Yunomi’s Story-Book Two

In this book, Yunomi begins her war with the Angels, meets Kane, and becomes something different.
Part I: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Yunomi Knocked on Sandia’s door. “What!” she heard Sandia call from inside.
“It’s me, girlfriend.”
Sandia yanked the door open and hugged Yunomi. “Where have you been? You went to look for Reaper over a week ago.”
“Well, I found him.” Yunomi grinned.
Sandia looked questioningly at her friend. “Come on in, tell me about it.” They sat on the couch and Sandia lit a joint.
“Wait, I want a beer.” Yunomi went in the kitchen and returned with her drink.
“So what’s up?”
“I’ve been with Reaper.” Yunomi had a distant, strange smile.
Sandia read her expression easily. “No! Girl, I warned you. He’ll hurt you one way or another.”
“Yeah, I know. He’ll probably kill me eventually, but I love him.”
“Oh, Yunomi, you’ve made a big mistake.” Sandia moaned. “Reaper is not nice. He’ll use you, girl, as long as he can.”
“Sandia, I love him.”
Sandia sighed, took a long drag off of her joint, then passed it to Yunomi. “So how’s the sex?”
Yunomi got a wide eyed, faraway expression. “Awesome.” She came back to the present, grinned, and took a hit, then expelled the smoke. “Sandia, I gotta ask you, why did you warn me? Have you slept with him?”
With a shudder, Sandia shook her head. “No, he scares me. But I’ve seen what he’s done to others. He’s not kind. You’re special, maybe he’ll treat you better.”
“Well, anyway, he’s gone off again, and I’m bored. You wanna go hunting?”
Sandia grinned. “Hell, yeah. Let’s go.”
When Yunomi leaned forward to get off the couch, Sandia saw the tattoo over her heart. “Is that Reaper’s?” she pointed.
Yunomi smiled and put her hand on it. “Yeah.”
“Can I see it?” Sandia asked. She had a strange expression.
Yunomi pulled her shirt down so Sandia had a clear view of her tattoo.
“Yunomi, did he tell you what this meant?”
“Not really. I assumed it was his personal emblem.”
“No, it’s not. It’s a very ancient image, a symbol of the deepest spiritual love. Yunomi, Reaper’s in love with you.”
Yunomi shook her head, smiling wryly. “He cares for me, but I doubt it’s love. I don’t think he has it in him.”
“I’m telling you, girl, the way he treats you, and that tattoo, he’s in love. Wow, this is scary. Who are you really, Yunomi?”
“I’m not sure anymore.” Yunomi whispered. “He called me Storm Child, my childhood name. How did he know that?”
“He knows everything, he just doesn’t let on. C’mon, lets go hunting.”

The two women arrived in the Borderlands, hoping to find Demons up to no good. Their wish was almost immediately granted.

“Hello, ladies.” Sandia and Yunomi heard Huena’s oily voice behind them. They whirled around to face him in unison. “Long time no see, Sandia.” the Demon leered.
“Not long enough, Heinie.”
“Sandia! You cut me to the quick! You know how I feel about you,” Huena whined.
“Oh yeah, I know, and I’ve got the scars to prove it. What do you want, asswipe?”
Huena pouted. “Your friend here took something that belongs to me. I want it back.”
“That wasn’t yours, Demon.” Yunomi answered. “It belongs to the Angels.”
“No! It was mine, and you stole it, and I want it back.”
“My Lord has it. I gave to him as a gift.”
Huena paled, as only Demons can. “You didn’t.”
“I did. Why wouldn’t I? You planned to use it against him.”
“Woman, you don’t know what you’ve done. It will go badly for you.” With that, the Demon vanished.
“Huh. I’d forgotten about that noose.” Sandia said. “What did Reaper say when you gave it to him?”
“Not much. He asked where I got it, then just kind of stuffed it in his pocket. He said it was important, though.”
“Yeah, it is. I can’t imagine how the Demons got hold of it, and why the Angels aren’t out looking for it. Something’s up, and I have a bad feeling about it.”
“I agree. We need to tell Reaper about this. He’ll be back in a couple of days. Meanwhile, let’s find some trouble to get into,” Yunomi grinned.

The women hung around the Borderlands for the rest of the day and into the evening, but found no more Demons. In fact, they found nothing at all to do, and returned to The City, bored and rowdy. They hit a couple of bars and shot some pool, then went to Sandia’s to sleep. Yunomi returned to her house the next morning to work out. She also did some work on the house itself, but when Reaper had not returned by early evening, she went to el Camino. Sandia met her there, and they went upstairs to shoot pool.

Much later, Reaper came in, and sat at his table. Yunomi saw him come in, and the women went downstairs to meet him. Yunomi approached him, Sandia hanging behind a bit to see what kind of mood he was in. “Lord, we have news.” She bowed a little, then stood waiting. Reaper gave her a look. He had not expected such a formal greeting. He motioned for them to sit with him. Laura brought over a fresh pitcher and two more mugs. Yunomi didn’t like the dark brew that Reaper drank, but Sandia did. “Can I get a Harp?” she asked. Laura returned with it quickly. She could tell they had business and wanted out of the way.

“So what news do you have?” Reaper asked when they where alone. Yunomi told him about Huena confronting them and demanding the noose, and what the Demon had threatened. Reaper sat drinking his beer thoughtfully. “Well, something’s going on,” he finally said. “Sandia, do you have any ideas?”
“I have a bad feeling, Lord. The Demons shouldn’t have that noose, and the Angels aren’t looking for it. I think you are in danger.”

Reaper regarded Sandia with a curious look. She had never expressed any concern for his well-being. In fact, he sometimes thought Sandia would be happier if he disappeared forever. He wondered if Yunomi had confided their intimacy to her friend. “Yunomi was the one who was threatened, and Carnivean has it in for her. I think maybe I’ll take her to the Human Realm for a while. Will you keep an eye on things here, Sandia?”
“Yes, Lord.” Sandia stood up, then leaned over to hug Yunomi’s neck. “Be careful.” she whispered to her friend, and left the bar.

Reaper watched Sandia leave, then looked at Yunomi. She was drinking her beer, unconcerned. “You two are very close,” he observed.
“She’s my only friend here, Lord.”
“I consider this table my private space, ‘Nomi.” He reached out and grasped her hand. Yunomi said nothing, and he continued. “Sandia was very respectful of me tonight. She’s not, usually. Does she know we are companions now?”
“She saw the tattoo you gave me.”
“Really. What did she say?”
“That you hold me in high regard.”
Reaper smiled and kissed the back of her hand. “She’s right. It’s time I took you to the Human Realm. My coven has yet to meet my acolyte, and I want to get you out of Carnivean’s reach for a while. Have you slept today?”
“No. Some last night.”
“Then let’s go to my house and sleep for a while. We’ll not gain much strength through Human sleep.” He stood up, but did not release Yunomi’s hand. She looked around the bar uneasily.
“Lord...” she began, tugging at her hand. He shook his head at her and walked to the door, still holding her hand. Yunomi followed contritely, looking slightly nervous. They left el Camino and disappeared.

Bob and Laura stood at the bar, watching them go. “What do you make of that?” Bob asked. Information was his specialty, and one of the reasons Reaper frequented el Camino. Bob knew everything that went on in The City, and shared that knowledge with the Dark Lord. But tonight he was puzzled.
Laura grinned slyly. “He’s in love.”
“No! That’s not possible.” Bob couldn’t believe it. He had known Reaper a long time, and knew how he was with women. The Dark Lord kept both Human and Demi-Demon lovers, but had never taken up with a Darksider. And for some reason, he had no ex-lovers around. They just seemed to disappear.

Laura nodded. “It’s true. Sandia told me earlier, Yunomi wears the Blackheart tattoo.”
“Reaper gave it to her?”
“Yep, sure did.”
“That’s really hard to believe, Laura. Have you seen it?”
“I caught a glimpse of it tonight. It’s over her heart.”
Bob shook his head. “Wonders never cease.”

Reaper and Yunomi arrived at his house. He led her upstairs, and it became clear that he didn’t intend to sleep right away. “I missed you.” He covered her mouth with his and kissed her hard. She pulled away.
“Reaper, we’ve only been apart two days,” she laughed.
Consternation crossed his face. She was right. What had come over him? He really had missed her, and wanted her badly now. He wasn’t used to this. Yunomi softened, then caressed his face and arms. “I missed you, too.” She pressed against him, and felt his growing hardness. “Mmmm,” she smiled. “Is this for me?”
“Oh, yeah.” Reaper growled and kissed her hard again. After a moment, Yunomi broke the kiss and sat on the floor to take off her boots. Reaper sat on the bed and pulled his off, too. When Yunomi stood up, she slid off her pants, wearing only her tank top and underwear. Reaper approached her, pulling off his shirt as he did. Yunomi loved to see him shirtless. The red-gold hair on his chest, trailing down to the waist of his jeans, drove her wild. She ran her hands over his shoulders, arms, and chest, kissing and lightly biting him as he stood nearly immobile. She unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down over his hips. He stepped out of them as she knelt before him. She caressed him for a moment, then took him into her mouth. Reaper closed his eyes and rocked his head back, clenching his fists and growling softly. At last he could take no more, and helped Yunomi to her feet.

He picked her up and tossed her on the bed, then flung himself on top of her, kissing her savagely. He bit her neck and shoulders, then pulled off her tank top and bra. Putting his hand inside her underwear, he began to kiss and bite her breasts, making her growl with pleasure. She kicked out of her underwear, and opened her legs for him. He kept his hand on her there, stroking and massaging as she raised her hips to him, and he took her breasts into his mouth one at a time. “’Nomi, I want you, now. Are you ready for me?” He was trying to be careful with her, wanting her to enjoy him as much as he enjoyed her.
“Oh, please, yes. I’m ready,” she groaned with need.
He moved back on top of her, and began to enter her slowly. “Teaser!” she hissed, and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeply into her.
“Aaahhh, ‘Nomi!” he cried, as he began thrusting. He finished quickly, bringing her with him, then lay on top of her, knowing she didn’t mind his weight. When he withdrew and lay beside her at last, he saw that she was sleeping soundly. He watched her in wonder, trying to figure out how he got to this place. He gently touched the tattoo on her chest. He knew very well what it meant, but had been unable to tell Yunomi. How could he explain to her what he felt, when he wasn’t sure himself? He draped one huge arm over her, and she cuddled up to him in her sleep. Soon, he slept too.

They awoke mid-morning, and went downstairs for coffee. “Today I’ll take you to the Human Realm, to be introduced to my coven. They are Humans who have accepted me as their Lord, and they will accept you as my acolyte. They are very useful to me, my eyes and ears in the Human Realm.”
Yunomi nodded, drinking her coffee. She still accepted whatever her Lord told her without question.
“We will take Human aspects, except at the Sabbat. I’ll help you then.” He waited for her to speak, but she said nothing. “’Nomi, you’re awfully quiet this morning. Are you all right with this?”
“Sure. Whatever you think we should do.”
Reaper was confused. Sometimes Yunomi showed complete independence from him, and sometimes she waited for him to make all the decisions. “Okay, well, get ready. We’ll leave in a few minutes. And no sword, I’ll give you a weapon.”

Yunomi put on jeans, a white vee-neck tee shirt, and Doc Martins. She looked very Human, but it was easy for her, having been a Darksider for less than two years. She met Reaper outside, where he was wheeling his black motorcycle out of the shed he kept it in. He had a little more difficulty looking inconspicuous. His hair was pulled back in a single braid, with a bandanna tied around his forehead. He wore black jeans, a black sleeveless tee shirt, motorcycle boots and a silver studded belt. His tattoos looked like normal Human ones, instead of the shifting, glowing marks of the Lord of Darkness.

“Here.” He handed Yunomi a wicked looking sheathed knife, and a pair of dark glasses. “Our eyes are not accustomed to Human Realm light anymore.” He put on his own shades.
“And the knife?” Yunomi asked.
“You might need it.”
She nodded, and tucked the knife in the top of her boot.
“All right, let’s ride.” Reaper started his bike, and Yunomi climbed on behind him. They roared off through the Badlands, to the shimmering gate of the Human Realm.

Part II: Jambalaya

The black bike rolled along a ragged two lane highway through the bayou country outside of New Orleans. Reaper had spent most of the day in consultation with a sorceress deep in the swamps. Yunomi had not realized such people actually existed. The ancient woman lived in a stilted shack so far up a bayou that it could only be reached by boat. She and Reaper had stayed inside discussing arcane knowledge while Yunomi sat on the porch watching the birds and alligators. The sorceress made Yunomi a little uneasy. She had peered closely at the younger woman when Reaper introduced them, then smiled strangely. When they were leaving, the sorceress grasped Yunomi’s hand and stared into her face. “I’m glad we met, lady. Take care of my boy, here.” She patted Reaper on the arm, and he smiled.
“Take care yourself, Mere’ Jolie,” he said, then kissed the top of her gray head.

Now they were headed towards New Orleans. At dusk, Reaper turned the bike into the dirt parking lot of a road house. The lot was full of other bikes, and a string of bare light bulbs lit the entrance. Reaper warned Yunomi. “Remember, I’m not your Lord here, but I am your lover. And watch yourself, I have Human enemies, too.” They entered the bar, Yunomi a step behind Reaper. It wasn’t half full, and several people looked up at them. A couple of men came over and greeted Reaper cheerfully, eyeing Yunomi all the while. Reaper put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him, but didn’t introduce her. They made their way to a table towards the back of the bar, away from the raucous pool tables. Reaper got a couple of bottles of Abita for them. Yunomi pulled her chair close to his, and sat leaning on his left side, her hand on his thigh. He put his arm across the back of her chair.

Although the atmosphere was very different from el Camino, Reaper’s social contacts were the same. People would come by his table, one or two at a time, visit for a few minutes and leave. The place was starting to fill up as it got later. A woman approached the table, looking from Reaper to Yunomi and back. She leaned towards Reaper, but kept an eye on Yunomi. “Lola’s here.” she said in a low voice, and left quickly. Reaper sighed, and rolled his eyes. A tall, muscular woman with long black hair was coming towards them, murder in her eyes. She stopped a foot from Reaper and stared holes in Yunomi. “Who’s the c***?” Lola demanded.

Yunomi’s eyes narrowed, and she stood up. “That’s not a very nice word for a lady to use,” she said in a low, soft voice.

Lola stood a half a head taller than Yunomi, and outweighed her by at least fifty pounds. She stared at the smaller woman, not believing she was being defied. “Get lost, bitch. You’re in my space.”
Yunomi stood her ground. “You’re mistaken,” she said softly, and moved around Reaper to face Lola. Reaper sat casually drinking his beer, watching the drama unfold.
“I said get lost, little girl.” Lola shoved Yunomi hard in the shoulder, and was surprised at the resistance she met. Yunomi hadn’t budged. Lola growled, and took a swing at her. Yunomi caught the larger woman’s fist easily, and held it. She was reluctant to hurt a Human, especially since this seemed to be mostly Reaper’s fault.

Lola backed up a step. “All right, bitch, I’m gonna take you down.” She pulled a knife out of her boot and came at Yunomi. People moved away from them quickly. Lola’s temper was well known here. She used the knife well, feinting and striking. Yunomi kept her distance, feeling out Lola’s style, then grabbed her knife hand by the wrist. In one quick move, Yunomi twisted Lola’s arm up behind her back and broke it with a sickening snap. Lola screamed, and Yunomi clocked her in the jaw to shut her up. Everyone in the bar had stopped to watch the fight, and now they went back to their own business. Two men came out of the back room to carry Lola out.

Yunomi sat down next to Reaper again, and leaned over with a tight smile on her face. She spoke in a low, dangerous voice. “The next time you want to end an affair, take care of it yourself.”
“But you’re so good at it, darlin’.” Reaper laughed, and put his arm around her.

Yunomi was amused to find that Reaper’s Human aspect had a soft drawl. She smiled at him with a raised eyebrow. “Darlin’?” she questioned. He shrugged, and went to get two more beers. When he returned, a small, jumpy man with a bad haircut joined them.
“Jesus Christ, Reaper! Where did you find her?” He looked at Yunomi with admiration and greed.
Reaper smiled. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, Lyle. This is ‘Nomi. ‘Nomi, Lyle is Lola’s manager.”
“Manager! She needs a keeper.” Yunomi huffed.
Lyle made a face at her, then ignored her. “So, Reaper, Lola was supposed to fight tonight. How ‘bout your girl takes her match?”
Reaper shook his head. “’Nomi only fights for me.”
“Come on, man. She put my girl out of action for a while. Give me a break, she’ll bring in the bucks.”
“What was Lola doing in here before a match anyway? You should keep a better eye on her.”
“Aww, man, she saw your bike and I couldn’t stop her. You know how she is, she’s not done with you yet.”
“I’m done with her, Lyle. It’s been over a long time. I’m with ‘Nomi, now.”
Lyle eyed Yunomi greedily. “So, sweetie, how’d you like to make a lot of money?”
Yunomi looked at Reaper for an answer. “Lyle holds, um, unsanctioned fights. Lola is his main draw. She’s made a lot of money for him. Lyle, ‘Nomi would only make money for you until your clients found out what she does.”
“And what would that be?” Lyle was curious now.
“Kill.” Reaper said simply.
“Oh, no. That’s not good, Reaper. You should train that out of her.”
Reaper grinned evilly and tousled Yunomi’s hair. “I don’t want to, it would ruin her. She does what she was meant to do.”
Lyle paled. “You’re an evil bastard, Reaper. You play too rough for me. I’ll try to keep Lola away from you, for her sake. ‘Nomi, it was, uh, interesting meeting you. Best of luck, you two deserve each other.” He rose and wandered off through the crowd.
Reaper looked at the clock over the bar. It was almost eleven. “’Nomi, drink your beer. We’ve got to go.”

They left the roadhouse and rode through the swamps on increasingly smaller dirt roads. Reaper stopped at an abandoned shack and wheeled the bike inside. Yunomi could hear music in the distance.
“We’ll change our aspects here, and appear at the Sabbat grounds. I’ll mindspeak you through the rituals. Yunomi, you must show me respect as your Lord here. Don’t speak except to answer me, and don’t touch me. This is your debut, and it’s important that you set an example. I should have brought you before we became companions, it would have been easier for you.”
“You’ve never been easy on me, Lord.” Yunomi smiled.
“Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you have become very strong. Here, let me change your aspect.” He laid his hands on her shoulders, and his eyes glowed white. Yunomi felt herself changing. Reaper caused a mirror to appear, and Yunomi saw herself in her ceremonial aspect for the first time.

She wore a long black metallic dress with a high neck that left her arms and shoulders bare. It fit her very closely, but was flexible to allow easy movement. Slits up the sides to mid-thigh revealed her legs and soft leather boots. Her hair was swept up in a twist held by a bone comb carved to resemble a skull. She looked quite elegant and regal.

Reaper changed his own aspect and became the Lord of Darkness once again. He was dressed all in black leather, his arms bare to show his glowing, shifting tattoos. His long hair hung loose over his shoulders. A long black cape with a high silver-studded collar finished the aspect.
Yunomi bowed to him. “My Lord, you’re most awesome.”
“Come.” He extended his arm to her. “We don’t want to be late.”

The coven had gathered at the Sabbat grounds, and were already dancing and drinking. They made their own home brewed Sabbat ale, and it was potent stuff. Their musical instruments were fiddles and concertinas, but the music they played was not Cajun or Zydeco. It was ancient and otherworldly. The coven warlock and his acolyte kept an eye out for the arrival of the Dark Lord. They had been told in dreams that he would make an appearance, and bring his acolyte with him.

A black mist began to roil in the Sabbat circle, and a crack of thunder announced the Dark Lord. The coven formed a circle around their Lord. Yunomi stood on his left, slightly behind him. The Dark Lord raised his arms in blessing on his coven, then spoke.
“Children, I have brought my acolyte to be presented to you. This is Yunomi.”
He extended a hand to her, and drew her slightly in front of him. The coven repeated her name as one. “She has been in my service for two years, and has endured much in my name. She is deserving of your respect as my acolyte.”

The coven cheered, but Yunomi could see jealousy in the faces of some of the female members. The Dark Lord released her hand, turned, and walked to his throne. Yunomi followed, and stood on his left as he seated himself. A young witch approached with a goblet.
“Take it from her and pass it to me.” Yunomi heard Reaper in her mind. She did as she was told, and he drank deeply, then handed it back to her. “You drink, then give it back to the girl.”

Yunomi took a conservative sip, then returned the cup. The brew was good, but it wouldn’t do to get drunk at her first Sabbat. The coven began chanting, and one by one they approached their Lord for a blessing or to ask a favor. He spoke to each one, while Yunomi stood silently beside him. One of the women, a sweet-faced young witch, made the mistake of glancing up at Yunomi with a jealous look. The Dark Lord frowned, and spoke to the girl in a soft, menacing voice. Hearing his Lord’s tone, the warlock moved quickly to intervene. He had seen his Lord’s temper flare before, and feared for the young witch. The warlock approached and bowed deeply.
“Lord, forgive her, please. She is young and loves you without understanding.”
Reaper’s face softened a bit. “I forgive you, child. Understanding will come with time, but for now you must respect my acolyte.”
The girl bowed her head and mumbled “Yes, Lord.” as the warlock led her away. Yunomi heard Reaper’s mindspeak. “You’re causing me a great deal of trouble with my Humans.”
“Only the female ones,” she sent back dryly.

The coven members completed their individual supplications and received a general blessing from their Lord. The music started up again, and the coven began to drink and dance. A goblet was brought to the Dark Lord, and Yunomi was given her own cup. Reaper motioned to her, and she bent her head to hear him.
“They will drink and dance until dawn. Join them, if you wish. You can be less formal now.”

Yunomi smiled and walked into the circle to join the dancers, drinking as she went. This brew is good! she thought. The warlock’s acolyte came and danced with her, introducing her to each coven member they met. There were no more jealous looks-the Dark Lord’s ire had been noted. After a while, Yunomi looked up to see her Lord talking to the young witch who had angered him. She was sitting at his feet, her head leaning against his knee as he stroked her hair, and staring at Yunomi with pure love. Seeing Yunomi look, he beckoned to her. She made her way to him.
“Yes, Lord?” she bowed.
“Yunomi, this is LeJuana. She will be your personal attendant at Sabbat from now on. She will see that your cup is full, and that you have everything you need. Treat her well, she loves you.”
Yunomi smiled at the girl as she rose and bowed to her Lord, and then to Yunomi. “Let me refill your cup, sister.” LeJuana took Yunomi’s cup and left.
“She loves me?” Yunomi mindspoke to Reaper. “How did you pull that off?”
“Simple transference. Love me, love my acolyte. She’ll die for you now.”
Yunomi shook her head. “I hope she doesn’t have to.”

LeJuana returned with a full cup of brew for Yunomi and gave it to her with a loving smile.
“Thank you, LeJuana. Let’s sit and get to know each other.” They sat on the dais of the Dark Lord’s throne, drinking and talking. Yunomi had a way of drawing other people out while revealing nothing of herself. She found out LeJuana’s background, how she came to the coven, and her intense love for the Dark Lord, a teenage crush, almost. She’s so young, Yunomi found herself thinking, and has little understanding. What does he want from her? She was almost afraid to find out.

The sunrise was nearing, and the coven gathered to say farewell to their Lord. They sang the closing chant, and received the Dark Lord’s final blessing. He and Yunomi entered the circle, hand in hand, and disappeared into a black mist. They reappeared at the shack where the bike was hidden, and reassumed their Human aspects. “What did you think?” Reaper asked.
“They’re very devoted,” Yunomi replied, “but what are your plans for LeJuana?”
“She has a lot of growing up to do, but she has great potential. She will be a warlock’s acolyte someday.”
He looked at Yunomi and burst out laughing. “You thought I would make her my lover! Nomi, she’s a child! Besides, she’s not sacrificial material.” He continued to laugh.
Yunomi frowned. “Well, the thought crossed my mind. She loves you very much.”
“They all love me, Nomi. That’s why they are my chosen.”
“And why did you choose me, Lord?” Yunomi asked.
“I think perhaps we chose each other.” Reaper caressed her face. “Let’s go sleep, it’s been a long day.”

They got on the bike and headed towards New Orleans again. A couple of hours later, they entered a nondescript house in an older section of the city. One of Reaper’s coven members maintained the house for his Lord’s use. It was plain but comfortable, and he and Yunomi were soon asleep.

They awoke at dusk and headed down to Bourbon Street, wandering the French Quarter for hours, enjoying the Human show. In the small hours of the morning Reaper took Yunomi to an ancient and out-of-the-way cemetery. He loved roaming the remarkable graveyards of the city, but lately tourists had forced him to the lesser known places. This one was beautiful, not as crowded with tombs as the more famous ones, and ringed with moss-draped oaks. They walked among the tombs and vaults, holding hands in the moonlight. They were the only creatures there, except for a pair of barn owls living in a chapel loft. Reaper stepped into the shadow of a particularly ornate tomb and pulled Yunomi to him, giving her a long, sensuous kiss. They made love there in the tomb shadow, lying together almost until sunrise. Before light, they dressed and returned to Reaper’s house to sleep again until dusk.

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