By Lady Jennifer

Jennifer rolled over and looked at her caller ID as her private phone line rang. It was Shaq calling her to wake her up because he was supposed to take her to his church. "Are you up??" he asked. "Yeah" she said, sleepily wiping away the hard substances from her eyes. "I will be there in 30 minutes." he said. "Ok, I will be waiting." she said, sounding more awake.

30 minutes later she was ready to go. As she was putting her shoes on her private line rang again she looked over at the caller id and saw that the call was coming from the Jerusalem center. She picked up the phone and once again Shaq was on the phone. "Iím sorry, Jennifer." he continued and she swore she could hear him come up with an excuse to blow her off " car broke down and I couldnít fix it...I canít take you to church." he said. "Thatís ok." she said, then she hung up the phone. There she was all dressed up and ready to go. If she would have been alot prettier and not as heavy as she was he wouldnít have found an excuse to ditch her. How humiliating she thought, she would never trust another guy she thought to herself. It wasnít just Shaq blowing her off that upset her it was the fact that it was happening alot. Guys making her believe that they liked her and offer to take her out but then always ended up calling back and making some lame excuse or calling from the other girlfriends house. Sometimes she regretted that she had Caller ID.

When was she going to find the right guy for her? Then she came to a decision that she was going to go join a gym and work off all her flab so she would look like Chyna or Sable and make every guy that stood her up sorry that they did their deed. She started to weep quietly to herself It wasnít fair that guys always choose the slimmer more perfect girls to her. They seemed more snobbish and totally absorbed in themselves. She laid back down on her bed and cried herself back to sleep.

In his dark realm the Undertaker dismissed yet another one of the maidens who betrayed his love. What was he doing wrong he asked himself. He dated the most slimmest most beautiful girls in the mortal world but they always ended up absorbed in themselves and always wanting to change him. One time he caught one of his girlfriends with another man and he quickly ended that relationship. He wished he could find a pure soul who didnít only think of herself and who wouldnít cheat on him but stay with him forever. He secretly worshipped his little brother Kane, who was already married to a wonderful lady named Storm whom he had two beautiful children with.

Lost in his daydreams he received a message from his brother telepathically saying that he would see him in Portland, Oregon for the next Raw. Taker shut his eyes and sent a message back to his little brother saying "see ya there". As he began to pack for the event his mind wandered back to his social life. Maybe he would get lucky and find a girl in Portland. He finished his packing and within 20 minutes was on the Plane heading toward Oregon.

Jennifer sat down in her computer chair after a long nights work, munching on her Chicken Nacho Belle Grande. She activated her ICQ list to see who was on. She saw that Jenny, Christine and Taj were on-line. She decided she would talk to all three of them. Jenny and her were talking about her up-coming story, Christine was talking to her about punctuation and Taj was talking about Egypt and her being the reincarnation of Queen Nefferti Ramsey, the Greats beloved wife. Then Christine brought up the subject that the WWF was heading to Portland Oregon and asked her if she was going to go. This was the first she heard about this. Usually WWF never comes to her state let alone the Rose Garden.

"I donít know." she said to Chris. "Oh come on, sis, you have to go and snap some good pictures of our boys!" Chris wrote back. She looked down at her keyboard and typed in that she would see if she could get a ticket but doubted it. Chris wrote back that she better take 6 rolls of pictures and she had to send them all to her. That made her giggle she typed to Chris that she would and proceeded to end her other conversations with Jenny and Taj and then turned off her computer for the night.

As the plane landed on the ground Taker looked out across the runway. The airport was full of on lookers, no doubt wrestling fans staking out the airport to see their favorite wrestler arrive. He sighed to himself as he got up out of his seat and headed toward the exit. As he got off the plane a crowd of fans saw him and ran over to get his autograph . When there were no more fans in sight he hurried out the door to go to his hotel. As he checked in he took the opportunity to look at all the women in the hotel lobby. As his eyes scanned the faces his eyes fell upon a blonde talking to a group of friends. He gave out a silent growl as his eyes met hers. He looked away from her eyes and went into the hotel bar. He looked behind him and noticed she was following him. He quickly turned around and headed for a table. Within a second she was standing right in front of him.

"Hello there." she said. "Hello." he said back. "May I sit down?" she asked. "Sure." he said waving to all the chairs around him. "My name is Elizabeth." she said. By now he could tell that she was highly flirting with him so he decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and did it as well. "Nice to meet you." he said. "My name is Taker, as in the Undertaker." He continued with a devilish grin on his face. "I know.." she purred, "How would you like to have dinner before the match tonight?" he asked her. She just smiled at him and he could sense that she was hiding her excitement from him. "I would be delighted!" she said though her toothy grin. After jotting down her room number,and having a brief conversation with him, she excused herself and left the bar. Taker sighed to himself and prayed that this relationship would work out.

As Jennifer reached Portland she felt the nervousness in the pit of her stomach subside as the plane reached the ground. This was the first airplane trip she took in her life, and for most of the whole trip she felt her fingernails dig into the upholstered seats of the plane. When the stewardess came by and offered her peanuts she about got up and decked the lady. Her life belt was inadvertantly activated during the demonstration of how they worked. Then there was the person sitting next to her he was about 40ish and kept talking in his sleep and snoring. About halfway through the trip she wanted to muzzle him and throw him out the nearest Airlock. So she was finally relieved when the captain told them over the speakers that they were arriving in Portland.

As she got off the plane and looked around she saw that another plane had just landed and was letting itís passengers off, and for a brief second she thought she caught a glimpse of somebody who looked like the Undertaker get off one of the planes and dash in to the airport. She just shook it off and told herself that she was suffering form Jet Lag.

When she got to her hotel she walked up to the front desk to get her keys and then proceeded to go up to her room to lie down. After she was comfortable she pulled out her laptop computer from one of the nearby suitcases and plugged in the phone line to the back of the machine. She brought up ICQ to find if Christine was on line which she wasnít so she left her an e-mail message saying that she had arrived and that she had her camera cocked and ready to take some pictures. After sending Jenny, Shel and Jackie e-mail she turned off the little computer and decided that she would take a nap before she went to the arena.

Taker meanwhile was getting ready for the event in his dressing room. After running through what would happen in his match with Kane and talking to McMahon he went back to his dressing room to wait till 7 when he would summon a guard and bring Elizabeth back to his dressing room to watch the show.

When she finally came back stage and into his dressing room he was amazed to see how pretty she really was. She was about 5í3 with long black flowing hair and green eyes that hid a secret deep within when he looked into them. "You came." he said to her. She just smiled and said "Of course I came, I couldnít miss you for anything in the world." He leaned down to kiss her briefly on the cheek and told her she could accompany him to the stage curtains. She agreed and he opened the door for her and walked out of the room to the back stage area were they saw a few wrestlers straggling in or playing cards. Once in awhile they saw big groups of people talking to one another and all over there was the crew and security as well going about their jobs. When they finally reached the curtains he told her to wait next to a unoccupied TV and watch the show. She agreed and sat down and thatís when she heard the Undertakerís music begin. He thought to himself that this girl might have potential.

Jennifer was pretty much getting sick of the big crowds of people that were standing next to her. She pushed her way through to the front row dodging people, food and concession guys. She finally found her seat and sat down in it. She was really close to the gaurd rail and she prayed no wrestlers ended up in her lap that evening. When 7ío'clock rolled around the show began.

When the lights dimmed and the Undertaker's music began to play a chill ran through her spine. She had never in her life been this close to her favorite wrestler. As he approached her she felt even more excited. As he walked by her she could even smell the scent of the cologne he wore. She saw him climb into the ring and ask for a microphone. Her heart lept into her throat as he begin to speak. How deep and succulent his voice was, she thought to herself. How she wanted to be near him to feel him, to touch him. She thought to herself that she had to get back into the locker room area but how? As the Taker talked then left the ring and went backstage, she got up and tried to find a way to break in back stage. Every time she tried she was harassed by security. Finally she got the idea that she would pay one of the security members big bucks to get back stage so she went in search of a gullible security guy.

When she found one she flashed him $200 in cash and he had no problem taking it and letting her pass. As she walked back stage she found that people were just standing around talking to one another but she didnít see Taker. Where was he, she thought to herself.

As she walked down a hallway she came across a door that said UNDERTAKER. Thatís it, she thought, behind that door was the sexiest man to walk the planet. She pressed her ear against the door to see if she could hear anything but couldnít really make out all the muffled sounds. She heard Taker's deep voice and then she thought she heard a women's voice as well but couldnít really tell. When Taker opened the door she fell down to the floor. "Ouch!" she said. "What are you doing here child?" he asked, a frown crossed his face. She just looked up to him, got back up on her feet and realized she was in BIG trouble. The only thought that crossed her mind was RUN and run fast but she couldnít move. Her feet were frozen as she looked at the man towering above her. When she tried to reply it felt as if her jaw had locked. "" she sputtered. Nothing managed to squeak out. Taker didnít look too happy and she felt his eyes bore into hers. Thatís when her feet managed to unfreeze and she took off running down the corridor with Taker in hot pursuit of her. When he overtook her, he grabbed her and put one of his hands around her neck and made her look at him again which made it harder for her to breath since she was out of breath. Her head was swimming when the dizziness took over she fainted to the ground.

Taker caught this woman who had been spying on him and Elizabeth but when she ran from his dressing room he caught her and now had one of his hands around her neck. He could tell that she was having some difficulty breathing since she was out of breath from the chase he had given her. He felt her body go limp and slump over. The first thought in his mind was "great I killed the poor child." but when he realized that she had fainted he picked up her limp body and carried it back to his dressing room. It was the least he could do for her since he almost killed her. He laid her down on one of the cots and dismissed Elizabeth. He looked down at her. He never did get his answer of why she was spying on him in the first place but somehow he didnít care.

When it looked as though she was regaining consciousness, she looked up at him and looked around her like she didnít know what was going on; then she looked back at him and remembered because her face went deathly pale. "Shhhh..Iím not going to hurt you child." he said calmly to her which must have worked because she relaxed a little bit. "What am I doing in your dressing room?" she asked "You're lucky I didnít have you arrested." he said to her while ringing out a cold damp washcloth and handing to her. "Iím sorry Taker, but I was so curious about you that I forgot that you to need your privacy too." she said. "Well you shouldnít even be back here in the first place and if I hadnít nearly killed you, you would be on your way to jail!" he said to her in a stern voice. She just looked down at her shoes and asked "What are you going to do with me now?" It isnít like the child meant you any harm, he told himself. She was just a fan trying to see her favorite wrestler. He hesitated and said "I will let you stay with me for the night but after tonight I donít want to know that you're alive. Deal?" She just looked up at him like she was in shock and said "Deal. So what do we do now?"
"Well I have to go back to the ring and fight my brother would you like to escort me down to ringside?" he asked her. Again she looked shocked "Would I?! I would Love to!" she said grinning from ear to ear. "Good, let's go." he said as he opened the door to let her go out first.

Jennifer was shocked. Here she was going to escort the Undertaker down to ringside! She couldnít believe that this was true! When Taker went to ask McMahon if it was ok for her to escort him McMahon just shook his head and said, "Not if she wants a full time job at it because you could use a Dark Valet, Taker." McMahon said. She turned to Taker who was looking down at her. He just shook his head and said he didnít like that idea and asked her if she would just sit at ringside. She nodded and he walked out of Mcmahons office.

Jennifer turned around and looked at McMahon who was smiling at her. "If you really want to be Taker's Valet just come back and talk to me and we can work something out." He told her. She just shook his hand and said "Thank you" and "It was nice meeting you" and walked out the door to find Taker leaning against the door frame. She jumped back and he chuckled. "You scared me! You donít know how scary your height could be to a person!".

"What did McMahon say or do to you?" he asked with a stern look across his face. "Nothing he just asked me a few questions thatís it why?" she said. "Nothing, nevermind letís get you down to ringside whatís your name?" she just laughed. "Jennifer." she told him "Ok Jennifer, letís get you down to ringside because my match is next." She agreed and he talked to one of the security guards and asked him if he would escort her back to her seat and to stay with her till the match was over and escort her back stage. The security gaurd nodded and took her back to ringside.

She sat back down in her seat and the security guard sat in a chair behind her. When Taker's music started she stood up and leaned against the rail so that he could see her as he walked by. When he came down the ramp and headed in her direction she saw him give her a slight nod and she sat back down in her chair to prepare for the match.

Taker noticed her sitting in the front row. As he walked by her he just nodded slightly that he noticed her presence and saw out of the corner of his eye that she sat down. He wasnít all for her to be his Valet because he just wanted to be his own dark self and McMahon had been bugging him for months now to consider having a Valet but he didnít need a woman to help him get the job done but still he liked Jennifer, even though she spied on him, but he didnít care anymore he just wanted to get this night over with so that he would never have to see her again.

As Kane came down the ramp, Taker's mind focused on the match and not the lovely girl sitting at ring side cheering him on. The bell sounded and Taker and Kane just stood looking eye to eye at each other. Finally, Kane hit him in the face and Taker retaliated and gave a few blows of his own till his brother slid under the ring rope on to the floor. He looked back at Jennifer who was seemingly enjoying the match. He caught her eye and she smiled at him. That gave him the fuel to go after his little brother and throw him back into the ring were he set up Kane for a tombstone. Kane countered and grabbed Taker by the throat but Taker blocked it and choke slammed Kane and out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw X-pac come down to ringside to help his tag team partner.

X-pac snuck up behind Taker and delivered a low blow which sent Taker to the mat. He saw X-pac drag Kane on to him then X-pac proceeded to wake up the ref. He thought he saw Jennifer in the ring, jumping on X-pacís back, kicking and hitting him till he threw her off and she landed with a thud on the mat. X-pac slid underneath the ring rope and headed back to the dressing room.

When Taker came to he was on top of Kane and the ref was counting to three. His music played and he wondered what had happened. How did he get on top of Kane? He stood and looked around the ring and there was Jennifer laying in a heap near the corner. She pulled the big Kane off all by herself and then put his massive body onto Kane's as well? All he knew is that she needed help and fast. He told the trainer that was at ringside that they needed a stretcher and quickly he went over to Jennifer who was laying in a fetal position on the ground. He picked her up and took her into his arms. Her head went limp on his shoulder. He picked her up and set her back down so he could get out of the ring. When his feet hit the ground he grabbed a hold of her body and picked her up again and by that time she regained semi-consciousness and as she did so he could hear the crowd go wild as she begin to move "What has this little one done to gain the respect of the fans?"

He sat her down on the side of the ring on the stairs and knelt down beside her for she was too weak to stand on her own two feet. "Taker..." she said in a soft voice "What, little one?" he asked getting a little worried because she was close to losing consciousness again. "Stay with me, donít leave me" she managed to choke out in a weak voice and with those as her last words she sank back deeper in to unconsciousness. "Damn It!" he said aloud that the front row behind him heard. He hugged her close and in a small voice told her "Donít worry I wonít leave you." Finally the stretcher reached them, he picked her limp body up and put her on following close behind the ones who were taking her into the back for medical treatment. As they loaded her up into the ambulance he crawled in right beside her, but there wasnít enough room for the ambulance technicians so he had to climb out. He found out which hospital they were going to take her to. The ambulance soon wailed away to the hospital.

Taker couldnít believe what was happening. But what exactly had this woman done to put herself in danger? He decided to go out to the video van to obtain a copy of her valiant efforts. The technicians gave it to him, no questions asked. He popped the tape in the recorder in his dressing room and saw him get hit by a low blow by X-pac. "That I remember." he said to himself and continued to watch. He then saw her climb into the ring and jump on X-Pac's back kicking at his ribs and pushing him at the same time. He then saw X-Pac throw her to the ground which would explain the THUD he heard before he lost consciousness. He then continued to see X-Pac grab Kane and put him over his body and then try to wake the ref who was out when she knocked him down. He then saw her get up and sneak over to X-Pac and deliver a rake of her nails across his face and as X-Pac stood up, she gave him a devastating low blow which made his own hurt. Then X-Pac rolled out of the ring and she went over to Taker and with her own strength dragged a limp Kane off Taker and then picked up his limp body and put him down on Kane. Then out of nowhere a small figure in a sheet ran down to ringside and into the ring and when Jennifer wasnít looking grabbed her and gave her a tombstone of her own then took off running back toward the dressing room. That's when the ref came to and counted three and Taker regained coniousness.

He turned off the tape and sat back in his chair awestruck that the girl saved him and allowed herself to be at risk. He immediately got up from his chair walked into Mc Machons make-shift office and told the owner he needed a few days off. Which Mc Mahon granted he didnít want to feel the wrath of Taker again. He got into his Black Dodge and spead away to the hospital.

Jennifer was going in and out of consciousness, but the times she was awake she looked for Taker who wasnít there. It made her heart sink and she would drift back into an unconscious state. When Taker did arrive he asked to know her condition which they wouldnít give to him unless he was a family member so for some unknown reason he told them that he was her husband which they bought and proceeded to give him the grave news. "She has a very severe concussion, and her left arm was dislocated" he was told. "Is she going to be ok?" Taker asked with concern in his voice. "Yes she should be just fine in a couple of days." the doctor said. "Can I see her?" Taker asked him. "Sure Mr. Nielson I can take you right on in." and led the big guy down the hall to Jenniferís room. When he walked in he saw that she was hooked up to machines to make sure she was breathing and she looked like was in a deep slumber.

"Sheís been going in and out of consciousness asking for a man named Undertaker, poor thing she must be in a delusional state." The doctor shook his head and walked out of the room. Taker was taken aback by what the doctor had just told him, that she was asking for him and he wasnít here.

"Damn!" he said to himself, he took her hand and put it in his. He immediately felt a bond form between their intwined fingers. "I am sorry little one, I let you down by saying I was going to be here and I wasnít." He put his head in his hands and began to sob. Nobody had ever done what she had done to sacrifice her own life for his. He wept silently for her as she lay there in her deep sleep.

When she came to her eyes flickered and then opened wide. "Were was she?" she thought to herself. She looked around her and saw a man sitting by her with his head in his hands and he was holding her hand. Then it came to her, she remembered everything that happened and the man sitting next to her was the Undertaker. "Hello" she managed to croak at him. He looked up, then looked around and looked at her. His face lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw that it was her talking to him. "Oh I was so worried....Will you...Are you....." he stuttered. She just smiled up at him "Yes,Taker I am fine just a little sore." she said to him rubbing her head.

"What happened to me?" she asked. "You donít remember?" he said to her. "Itís all a bit sketchy, but I do remember some." she told him still rubbing her head. "You came in the ring and attempted to rescue me." he laughed "Only I ended up rescuing you instead." he said with a smile. He watched her face turn a crimson color "I couldnít let X-Pac do that to you." she said to him. "Itís ok, little one, I understand the reasons you did it and I am not mad at you for saving me I am mad at you because you but your life in jeopardy, do you know what could have happened to you out there?" he scolded her. "Yes." she said to him pouting. "Anyway, little one now that the crowd has seen you and you have impressed them, I am not opposed of you being my Valet." he told her "But! in order for you to be by myside you have to come and learn the ways of the Darkness, which only I can teach you." he continued.

She just lay there awestruck by his words. "You really want me at your side?" she asked him. "Only if you're willing to learn." he said back to her. "But my dear you must rest before we do anything" he continued to her, pointing out that she was still in a hospital room. "I am willing to learn...I want to be at your side." she said to him with a big grin on her face. "Then rest little one..I am going to the lobby and get some coffee and I will come back and when I do you better be asleep." he said to her with a smile on his face and got up out of the chair and took her hand in his, kissed it and leaned down to whiper in her ear "Sweet Dream Little One" and walked out of the room.

Meanwhile Christine was getting very worried about her friend because she hadnít come online for a few days and she thought that it was very un-Jennifer like not to be on and give her all the gossip of what she saw at the RAW house show. When Monday night came around and RAW came on the air she was shocked at the end when she saw a girl enter the ring save the Undertaker from an un-just pinfall and watched her drag Taker on to Kane. She was amazed. Then as she watched them load the girl into the ambulance they got a close up of her face and she recognized the face off a picture Jennifer sent her.. "Oh My Gosh thatís Jennifer!" she exclaimed she immediately got on the telephone to information to get Portland, Oregon hospitals.

When she reached the one she was looking for she asked for Jenniferís room which was room 316, when Jennifer answered the phone Chris was suprised to hear her voice "Jen this is Chris are you ok?" she asked in a frightened tone "Christine is that really you? I am fine just a little sore." she said in a weak voice she wasnít going to let on that the Undertaker was by her side. Bragging to her friend was just not cool in her book.

"Do you need anything?" Chris asked still concerned for her friend "I am fine Chris" Jennifer told her friend to soothe her soul for she knew her friend was worried about her. "If you need anything...anything you call me, ok?" Chris told her. "I will" she said "What were you thinking Jen? You could have been killed out there!" Chris lectured her for an hour or two about how dangerous it was for her to get involved with a match and she just responded by saying she understood and that she was sorry for scaring her friend to death. Then Chris jumped on the subject of Taker which she knew would eventually come up. "Have you been in contact with Taker since the match?" Chris asked curiously. "I am not sure I have been unconscious for a couple of days but I think he has been here." She told her she didnít want to make a big deal about it but she didnít like lying to her friend either but Taker told her that if anyone asked she was to say he hadnít had contact with her. As the two friends talked and Jennifer told her all about the match they finally said their good byes and hung up the phone.

Christine was not satisfied about what Jen told her about Taker she knew her friend too well when she was keeping secrets from her. She wondered what was up and decided to talk to the other Brides of Kane about it.

After Jennifer hung up the phone she heard a knock on her door and Taker's head popped through the crack. "Can I come in?" he asked "Taker!" she said in an excited voice "Sure come on in!" she said smiling "What have you been doing, little one?" he asked her. "Not much." she laughed pointing out she was still in her hospital bed. "But I get to leave tomorrow" she said to him smiling even wider for she knew that he was going to teach her the dark ways when she got out of the hospital. "Thatís soo great Jen" he said to her with a big smile on his face. "Oh yeah!" he said "I forgot I want you to meet somebody." he turned to open the door and he motioned with his hand for the person to come through the door. "This is Elizabeth, my friend also." he said as he led her into the room. Jennifer's heart sank to the bottom of her being for she was in love with Taker and she was hoping through this newly formed union between him and herself that there was going to be something more out of it.

She just smiled her weakest smile and shook the young lady's hand. "Nice to meet you." she managed to squeak out. "Itís a pleasure to meet you." Elizabeth said smiling coldly at her for Elizabeth too was seeing her already as competition before she walked in the door but seeing the girl's plump figure put her at ease for she knew Taker wouldnít fall for something so put it bluntly, FAT. Jennifer just stared at the young woman infront of her as a odd silence swept over the room.

"So uh...Jen you're getting out of here tomorrow?" Taker said trying to break the tension in the room for he to felt the discomfort from both women. "Um..yeah the doctor says I am out of danger." she said to him her eyes still glued on the woman now sitting in one of the hospital chairs. "That's good, um....Liz why donít you go down to the cafeteria and get something to drink and bring it back up here?" he said looking over at Elizabeth. She just nodded her head got up and headed over to the door. As she was going to go out she turned to look back at Jennifer and scowled and left.

"So Jen what do you think of Liz?" he asked her "huh?...what Taker?..did you say something to me?" she said shaking her head from her fixture on the door. Taker laughed "WOMEN!" he said to himself. She just smiled weakly at him. "Taker, I am really tired, I think I am going to get some rest before I leave tomorrow, do you mind?" she said to him in almost a whisper. "Sure Jen I will come back tomorrow and visit you." he said to her as he got up and walked over to her bed, kissed her on the cheek, patted her head and then walked out the door.

He was met by Elizabeth. "Whatís wrong Taker? did she all of a sudden take a turn for the worse?" she asked him with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Taker just looked at her oddly and said "No Liz, she was just really tired and wanted to get some sleep thats all." they walked down the hallway to the elevator. "Oh too bad." Liz thought to herself for she knew that the bond between Taker and the fat chick was growing and she didnít like it one little bit for she wanted Taker all to herself and didnít want to share him with nobody! She started to brew a plan to get the hippo out of the picture for good. She grabbed Takers hand and held it in hers "Soon my love it will be just you and me, and there is nothing your little fat friend can do about it!" she laughed to herself as they walked out of the hospital.

Taker was lost in thought as they entered his car. He thought about the odd silence up there in the room and was wondering what had just happened and why Jennifer all of a sudden got tired after being so happy to see him.

Could it be that Jennifer could have more than just the bond between them. No couldnít be. she never acted that way before maybe it was all in his head for he had Elizabeth. He looked over at her and smiled for it was her he needed to make happy. She was the one he wanted he thought but a nagging feeling in his heart told him otherwise. He decided that he wouldnít bring the two ladies together again because it was obvious that Liz was jealous of Jen for the remark she made in the hospital about Jennifer taking a turn for the worse. "Women are peculiar creatures." he said to himself. They get jealous of one another at the drop of a hat. He chuckled to himself as he looked over at Liz who was also in deep thought. He turned back to the road and drove on down the highway.

"Tomorrow is the day Jennifer must start learning the ways of the darkside." He thought he had til Monday to get her ready for the RAW taping and it was already Thursday. He hoped he could do it and deliver her to evil.

Back at the hospital Jennifer was sobbing to herself after Taker left. "How could he!" she thought, then she realized Taker was just like any other man who looked at outer appearances for she could see why Taker chose that particular tart. She was rail thin and she was well. Now a hatred for Taker settled into her. She risked her life for somebody she loved only to find that his heart was impure.

She cursed the dark one till she wore herself out and fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning Taker was standing over her scowling down at her. "Donít you know how to knock?" she asked him sitting up in her bed "I read your thoughts little one and I must say I am displeased of what you were dreaming about." He said to her still scowling. "Great" she said "first you donít knock and now you're invading my mind! Whatís next, you going to invade my body as well?" she said giving him a scowl of her own.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he said to her. "Ha you should know you're the mind reader here." she shot back at him. Taker just drew in a deep breath and said "If you were a man I would kill you right were you stand." he said glaring daggers at her. She just laughed to herself and thought good thing she was lying down and not standing up. "Why the hell are you here anyways if you donít like what I think about you?" she asked him "I was here to take you home, but now I know your true feelings about me I bid you good day, madam!" he said as he opened the door and left making sure he slammed the door behide him.

"Great." she thought, now she didnít have anybody to take her home she cursed herself I should have waited till he drove me home and then had it out with him and to make matters worse she didnít know anybody in Portland then she remembered Vince McMahon giving her his card before she was escorted back to her seat.

"Thatís it, I will call him." for he said to her that if she really wanted to be Taker's Valet to call him on his cell phone. She picked up the phone and began to dial. It rang twice and Vince answered "Hello". She said "Hey Vince this is Jennifer do you remember me?" she asked him "Awwww......yes the one who saved Taker's Ass..yes I remember you..we have had alot of calls about you from fans asking your condition..and also asking if you were going to join the Undertaker or not...have you decided?" he asked her. "Yes I have and I would like to talk to you about it but the only problem is that I am still in the hospital and I need a ride home can you help me?" she asked him. "Sure Jen I will be there in hour to pick you up and we can go to lunch or something and discuss business." he told her. "Great I will be waiting!" She told him and thanked him and then hung up the phone.

An hour later Vince showed up and packed her belongings in his Limo and helped her climb in. He got in next to her and told the Limo driver to go. "So Jen what have you decided?" he asked when they were sitting down at a posh restraunt in downtown Portland. "I have decided to do it, even though me and Taker are not exactly getting along right now but thatís something I can handle, plus I would be stupid to turn the great Mr.Mcmahon down on an offer like this." she said smiling up at him. "You must relize Jennifer, I do not behave that way off camera." he said turning a little red "And please just call me Vince." he said smiling at her.

"So why are you and Taker fighting?" he asked as the waiterput their plates in front of them. "Oh I have an opinion of him and he had the gall to read my thoughts and he found out what I thought about him." she said, taking a bite of her noodles. Vince just nodded and asked "Do you think your difference will get in the way when you're with him in the ring?" he asked her. "No, I donít think so..At least I hope not!" she said laughing.

They talked awhile about gimmicks and storylines and then it was time for Vince to take her home for he had more meetings to go to before his flight the next day. "Would you like to fly out with me tomorrow?" he asked her. "Sure what time?" she asked. "Be at the airport at about 7:00am and we take off at 7:30 am." he said to her. "Iíll be there!" she said as they reached the hotel she was staying at. "And oh Jennifer donít worry about your hotel bill I will have somebody take care if it." he said with a smile. "Why thank you Vince!" she said turning to give him a hug and opened the Limo door to get out. "I will have a Limo waiting for you also dear tomorrow morning." he called out to her. She just smiled at him and shut the car door and walked into the hotel.

A couple of days passed and Jennifer was getting antsy about her coming out with Taker for he still didnít know about it because she begged Vince not to tell him because she wanted to suprise him. She decided she wouldnít let her personal feeling for Taker get involved with her in ring duty. And Vince was so nice to her she thought of him as the father she never had. He let her stay with him in his penthouse suites and always insisted she ride in a limousine and gave her spending money to buy whatever caught her eye.

Finally the night came where she was going to make her appearance in the ring as Taker waited for his music to play so he could enter the ring she ran up to him and stood right next to him. "What the hell are you doing here?" he asked her. "I am your Valet, I get to escort your ass down to the ring every time you go down." she whispered to him, a smile on her face "To hell you will..were is Vince I will fix this!" he growled. "Taker,Taker,Taker" she purred "Vince is the one who asked me to do he wonít fix're stuck with me though I canít say I am just as ecstatic as you are." she said.

"grrrrrrrr........FINE I DONíT CARE WHAT THE HELL YOU DO JUST STAY OUT OF MY WAY!" he shouted at her in a cold voice. If he wasnít way taller than her she would have slapped him silly for using that tone of voice with her.

Finally Taker's music begin to play and they both walked out. The crowd roared when they saw her at his side she even got a little carried away while she was waving to the fans and walked in front of Taker. This did not set well with him but he kept his mouth shut. He watched her wait for him by the ring and waited for him to open the ring ropes for her. Even though he didnít want to do it he played along. He pretended that he worshipped her which set well with the crowd because they cheered as he bent down on one knee and held up his hands to her. After he raised the lights he opened the ring ropes again for her and she climbed out of the ring.

After beating his opponent, he then again opened the ropes for her and grabbed her and placed her on top of his massive shoulders and carried her around the ring then set her down and they both exited the ring while the crowd was still going wild. When they got back to the back Taker grabbed her arm and dragged her into his dressing room. "What the hell was that for?" she said rubbing her arm. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" he asked her. "Remember you're the one who hates me..but yet you opt to be my Valet why?" he asked her. She just smiled and said "Taker I donít hate you, true you pissed me off when you entered my thoughts with out my permission. My thoughts are not your toys you can not enter whenever you feel like it." she said to him. "Those thoughts were private," she continued "And thatís why I got mad at you." she said as she sat down in one of the chairs and looked up at Taker.

"So you do not hate me?" he said "No I wasnít pleased with you but I am over that now...Itís your love life not mine." she said looking down at her feet. "My love life?...Oh God...I should have realized when you and Liz were glaring at each other..You have deeper feelings for me donít you Jennifer?" he asked as she continued to look at her shoes. "Well...yeah." she whispered. Taker was laughing so hard she thought he was going to pass out in front of her "What?...What are you, the jolly green giant?" she yelled at him for he was wearing her nerves. "Oh Jen." he said as he knelt before her. "There was nothing going on between me and Liz she was just one of my ring floozies I pick up at hotels. After we left the hospital I sent her on her way for I did not like that she was starting to cling to me."

He then took her hand. "I got mad at you because I didnít know how to convey my thoughts for you but when I walked in when you were sleeping and entered your thoughts I found that you had a different opinion of me and that hurt my soul and was angered at you for hurting me so..And well you saw how badly I acted toward you I did not know you shared in my feelings for you." he told her. "Your feelings toward me?" she asked. This got a smile out of him. "Yes, I too am in love with you." he explained to her. "I realized that after I dropped off Liz..for she was not the one I wanted ..even though she was beautiful and thin....I realized I loved you more because of your pure heart..and besides you saved me and nobody has ever made an effort like you did." he said as he kissed her hand.

He then looked up at her and noticed tears coming from her eyes. "Oh little one, why do you weep?" he then lifted her to her feet and hugged her tightly to him rubbing her back in the process. He could hear muffled sobs coming from his chest and that just made him hug her more because he too started to cry. He knelt down on one knee so she was taller than he and he buried his face into her chest and cried with her. She encircled him with her arms and hugged him to her as he hugged her. "I am sorry Taker for getting upset with you" she told him through tears. He just lifted his red blotched face and put it up to hers and there they shared the taste of each other's lips. After their lips parted he stood up and grabbed her into another hug and bent down to whisper in her ear "I will love you always." she smiled to herself for she had found her true love.

Meanwhile a dark plan was being conceived by a very dark person. Liz was not all too happy with the way Taker treated her to go back to that bitch in the hospital for she believed that Taker should belong to her not that fat cow. As Liz paced up and down the living room of her house she began to think of how much she hated to be acknowledged then ignored for that was what Taker did to her. "I should kill him as well for he has no sense of feelings for me!" she told herself. As she paced her thoughts turned back to her childhood and what she had to suffer. All her life her parents had ignored her and were too caught up with work to even pay any attention to her, and left her with abusive baby-sitters. And to make her life even more a living hell her teenage years were spent alone in her tiny little room on her computer for nobody cared about her. No one bothered to see if she needed a friend. For even though she was a beautiful young lady people just didnít give a damn of what happened to her. So she was basically raised by herself and then a couple of years ago she discovered she had an Evilness about her she wanted revenge on the people who had hurt her the most.

She started to have thoughts of killing people when she looked at them. And when she thought of the perfect way of killing, Carbon monoxide was a clean way of doing it. No fingerprints no bullets no gun. So she used that on her parents and whoever was in the house when her parents were giving a huge Christmas party. She got up and took an O2 tank from her grandfather, put on a small hose and climbed underneath her mobile home.

She inserted the hose through the toilet, turned on the gas and climbed out from underneath the house. She jumped in her T-bird and left the crime scene and hid in the bushes to see if the deed had been carried out. Which it was, for when the policemen investigated the scene it was determined that a faulty gas hose was to blame. which let her off the hook.

This killing had to be perfect she thought to herself, for Taker had hurt her more than another person in her life and she wanted the ultimate revenge on his sorry ass. She just continued to pace up and down her living room till she came up with the perfect plan.

Later that night Taker was very happy to have Jennifer at his side when he walked down for his match, she added the sparkle to the duo, that and he could keep and eye on her at all times for with Kane lurking around in the shadows he felt a sense of insecurity for her.

He raised the ring ropes so she could step through them, she then walked into the center of the ring and he got down on one knee and put his hands up to her and rolled his eyes in the back of his head as if to worship her then he put his hands down and slowly raised them again, bringing the lights up as he did so. He then put his foot on the ropes and let her climb out to floor. She smiled up at him and he then waited for his opponent to make his way to the ring which happened to be The Godfather.

As the fool pranced around ringside with his hoeís he stopped to look at her and nodded his head in approval she just rolled her eyes and turned around and walked in the other direction. Godfather climbed into the ring and grabbed the microphone and pointed down at her and said "Taker man that is one fine Ho you have down there!" he said to him. "And me being the Pimp that I am is offering you a challenge, if you beat me Iíll let you hang me up on that damn symbol of yours and you can sacrifice me and I will never look at another woman as long as I live BUT! if I win I get Lady Jennifer as one of my best Hoís and oh man lemme tell ya she will be well taken care of!" he said looking down at her and making gestures at her. She looked over at Taker who had a death look in his eyes she never thought he looked so mad in his life and she feared even though he could be a prick at times it wasn't worth the Godfather's life.

She climbed back into the ring and to the corner where Taker was turning about four shades of red. "Lemme deal with him." she whispered to him but she could tell Taker was off in the land of kill for he just continued to stare at Godfather with daggers. She turned around and grabbed the microphone out of the Godfathers hand which got a great response from the crowd because they had never heard her speak.

"Listen Godfarter!" she said and she was drowned out from the laughter of the crowd. When they calmed down she started to speak again "I will take your little bet because I know my Undertaker can whip your ass!" she said looking over at Taker who looked a little better than before. He had a slight smile on his face. She turned back to face the Godfather who now was hysterical he grabbed her and that got a response from the Undertaker because he walked up behind her and punched Godfather straight in the face.

Taker then took her hand and again let her out of the ring and proceeded to kick the crap out of the Godfather as he set him up for the tombstone and dropped him on his head and she watched Taker put Godfathers arms on his chest the Ref counted One....then Two....and Three and the match was over.

Taker walked over to the corner to let her back into the ring and then Taker grabbed the microphone. "You boy are not worth sacrificing." he said to an unconscious Godfather and he then kicked him out of the ring. "Let it be known that Lady Jennifer is and will be mine and for those who try to take her shall be punished!" he said rolling his eyes back and taking her hand and kissed it.

They walked out of the ring hand in hand into the locker room area when they got to Taker's he opened the door and as she walked by he shut the door and grabbed her into a deep passionate kiss. "What was that for?" she asked him. "For being such a beautiful lady and stealing my heart away." he told her as he kissed her again. "I could have killed that bastard for what he said to you!" he said "But you handled him well, love." he finished hugging her to his massive body.

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