It's in the Genes

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R U Experienced?

Matiya reached the arena in plenty of time. She wasn't planning on going in to the show, she only wanted to check out how things looked, what the crowd was like, in short she was plain curious as to what types of people her twin made his living playing to. She paid the three bucks to park, found a space close to the exit, and got out to meld into the crowd. She found a section of curb close to one of the arena's gates and sat down, just looking around.

She saw all kinds of people. Quite a lot of the usual white-trash she expected, but there were also preppies, yuppies, teenyboppers, middle-age suburban types, an all out free-for-all mixture of the classes that never, under normal circumstance, would be seen in one place together. There were some pre-teen boys nearby and she overheard their conversation. They were very hyper and said "Suck It!" quite a bit. Matiya thought they should have the taste slapped out of their mouths, but who was she to judge, right? She smiled to herself and continued to observe. Eventually, one of the pre-teen boys wandered over to her and asked, "Hey lady, who are you here to see?" Matiya looked at him over the rim of the dark glasses she wore. She gave him a friendly grin and said "Who are YOU here to see?" The kid was wearing a black T-shirt that said 'Austin 3:16' on the front. He sat on the curb next to Matiya and pointed to his T-shirt. "I'm here to see The Rattlesnake!" Matiya asked, "Rattlesnake?" looking confused. The kid rolled his eyes in a parody of impatience and said "Steve AUSTIN! Stone Cold Steve Austin!" Matiya nodded her head and then asked "You like the Undertaker?". The kid wrinkled his nose "Hell no! He sucks! Stone Cold could beat his ass anyday!"

Matiya's grin grew very wide and she removed her sunglasses. She slid a little closer to the kid. "Really?" she acted surprised and utterly interested in the kid's opinion. "What does 'Stone Cold' look like?" The kid finally got a close look at this lady, and he wasn't sure about what he saw. There was something very, very familiar about her. Even her voice sounded familiar, not the voice exactly, but the cadence to it. The kid wasn't aware of what deja vu was, but had he known he would realize that's what he was experiencing. This lady gave him the creeps, too he decided. His manner became a bit less blustery and he said "You don't know what Steve Austin looks like?" Matiya shook her head, he continued "Well, he's bald. Has a goatee, like that." He became more suspicious "You don't watch wrestling much do you, lady?" he said. Matiya shook her head again, "I've just become a fan." she explained. She really felt like biting a big chunk out of this kid, but she remained cool on the surface. The boy was beginning to realize who this woman reminded him of. He told her "You know what ma'am? You look alot like The Undertaker. You could be his sister." Matiya froze for a second, only a second, then regained her coolness. "Imagine that! He must be one good looking dude!" she smiled at the kid, and he noticed the smile never reached her eyes. It was like a mask. She had eyes like a...shark. The kid was sorry he ever approached her now, he stood up to leave and Matiya stood up too. This was the tallest woman this kid had ever met! She loomed over him and he had the urge to just run and hide behind his mom and dad, despite the fact that he'd look like a big sissy in frot of his buddies. "Before you go, sweetling, could you tell me where the wrestlers go after the show?" The kid began to back up without even realizing it, he stammered "My friend, Marty, says some of them stay at the Marriott a few blocks down. I don't know though...I have to go lady, it's about time to go in." he turned around and beat a retreat. Matiya gave him a little wave and said cheerfully, "Bye bye!" under her breath she added, "you little shit."

She did a fade as the crowds sifted into the arena. She knew how to go unnoticed. She found her way around to the back of the arena and saw how a certain area was corded off from the rest. She surmised this is where the wrestlers parked their cars. She noted the lone security guard at the door that looked like he had swallowed a huge donut whole and it took up residence around his middle. She also noted the security cameras. She crouched in a corner and waited. What she wanted would eventually appear.

She observed the activity throughout the evening at the back door. People came and went. Every once in a while someone would come out and smoke a cigarette, people that didn't belong would try to go in. Other people also came to watch too, though they didn't crouch in a corner to do so. At long last her patience paid off. A man wearing a baseball cap burst out of the back door with a bag in his hand. The sight of him excited the other watchers and she heard one say "There's Stone Cold!" another shouted "Hey Steve! Can I get your autograph?"

"So you're Big Steve?" she whispered. She watched him stalk over to his car. "Beat Undertaker's ass anyday? Get on the Clue Train, kid." she murmured. "I could take this little redneck slob in five minutes." She watched what car Steve got into. Took in all the details of it. She even noted the license plate. She watched what direction he took off in. Her eyes followed the car as long as possible and then she looked up further, over the lower buildings in the foreground and saw a sign a few blocks up. It said 'Marriott'. It was in the direction Steve's car headed in. She got up and walked, without emotion, back to the firebird.

Steve Austin spent a little time in the bar before deciding to head over to the hotel. He had a few beers, a bit of conversation, signed some autographs, usual stuff. Everything was totally routine for him. He wasn't even really paying attention to anything as he wandered out to his car. The hotel was right across the way and he pulled in to a parking slot and got out, ready to head to the door when he heard the music. It was familiar to him, an old song. For whatever reason, he became curious and tried to pinpoint where it was coming from. He walked a few feet towards the music, and realized it was coming from the other side of a dumpster. He had to shift off to his left a little to get a good view. What he saw made him raise his eyebrows in surprise.

There was an old, dark-colored car parked next to the dumpster. A streetlight shone down and illuminated the scene in silhouette. The music was coming from the car, and a woman was dancing (dancing? out here?) on the roof of the car. The song he finally recognized as 'Are U Experienced?' by Jimi Hendrix. He watched the sensual outline of the woman as she swayed to the music. She had long hair, about to the small of her back. She wore close-fitting clothes that accentuated her curves. Steve felt an instant attraction to this woman, and he continued to watch her hypnotic movements on the top of the car. Eventually she stopped dancing, and crouched down on the roof of the car, watching him. She looked cat-like in this pose and Steve felt a slightly greater twinge of attraction. She hopped down from the car and walked towards Steve. It was at this instant that he saw something familiar in her walk, the way she seemed to stalk with the utmost confidence. He was trying to place the feeling, when she got close enough to see. Well, as good as was possible in this light. She had a smile on her face that was almost a sneer. They stood looking at each other until she said "Whatcha lookin' at?" Steve floundered for a few short seconds for something to say, and he finally came out with, "A lady dancing on a car." She laughed, and it sounded dangerously sexy. "You like to watch, sweetheart?"

Steve hadn't been one to take women up to his room with him, he had been a married man and acted as such, until recently. He was starting the process of a divorce and just plain felt like nothing was right. He hadn't had a 'one night stand' in years and...well...maybe he needed to. Maybe he should do something--different. He knew he certainly wanted this woman. She was exciting in a wild, untamed kind of way. Normally, he wouldn't consider it, but this gal was very intriguing. "I know what I want to watch." he said, grinning from ear to ear. She was obviously receptive to his advances. She held out her hand and he took it. Without another word, they went up to his room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, they were at each other's clothes, pulling, ripping, getting down to the bare skin. The rational part of Steve's mind tried to speak up and tell him that he didn't know this woman, hadn't even made a conversation with her, and didn't know her name for Christ's sake! She went for the bed and he followed. They had almost violent sex, and when he finally released it was more like dying and being reborn. He fell, panting, off her to the bed, the realization of what he had done finally dawning on him.

The woman was already across the room pulling on her clothes as Steve tried to recover on the bed. "H-Hey...I usually don't do this kind of thing, I'm sorry, I never even asked your name." he said breathlessly. Her back was to him, and she yanked her shirt back on. "I'm Matiya." she said with no hint of emotion. "I'm Steve." he replied, smiling in spite of how silly he felt. Her back was still to him. "Yeah...I know who you are." He was now noticing something odd about her voice, it sounded so flat, and why was she just standing there? This was starting to make him feel uneasy, and he wished his clothes weren't scattered all over the room. He felt very self-conscious and nervous laying here in the nude with this odd stranger in the room. At that moment, he wanted very much to be getting his clothes back on.

He crawled towards the end of the bed, and didn't quite make it before the woman's steel-tipped boot slammed into his chin. He looked heavenward with wide eyes and uttered "Ug!" before crashing down to the bed. Matiya gleefully sang "Well, I'm just a girl, little 'ole me!" He had no time to clear his rattled head before her fist connected to his eye and he saw millions of stars bursting up through the darkness before the deep pain settled in. He was so in shock that he couldn't react at all. He became aware that she was singing still. He heard her sing "Am I maaaking myself clear??" The lamp on the table by the bed was the next thing to shatter over his head and he began to gray out. She leaned close to him and whispered "Was it good for YOU, Stevie?" she giggled like a little girl, the sound completely out of context with her actions. She retreated to the shadows and watched Steve slide off the bed and go for the window, for the light that came in through it. He crawled on the floor, reaching up for the table that was there, hoping to pull himself up. His head was clearing and he looked around for his attacker. She came out of his blind side, screeching in fury. He saw her arm coming down, and he moved his hand aside just in time. Something slammed and stuck in the tabletop with a vicious force where his hand had been a second ago. He saw with astonishment a large butcher knife had seemingly grown out of the table. Moonlight glinted and winked off it's blade at him.

Matiya was getting very excited now. Good 'ole Steve had been exactly the kind of pig she figured he would be. Just as ignorant too. He sat there hanging on to the table for dear life and staring at the swaying knife like a bird enchanted by a snake. "Thought you were the snake, Steve." she said and kicked him again in the head. She followed that with a kick to the gut and then went for all the marbles with a hard kick to the groin. Steve said "Oog!" and fell over holding his crotch. Matiya swiftly walked over and snatched Steve's belt off the floor, she came back to him and jumped up on the table. Crouching there, arms wrapped around her legs as she watched him try to get as close to the wall as he could. "God, you suck." she said in a bored tone. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling. When she looked back down at him she was smiling again. It was a big friendly smile, sunny as noonday. She kept smiling as she began to repeatedly whack Steve with the large buckle on the belt. "What do you WANT?" Steve was finally able to yell out. Matiya stepped on Steve's neck, and bent down, holding the tip of the knife a few inches from his swelling eye, "I want some information, asshole. You think you could give me some?" Steve nodded. She stepped down harder, the knife moved closer to his eye, he was staring raptly at it. "You try any of that wrestling crap on me and I'll carve your eye right out of your head, believe me, sweetness?" He nodded again, thoroughly sorry he had ever seen this crazy bitch. "Tell me where I can find the dude y'all call the Undertaker."

This caught Steve by surprise, he wheezed "You're looking for HIM? One of his crazy fans..." he then yelped as the knife razored across his shoulder, opening a long cut. Matiya remained as calm as if she were merely watching television. "NO!" she said firmly, "That's not the right answer! I hate to repeat myself, Steve. Let's try again, WHERE can I find him?" Steve gasped for breath and then said "He's HERE, here in the hotel!"
"What ROOM?" she said through clenched teeth.
"I don't know..." Steve whispered.
"Where is his next match?" she hissed.
"This is it...we're going home tomorrow!" Steve still had his eye on that knife, it never faltered. Not even an inch.
"Where does he call home?" she asked.
"I don't know!" Steve said, but he blinked. He blinked and she saw it. She knew he was lying. She bent very close to Steve, and whispered to him "But I could find out where YOU live," she whispered in a cold, sly voice. "I could find out where Stevie calls home, slit his throat from ear to ear and then go visiting." She drew back and said "Hi honey, hi kids, I'm home!" in a loud, happy voice. He shuddered. He told Matiya exactly where she could find Undertaker. "What are you going to do, go after him too?" Steve asked angrily. He actually didn't care whether she did or not, Taker was never one of his favorite people, and now after this insane fan of his had assaulted Steve, he was even less one of his favorite people. She kicked him in the face savagely, his head slammed off the wall behind him and he was pretty much out of it after that. He still had enough clarity to see her squat down next to him. He heard what she said before he blacked out. She told him "Go after him, yes. Hurt him, no. That's reserved for piglets like you! Ya see, Mr. Rattlesnake, sir, he's my twin brother!"

She realized with disappointment that Steve had passed out. Why was everyone always doing that to her? It was downright annoying! She poked him a couple times with the point of the knife, leaving small bloody holes in his skin. Not that she could tell. Steve looked like Carrie on Prom night; he was soaked with blood all over. She dipped her finger in his blood and brought it to her mouth, sucking it off thoughtfully. Well, he had been good for something. She now knew that her twin was here somewhere. She'd had a little too much fun with Steve and she didn't dare stick around to find him now. She cursed her lack of control, but at least she knew where she was going. Wasn't far either! Her luck was definitely in!

She gave Steve's prone body a few parting kicks before quietly heading for the door. That felt almost like therapy! She threw his belt back at him with contempt. "Austin 3:16 my ass. What a sham." she grumbled as she closed the door behind her.

In minutes she was back in her car. She had been careless in the hotel. She knew she made too much noise and risked getting caught. Fate again must have been on her side, because there wasn't a soul in sight. She decided to hit the road now. She'd be watching and waiting when Marcus got home. No, not Marcus, Taker...that's what he liked to be called now. Well, so be it then! The black car growled menacingly through the parking lot, it seemed to share the disease of her spirit.

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