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Best Kane site out there!

Artwork, pictures, message board...plenty to do and see!

Site by Blackrose.

Dedicated to Undertaker and Kane with a ranch type theme. Home to the Brides of Kane JSD.

Kitty's tribute to Taker and Kane.

This site has the theme of an insane asylum, which many of us freaks can identify with. You can even get your own wing if you want.

Athena's Wicca Site.

Lady Jennifer's site

This one has a Vince McMahon Voodoo doll!! Too cool!

Lots of pictures here! One of JoAnne's sites.

Pictures, RAW commentary, many many links.

Kiri's site, links, pictures, stories all the good stuff!

The name says it all, great page devoted to the Undertaker!

Kane page, she just added an Undertaker section too. There alot of pictures here!

This site has sections for the Ministry as well as The Undertaker, she also had awards you can win if you're up to the challenge!

This is a Kane site. Has many interesting features, awards, Kane fan club and more!

For us Ladies! This site deals with many wrestlers, has columns and graphics and more!

Kaliegh's page. Pictures, fanfic, houseshow photos. Kane page too!

VERY nicely done page on The 'Taker with the latest news, pics, inclusive Undertaker bio and more. Looking for Dark Minded folks for the forum too, leave a message!

Awesome page with a very different type of theme devoted to both the Darkside Brothers. My friend Taj worked hard on this one and it shows!

If you want to link to my page, here's a banner for you to use. Just do me a favor and copy to your own computer first..Don't link right to this image, OK?


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