Lynne and her Mentor

In this story, Taker is Lynne's imaginary companion. He looks as he does on tv but has the personality she thinks he would have in private.

Chapter 5:

The new year saw a renewed love between Lynne and Steve and the celebration of their aniversary. Lynne's teacher urged her to enter an art show in Dallas and surprizingly she was accepted. Taker was extremely happy for her. She knew that when everything was wonderful in her life that some disaster was going to happen to spoil things.

Months passed and the spring art show was a huge success and Lynne's painting "Zachary" won a money prize of $10,000 and was sold for $750. Lynne still had the feeling of impending doom.

While Lynne and Taker were having coffee she got another phone call that she had been expecting for years. Her friend that had been shot up with drugs had died. During one of her flashbacks from the LSD, she leapt off the roof of the sanitarium she had been in for years. Taker helped her through the next few weeks and then the world crashed again when Lynne got the call from her sister that her father had just died.

He had been hospitalized with Alzhimers for 6 years. It was explained to her that while the disease had robbed his mind of his memory it also made his body forget to work. His body just shut down and turned off. Everyone in the family made the trek to Alabama where he would be laid to rest. The whole town showed up just like they had 11 years earlier for her mother's funeral.

They were not buried side by side. Her mom was with her parents and her dad was with his. After everyone left Lynne needed to stay and watch her dad be lowered into his tomb and sealed and then covered with dirt. She was there with her thoughts and Taker. He could see her coming unglued and let her cry it out until she could talk. "Lynne, talk to me. tell me everything."

"Oh Taker, how can I go on. My mom and dad are gone and now I only have my children, husband, friends, aunts and uncles and alot of cousins, 2 brothers and a sister and nieces and nephews left. My brothers are no help and neither is my sister. She is about to start divorce proceedings and only sees me as a money source. My second brother blames me for my mom's death and my oldest brother just isn't there. He only cares about his own needs. My family on my mom's side have disowned me because I wouldn't let the doctors put her on life support. Mom didn't want that. After what I went through with mom I couldn't take watching my dad die a little more each day so I told my second brother I just couldn't go through it again. My dad's family disowned me too. Didn't you notice no one came over to me to give me comfort? Hell, I wasn't even mentioned during the eulogy. My kids, Steve, and you are all I have left. Steve doesn't understand what I am feeling because he has his family still loving him. I feel like a non-person and not worth anyones time!"

Taker handed her a tissue and then said, "Steve's coming. Are you going to the reception?" she looked up with a look that scared the hell out of him. "Why should I? We weren't invited. I don't even know where it is. I have been away from here so long that I don't even know where anyone lives and no one has even told me where it was to be held. Nobody from here has even so much as written me over the years."

"Lynne, lets go to the hotel and pack and get out of here," Steve said. Lynne just nodded and they left for the 16 hour drive. She cried most of the way and Steve knew to let her be and let her work it out herself. When they got home Lynne went to her art studio and stayed there for 2 days.
to be continued...

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