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Awards, Affiliations and Thank you's.

These are all the groups I belong to or are affiliated with. The page for awards is here if you'd like to take a look at those, and maybe apply for a few too!

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My Thank-yous

OK! Here's where I want to thank a few people for helping me out and in general putting up with me. FIRST to Storm, for helping me with this whole web page thing, and listening to me all hours of the night! Also for sending me captures, and having faith in my art to put it up on her awesome page. Love ya sis! Then there's Sharen Michalec who actually did my first Tribes page for me, she took alot of her time to do that and I'm eternally grateful. Also her husband Joel, who gave me lots of support and advice, not to mention my cool little font I use for the banners! There's my friend who doesn't want to be named, fine I won't mention you, M-A-R-I-O! :) Also I'm extremely grateful to my friend Shelara, who helps me keep my confidence up when I just want to pitch everything in the good 'ole recycle bin. Speaking of confidence, hey Glenn, if you happen to see this page, thanx for your kind words, as well as 'M' for getting it thru to me. You have no idea how happy it made me! Yeah, yeah, OK....I'm done with all the mushy stuff, pass the tissues and all that...If I forgot anyone who has given me help or support it sure wasn't intentional! Give me a holler and let me know!


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