Well it seems people are garnering this opinion that Undertaker is no longer a phenom. And what exactly gives ANYONE the right to say THAT?

People say he's moving slower, well you would too if your ankle has been badly messed up with little to no treatment for WELL over a year, which needless to say is causing more problems. He is looking weaker against opponents because he is a HEEL, and they're SUPPOSED to look weaker. The matches are WRITTEN that way, do any of these loud mouthed critics REMEMBER that?

Taker has proven that he's very multifaceted, and can wrestling in several styles. He can fly for a big man, he can move fast (when he's at his best and is TOLD to, for his size), he can go technical, and he can brawl. And since today, brawling seems to be a favorite of the mind-numbed fans, Taker shows that he can brawl just as good if not better than any of the others. Instead of doing continual, repetitive stomps or swinging like a moron, he really goes in and works the guy over.

Going back to the whole injury ordeal, despite all of his problems the Undertaker STILL walks the top rope, and succeeds in hitting the move. No one in the WWF today does that. Also not too long ago, before the WWF weakened Taker to his present state, he was doing front flip clotheslines. You've seen little guys like X-Pac do that, Undertaker is enormous, and he can do it just fine. Another thing is, he's willing to sell, and JOB. Undertaker, with his ailments, sold a move like the chokeslam through the mat. Would anyone else have the BALLS to do that? Probably Mick Foley, but he's at least getting RESPECT. And that's one thing the critics don't seem to want to give the Undertaker. Why? Because he uses a gimmick? Well newsflash, their supposed savior of wrestling, who is actually turning it into a pathetic joke, one Stone Cold Steve Austin (Asstin to most), is a gimmick. That's right kiddies, Asstin isn't like that in REAL LIFE.

For the past year, we've been forced to bear witness to the WWF having the Undertaker JOB to Asstin to keep him over with the fans (and when that doesn't work, since the Asstin gimmick is so damned old, they have him drive a big vehicle). Do you ever hear about Undertaker complaining? If he was, do you think he'd be continually jobbing to Asstin? Probably not. Consider Undertaker's real abilities, and the abilities he uses/high work ethic despite the injuries, and the word that comes to mind is, PHENOMENAL.

Peace, Rest in IT.. Sabretooth



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