she found out about Kane, and that it honestly WAS Kane, and not just the name and half the story being used for TV. Most people thought it was all bullshit anyway. The real truth was too disturbing.

The two men went to the kitchen and Taker started to throw together something to eat. He put aside a plate for Matiya. He knew she'd be hungry when she woke up. He and Midian talked about light subjects, mostly work and what direction things were going there. They stayed away from the subject of Matiya, and when she woke up and followed their voices into the kitchen neither one of them saw her. Midian was startled when Taker said "Hungry?" and then turned around with the plate in his hand. Midian was wondering how Taker knew she was there when his back was to the doorway.

Matiya took the plate from her brother and sat down opposite Midian at the kitchen table. She stared at him as she ate and made him extremely uncomfortable. She stopped eating and asked him "What the f*** are you looking at, asshole?" When Midian didn't answer right away, she smiled and stuck her tongue out at him, wiggling it around and making obscene noises until Taker said "Stop that." Matiya just sat there and grinned a frightening, crazy grin. Midian decided she was the last person he'd ever want to cross.

"So who is this dude, bro?" Matiya asked, taking her wild eyes off Midian, who was very relieved.
"His name is Midian. I work with him. He came home with me for the the days off we have." Taker sat down at the table with a cup of coffee. "He's a friend, he won't tell anyone he's seen you."
Matiya eyed Midian once again who tensed under her scrutiny, "He better not." she blew a kiss at him and whispered "Ya better not, love!".

"So, Matiya, what are your plans? You've obviously went through a lot of trouble to find me. Now that you have, what do you want?" Taker decided the direct approach was best with his twin.
Matiya became very serious. "I want for us to be a family again. I want to be with you always, and protect you. I want to show the world what we can do" at this point, she tapped her fingers on the table for emphasis "when we get together." Taker closed his eyes and sighed deeply. He figured now was the best time to tell her about Kane. "Well, then, I think there is something else you should know. Midian, could you leave us for awhile?"

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