Lady of Light by Lady Jennifer.

Jennifer turned off her computer for the night and got ready for bed. She silently wished she was the girls that were in all of the stories she read off the BOK website and Kaleighs web page. She knew that would never happen ever. She also knew in her heart that she wasnít ready for another partner not after all the roller coaster relationships she had been through in the last 5 years.

As she lie down in bed her thoughts drifted to Jeremiah, her one true love. "Not again" she whispered to herself, as her mind began to wonder of thoughts of happier times when she was with him. She remembered the time she and Jeremiah were fishing on Applegate lake with her big sister and her brother in-law. She smiled at the memory of Jeremiah stealing a kiss from her when she was sitting on a big rock and her sister had her back to the two lovers. As a tear fell down her cheek she wept at the memory of Jeremiah and her camping in a little tent in his back yard with his little sister and a friend of hers..Jeremiah and her fought about something stupid, and decided to sleep inside the house. She was heart broken for the whole night till he snuck out his bedroom window just to comfort her. And tell her he was sorry. Then she remembered him telling her that they were moving away, far away from her, and that she would never see him again. She finally cried herself to sleep and dreamed about her lost love.

When she awoke that afternoon, she immediately jumped on to the computer to find Jenny and Shel her two best friends and sisters. She told Jenny the whole story about Jeremiah and how she felt about him. Jenny responded by saying Jen, I am so sorry **Hugs** Is there anything I can do to make you feel any better sis? she typed back "No, I am OK Iím just a little heart broken it will pass...I hope." Then she pulled up her home page and started working on it till she had to go to work at 6pm.

When she got to work she was not interested in working, and she certainly didnít want to be around people right now, but she made the best of it and did it anyway.

About 2 hours before her shift ended her two friends and co-workers Darol and Jennele started fighting about God knows what and she wished and wished that time would REALLY fly bye. After dealing with rude customers and fighting from her two mangers in charge she went home.

She jumped back on the computer to see if Storm had added anything new to her page, which she hadnít. Jennifer sighed and pulled up the Foyer message board. After reading a few posts and responding to a few she pulled up her ICQ to see if anybody was on. Nobody was so she decided she would work on her home page and then go to bed. When she was appeased with her pages she stretched and walked back to her bathroom got undressed and jumped into the shower.

She intimately wished that somebody would one day be with her in the shower also to wash all her body parts, and her hair. Ever so gently stroke her female parts, and maybe make a little love while at it.

As she turned off the water and grabbed her towel her thoughts turned to the Undertaker and all the stories she read over the Internet that night. Mumbling to herself she wished she could find somebody like the Undertaker, somebody who thinks the same way she does, and who doesn't judge people by their outside appearances.

She laughed to herself and said aloud There is no guy on earth, who thinks like that! with that in mind she crawled into bed and fell fast asleep.

During the night Jennifer was awakened by a voice calling out her name, almost in a whisper. She sat up in bed and looked around but saw nobody, so she laid back down and closed her eyes again. The voice called out her name again, by this time she was getting annoyed and sat back up and called out "What?" the voice didnít show itself all it said was "Heís coming for you."

Jennifer was baffled and getting a little terrified "Whoís coming for me?" she asked. The voice didnít respond back, she lay back down on her bed, and thought to herself that she was going absolutely wacky. Who would sit up in the middle of the night and talk to voices from their walls? She decided to get up and walk into the kitchen, were she opened up the refrigerator, and pulled out a Pepsi. Popping the top she took a long sip and then decided to see who was on ICQ.

She brought up ICQ and looked at her list, the only people who were on were Jackie, Jenny and some guy she knew through only acquaintance. She decided she would talk to Jenny but she wouldnít tell her about the nights' occurrences she didnít want to make Jenny think she needed help.

"Hello Jenny" she typed on her keyboard and hit the send key. She waited a few minutes then Jenny responded "Hello Jen **BIG HUGS** how are you doing tonight?" Jennifer laughed to herself and typed back "Iím doing just fine, how about yourself?" and hit the send key. The two friends talked for a while and even hit the message boards for a game of message board tag with Jackie and Shel when they came back on.

Jennifer yawned and stood up and stretched then sat back down and said her good nights to her friends and then she turned off her computer and stood back up and headed for her bedroom. As she was crawling into bed she was thinking that she hoped she wouldnít be hearing any more voices anytime soon. She drifted off to a very deep sleep and had pleasant dreams about all of her Brides Of Kane friends.

When she awoke the next afternoon, she realized her Grandparents were at her house, she groaned and got dressed and walked out into the living room to greet her Grandparents. Her Grandmother replied by saying "Your Finally Up?" Jennifer just managed a weak smile and sat down in her computer chair and pretended to look busy hoping this would elude any more conversation. She never did like it when her Grandparents visited. Her Grandmother always made her feel upset after she left because she was highly depressive after her Grandfather had his stroke the previous year. Also when she talked to her on the telephone she always thought that she was talking to her older sister because they sounded so much alike on the telephone.

Her Grandfather she loved to pieces and she was melancholy to see all the changes he had gone through over the past year. He was really the only relative she got along with. She didnít care too much for the rest of her family, they were only wrapped up in themselves or VERY mean to her when she was a child. So she didnít think much about them, and she dreaded the times she would have to see them. But her mother told her to grin and bear them because in due time they would go back home.

After evading any dialogue with her grandmother except a sporadic yes or no they left. She let out a long sigh and got up to watch a little TV but nothing really interested her because she was still in her melancholy frame of mind. She got up and turned off the TV and decided to go take a little walk. She prepared herself for the weather and walked out the back door. As she was walking she came upon Jeremiahs old house she quickly scooted by the house not looking up and walked on. She hated that house she wished that they would take it far away so she would never have to see it again and it wouldnít be a constant reminder that her love was really gone.

She walked back to her house by the time it got dark, and went in a sat down in her computer chair, and turned on ICQ. After realizing only her sister was on she didnít want to talk to her, she got up and went to her bedroom to undress and go to bed.

That night she heard the voice calling to her again but this time he was standing over her bed. She was scared to look up at the person hovering over her bed but she peeked up and saw that it was somebody who looked liked Midian from the wrestling she watched on TV. After looking she pulled the covers up over her head, and started to shake. Was this dude hovering above her bed going to hurt her? She told him to "Go Away" he just said in a low voice that There was no reason to be scared, and that he wasnít going to hurt her. He said he had a message to deliver to her. She asked under the covers who was he, and he replied his name was Midian. She peeked out from under the covers and looked at this massive guy hovering above her while she was cowering underneath her sheets. There is no person named Midian she said her voice quivering a little bit Heís fake played by another guy. The big guy smiled and said that was in her world not his and said she can come out from under her covers because he wasnít going to hurt her. She did but not because he told her to, because it was getting harder to breathe from under the big bedspread.

She started up at him and looked at him quizzically. "Why are you in my room?" she managed to squeak out, he replied that he had a message for her. "From Who?" she asked "From the Undertaker." he said. Ok she thought this guy was beginning to piss her off she stood up on the bed so she was facing him. What the hell are you doing to me she screamed at his face. He looked a bit startled by this outburst but laughed aloud "Thatís good you have sprit, He will like that" he replied still laughing. Feeling completely stupid she looked him straight in the eye, and she told him to get the hell out of her house and go back from wherever the hell he came from. Because she was going back to bed, and with that note she grabbed her ear phones and turned on her portable CD player.

Before she closed her eyes she saw him mouthing words to her, but that only fed her fire because he wasnít gone she decided to sing along to the music. Doing this infuriated him even more and he reached over to grab the headphones. But when his hands got halfway he stopped looked around and pulled his hands back like he had been burned or something. He disappeared after that. She looked around the room as she turned of her CD player but didnít see anybody. Good she thought, as she removed the ear phones and fell back to sleep.

When she awoke the next morning he was there in her room again. But this time she didnít hide under her covers she jumped out of bed and walked right past him as he was trying to speak to her again. Ignoring him completely she went to her closet and picked out the outfit she was going to wear that day, and walked into the bathroom with him on her heels. All she did was shut the door in his face as he was in mid-sentence. God that guy was annoying she thought to herself as she heard him bang on the bathroom door like the little brother she never had wanting to use the bathroom. She hoped this guy wouldnít follow her around all day because she was afraid she would kill him if he did.

When she changed she opened the bathroom door to find him in a knocking position he was just about to knock on her head when she came out of the bathroom. She brushed past him and walked out into the living room where her mother was watching the TV. Again he was right on her heels, she sat down on her computer chair and turned on the computer as he was muttering obscenities to her. She didnít even acknowledge his prescence when she activated her ICQ and found that Jenny was on-line. She told her about the annoying guy now sitting next to her mother watching the TV and kept eyeing her from time to time. Jenny replied that she should talk to him and she responded back the no way in hell was she going to talk to a figment of her over active imagination. when she got Jenny message it read "LOL ROTFLMAO you do what you think is best Jen, but I really think you should try to hear what it has to say." She looked over at her figment who was still sitting next to her mother watching the TV, and making her mother flip the channels till he found something he liked. He looked up at her watching him and she immediately turned her head back to the computer screen and she typed back to Jenny she would think about it.

Her mother got up and said that she was going to do some shopping and asked her if she wanted to go, she said sure she will go. So her and her mother and her figment got into the car and drove to the mall. After saying the usual mother, daughter I will meet you here in a couple of hours routine, she was off to all the stores with her figment following right behind her. She stopped off at a clothing boutique and started to shop around. When she turned around she saw that her figment wasnít standing behind her but in front of her holding up a god awful outfit, and was asking her if she liked it. She just rolled her eyes and continued shopping as he put the outfit back on the hanger, she walked out of the store with him on her heels. After a few hours of shopping and getting tired of him following her she decided that she was hungry. So she found the food court and grabbed a piece of pizza at Calazone, and sat down at one of the tables. He sat down right across from her.

"Are you ready to hear what I have to say?" he asked her as she was sticking the piece of pizza in her mouth. "Oh I suppose, only if you go away afterwards." she said chewing on her pizza. "Iím sorry I canít do that." he said with a semi smile on his face. "Then donít bother telling me!" she snapped back. "I have to tell you, Lady Jennifer, time is running out." he said this time he wasnít smiling. "Then tell me but I am not going to guarantee I am going to be listening to your drawl!" she spat back. he sat back in his chair, "I am here to prepare you for your visit with the Undertaker heís wishing to see you very much." he began. Jennifer laughed and threw her head back "I canít believe I am listening to this, you're expecting me to believe that the Undertaker sent you, and that you're here to prepare me for him. Why doesnít he just come himself instead of sending someone so annoying as you and besides the Undertaker is not real he is played by Mark Calloway everybody knows it.. so donít sit here and lie to me or I will get up and walk away from you and keep ignoring you."

A frown crossed Midians face. "Believe me Lady Jennifer I am not lying to you, you are right the Undertaker is not real in your world. But the essence of the Undertaker is in my world and he wishes to see you." Jennifer also was frowning. "Why did he send you?" she asked. Midian got up from the chair he was sitting in and sat in the chair next to hers. A smile spread crossed his face "I am here to make sure that you accept what you see and also offer you protection as well."

"Protection?" she said laughing "From what?" "From your world and yourself." he said still smiling. Jennifer just about had enough of this crap. "Protection!" she spat, "The only Protection I need is from you!" she said realizing that everybody around her was staring at her she got up took her plate and threw it away leaving a stunned Midian at the table.

Midian just sat there stunned by her words, how dare she mock him. he was just about to the end of his rope with her childishness.. she ignored him all day long starting with last night, when she put them damn earphones on. He wanted to reach over and take them off but the Undertaker sent a message to him telepathically not to touch her and just let her be till morning.. so he didnít take them. Then when she woke up this morning and completely blew him off infuriated him more at least he found some entertainment with the TV. He stood up from the table and went in search of her with his mind. He found her in a store that sells bath fragrances he teleported to her location, but he made himself not known to her. He looked at her quizzically how can somebody so small have so many problems in her life he asked himself. Then a telepathic message came through to him from the Undertaker telling him heís got two days to prepare her for his arrival. he sighed how was he going to present Lady J to the dark lord if she wonít even give him a chance in hell to speak with her. That woman is so stubborn he thought to himself. It amazed him that the dark lord chose her out of all the other women that he was presented with. But her plea was more genuine then the others. The others were more lust then pure love and that touched the lord of darkness' soul.

Midian sighed again, and decided to try again when she got home. So he waited for her but still kept a link open with her feelings for any change of emotions such as being scared or frightened. When she got home she looked at him briefly and frowned and walked right past him. following her to her room she shut the door in his face but he walked through the door. Seeing him looked as though it infuriated her more; her face turned a crimson color and then she spat out "How did you get in here??" he just looked at her and said "Through the door!" That must have sent her through the roof because she started to punch him but it didnít have any effect on him when she realized this she sank to the floor and started to cry. He knelt down next to her to see if she was ok and started to comfort her but she just waved her hand at him.

"Why are you driving me nuts?" she asked through tears. "Iím not here to drive you nuts Lady J, I am here to help you." he said as he tried to put his arm around her but she brushed it away with her hand. "I donít need your help she looked up at him."

"I have two days to prepare you for the Undertakers arrival, will you please give me a chance?" he asked her meeting her eyes Jennifer hesitated for a moment. "Why should I?" she asked "You come into my room and start harassing me and you expect me to listen to you?" Midian squirmed a little bit "Yes he said I didnít mean to frighten you I was just doing what I was told." he told her. "Please Lady Jennifer let me prepare you for the Dark Lord." he asked her pleadingly. "Only if it means you will go away." she said looking at him with a smile on her face. Midian hesitated and looked her straight in her green eyes "Deal. Ok lets start then the sooner the better."

After two days full of getting her trained for when she was going to meet the Undertaker, Jennifer sighed to herself she was finally done with her training. It would only be a matter of time till she met the Dark Lord face to face. She also realized that this would be the final night that Midian would be helping her, she remembered the cruel things she had said to him the night they began her training. She really did want him to go. Over the past couple of days she realized that she, and him shared a very good companionship. And he always seemed to know what she was thinking or if she felt bad he would do things to cheer her up. She really was going to miss him. Midian knocked on her door instead of just walking through it. "Come In." she said. "Heís arriving now Lady Jennifer are you ready?" "As ready as I will ever be Middi." she said smiling at him.

All of sudden the room went pitch black and a blue light emanated the walls ever so slightly. Jennifer looked over at Midian who looked like he was in some sort of trance and was speaking in a language she didnít know. She looked back over to where the blue light was emanating, and she saw a figure sway into the light. As he came closer he was dressed all in black and had a trench coat over his enormous figure. The room immediately changed as he came toward her. Jennifer was so shocked at the sight of the man standing a few feet in front of her she almost forgot to breathe. When he came into the room he rolled his eyes back in his head and lifted his hands very slowly up and the lights came on with his motions. When his eyes came back to where they were supposed to be he looked down at her as she was gazing up at him but she quickly looked away when he looked at her.

Taker walked over to Midian who was now out of his trance and asked "Is she ready?" Midian looked up at the dark lord, smiled and nodded his head. "You have done well Midian!" Taker smiled. "You may now go back to the hell in which you came from." Taker waved his had very slightly, and with that Midian was no longer standing there in the corner. Taker then turned around to face her. He walked over to her and just peered down at her. Midian told her he may do this to see if her claim to him was genuine she smiled up at the giant in front of her. Then he spoke "You are Lady Jennifer correct?" She nodded her head at him. "Then I hope your training really is complete, and that you donít upset me." he said coldly. With that he turned his back toward her, "You will stay here with me in my mansion and live here for now on."

Jennifer just looked up at him tears threating her eyes. Why was he being so mean to her? she asked herself. Did she do something wrong? she thought Was her idol really this cold toward everybody he met. Midian told her that he cared for her and that he was looking forward to spending time with her could Midian have lied to her to get her to listen to him?

He turned around to face her, his eyes blazing. "You are crying?? Why do you cry?? Crying was not a part of your training!" His harsh words to her only made her want to cry even more.

She looked up to him with tears in her eyes. "To Hell with your training!" she stammered. "I will not be treated like this, and I will certainly not listen to you!" as her tears quickly turned to anger Taker just threw his head back and laughed. "You dare to mock me child? It doesn't work that way you belong to me now your soul, your body, everything belongs to me." Jennifer just stared at the person in front of her how dare he say that she belonged to him nobody owned her, and never will. He didnít deserve her. Then she realized the person she admired, and that she wanted to be with was really a black-hearted bastard. Her green eyes flashed with fire, "Ya we'll just see about that!" as she walked away from the dark one leaving him absolutely stunned.

Taker looked at her as she walked away from him. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, and her being teary eyed wasnít a surprise to him. He longed to go over there, and comfort her, to hold her. But he knew that he had to make sure that her claim to him was genuine. Her fire amazed him, he knew that she was stubborn from the description of her that Midian gave him but he didnít know to what extent. And what was that he saw in her eyes.

"I think I took this first encounter the wrong way." he said to himself. "Maybe I should have shown more compassion toward her. Maybe I should have just taken her in my arms and never let her go." He sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. "What have I done??" he asked himself. He decided to give her a couple of days to accept her new surrounding and him then he would set her down and they would have a nice long chat. He sighed again walking over to the bed He knew deep down that she loved him but she was afraid of letting go of her past flames memory. He too had been burned before and he didnít want that to happen to him again. He was determined to make right with her but how would he approach her when the time came?

For the next few days Jennifer just wandered around the huge house, getting acquainted with her new surrounding. She sighed to herself she was so desperately lonely for somebody to talk to and she was getting sick of talking to herself but she would rather die than talk to Taker again. It was bad enough he came to her door everynight asking her to join him for dinner she refused all the times he asked her and he brought her meals up to her. As she was closing the bedroom door she looked down the hall and saw that Taker was approaching her again she immediately opened the bedroom door again and scooted back inside and locked the door. But this time he didnít knock he just walked through the door just as Midian had done before when she refused to talk to him. With a slight frown on his face he looked at her, and spoke softly. "Lady Jennifer please listen to me! I am sorry for my behavior when we first met please donít continue to avoid me." She just looked at him with questions in her eyes. Should she trust him she thought to herself? Was he telling her the truth or was this a ploy to get her upset again? She hesitated for she was lonely, and finally forgave him but warned him that if he ever treated her like that again she would not speak to him and leave the grounds. He agreed and asked her to follow him outside to his limousine. He asked her if she would get in. She did and he followed right behind her. "Where are we going?" she asked. We are going to the airport he said to her with a smile on his face. We are going to take my private jet and go to Dallas Texas for a wrestling event there. Her green eyes sparkled. "A wrestling match!" she said enthusiastically. "I havenít been to one of those since I was a little kid."

"I was afraid that you werenít going to come with me." he said to her as they reached the Airport. "I really wanted you close to me." he said with a grin all she could do was grin back at him. Was her impression of him wrong? she thought to herself as she got onto the big jet on the runway. "Are you confortable?" he asked her. "Yes very." she said back to him. With that the jet took off from the airport, and within 10 minutes they were up in the air en route to Texas.

He turned to her and said "You might want to get some rest itís going to be a long flight and I know you want to be wide awake when we go to the arena." he said with a smile. She nodded and headed back to one of the private rooms on board and laid down on a cot.

After she left to go lie down. Taker sat down in one of the seats next to the window, and looked out. He was really happy that he got her out of her bad mood. He really wanted her to come on this trip to Dallas with him. He felt happy when she was near him. He made a vow to himself not to loose his temper or be rude to her, he didnít want to risk loosing her again. He knew that she cared for him, but wasnít sure of him. He wanted to please her with all his heart, and give her everything she ever wanted.

He figured it was going to take some time. She was so different from the women who had come, and gone from his life. She had deep feelings and was really susceptible about things, and he also noticed she had a hard time confronting her attackers. The other women he dated were closed hearted.

He sat back in his chair and continued to think about her he wondered what she was dreaming about so he rolled his eyes back and entered her mind. He found that she was dreaming about him, and her other love. Could it be that he was still in opposition with a guy that left her so many years ago. He made himself another vow that he would free her heart of that guy, because he pissed him off more than any person ever did. The way he left her really instilled a hatred so pure it scared even him.

He was just about to leave her mind when her dream changed. She was now dreaming about him and their first meeting, and how she wanted their meeting to go. He saw himself enter her room walk up to her and embrace her. He decided he'd seen enough and he left her dream. By then they were arriving at the Airport. Hesitant to go wake her he walked back to were she was sleeping and shook her gently. She stirred and looked up at him with sleepy eyes and smiled at him. His heart melted right there, how he wished he could lean down and hold her and kiss her but she wasnít quite ready for that yet.

Jennifer woke up and saw Taker standing over her, she smiled up at him when she saw him standing there next to her he was so close she wished she could reach out and touch that massive body of his. She sat up as he told her that they had arrived at the Dallas airport. She nodded her head and followed him out of the plane. As they were checking into the hotel Jennifer looked around her and noticed other wrestlers had made their way to the hotel and were checking in as well. She turned back to look at Taker who was talking to the guy at the desk about his room and what he wanted sent up. He turned around and looked at her asking her if she was ready to go to their room. She shook her head yes and they took the elevator to the 118th floor.

After they found their room Taker asked her if she needed anything and again she shook her head. She turned on the TV. Not finding anything interesting on she went into the lush bathroom to take a quick shower before they left to the event. Putting the soap all over her body her thoughts turned to Taker. He had been so attentive to her since they got there she smiled to herself maybe she was wrong about him but there was no way in hell she was going to make the first move on him. She didnít want to destroy their friendship for she didnít know anything about the man she was sharing a room with except that he was the Undertaker. She dried herself off and put on one of the terry cloth robes and begin to get ready for the event.

Taker made a few phone calls to Vince to tell him he had arrived as he hung up the phone he looked up at the clock and noticed it was time for him to go to the arena to change into his costume. He called out her name and she didnít ansewer him he called out again and still she didnít answer him. Thinking somthing was wrong he nearly busted down the door getting in. When he saw, his face turned a beet red and he slithered back out the door. He tried to shake the image from his head but couldnít. There she was standing butt naked in front of her mirror getting ready it looked like she was getting on her bra but he was too shocked to remember. When she saw him her arms flew across her body so he couldnít see anymore and thats when he backed out of the doorway. "How embarassing" he thought to himself how was she going to react to him now that he had seen all of the soft smooth skin.

"mmmmmm..her skin" he thought. He longed to touch every part of her. But he was soon shaken from his daydream when she came out of the bathroom. Not meeting one another's eyes they left for the arena.

Jennifer for the most part was embarrassed to meet Taker's eye. She really didnít have to, he too was avoiding her eyes. Somehow she needed to break the ice between them and let him know that she really didnít mind him walking in on her, but still he could have knocked instead of nearly breaking the door down.

As they were riding in the car she took her hand and placed it sympathetically on his. He looked over to her and their eyes both met and they smiled at one another and from there they both knew everything was all right. When they arrived at the arena still hand in hand he took her backstage to his dressing room and sat her down to watch the TV while he changed into his costume.

She was not really into the TV she was thinking of Taker and what he looked like without his clothes on. Having him a few feet away from her naked was too much for her to bear but she respected him and didnít jump out of her chair to spy on him. Turning back to the TV she watched for a little longer till Taker came out all in black with a black long trench coat over his body his hair was now loosly hanging over his shoulders in auburn strands.

Jennifer was in awe. He was so good looking that she couldnít take her eyes off him. Finally she managed to croak out "You look good!" he just smiled at her and took her hand and kissed it. Still hand in hand he pulled her up out of the chair and opened the door for her and lead her into the backstage area of the arena.

By this time the show had started and Taker was supposed to open the show and call out Kane, his little brother. He led Jennifer down to the backstage area to were she could see the show from a montior behind the curtain. There was just no way he thought that he wanted her to walk him down the aisle it was just dangerous for her and he didnít want to jeopordize her life. He really didnít want her at ringside with all the fans just in case somthing did happen to him he wanted to know that she was safe far away from the action in the ring. He could sense that she was dissapointed that she couldnít be near him but he explained to her how he felt and she agreed with no resitance.

He kissed her forhead and told her he had to go now and just to sit there and watch RAW from the little TV till he came back and got her. She agreed and he left to go up the stairs to the ramp to wait for his music to play.

Jennifer was so excited she could hardly sit still. Here she was only a few feet from the action but yet she was forced to watch it from the back and not be apart of it. She knew Taker was looking out for her well being but she didnít want to sit in the back and watch a small TV screen. When the show began and she heard Taker's music she couldnít stand it any longer she got up from the chair and positoned herself were she could see the action in the ring and Taker. "He would never know" she thought to herself.

Taker looked so cute as walked up the aisle really slowly to the ring then brought up the lights with his hands. He got into the ring and called for a microphone and started to call out his little brother Kane. She watched as the lights dimmed and Kaneís music begin to play as Kane came out she was amazed at the sight of him. He was so tall she would have probably come up to his stomach if she were to stand next to him she thought to herself.

He climed over the top rope and went nose to nose with his brother. Finally Kane hit Taker in the face and he went down Taker fought back with some punches of his own but Kane overpowerd Taker and set him up for the Tombstone Piledriver and planted Takers head into the mat. Taker lay there motionless she had to hold herself back from going to him. As Kane left the ring and walked backstage he walked right past her and stopped and looked over at her and then kept proceeding to the back stage dressing rooms. "How weird" she thought to herself never had she felt a such a sadness as she did when Kane looked at her.

She looked back at the ring to see Taker was starting his way back to the locker room area and she immediatly went back to the chair he put her in when he left her. "Good thing he didnít see me, I almost blew it." she thought to herself as Taker was approching her. Her mind was still on Kane and the weird feeling he gave her but she couldnít tell Taker. Or could she?

As Taker walked back to the dressing room area and saw that Jennifer was still sitting in the chair he had left her in he smiled to himself he knew that she couldnít sit backstage and watch from the sidlines. He caught a glimpse of her when he got up off the mat but all he could see was her back. When she saw him she ran up to him and put her arms around his neck and asked if he was alright. He nodded and then asked how good the view was. She just looked at him puzzled and said "Just fine, this little TV served itís purpose." "Really?" he asked her, pulling on his beard. She looked at him hesitated then her eyes dropped to the floor like she was trying to come up with a response then lifted her eyes back to him "You know, donít you?" Taker laughed and nodded his head to her "I saw your back toward me when I was coming up the ramp, other than that I didnít know you were there." he saw her eyes drop back to the floor again not meeting his eye "Iím sorry Taker," she said in a low voice " I just wanted to see you in person, not on TV." she contined eyes still glued to his boots. "Thatís ok, little one." he said to her as he lifted her chin to meet eyes. "But you must be more carful, I would die if I saw you hurt in anyway." He pulled her close to him. He felt a surge of energy leap to his heart as he held her close to him.

He looked down at her to see she was still in thought. "What are you thinking Lady J?" he asked. She looked up at him and just said "Nothing" but he knew better. Somehow he had to make her belive that it was ok to tell him things and that he would never get mad at her. He sighed as he took her hand to lead her back to his dressing room.

He too had things on his mind; his brother for one. He couldnít figure out what just transpired back there. When he and his brother were disscussing the enconter it was agreed that Taker would tomstone Kane on the mat and Kane agreed to this arrangement but it didnít work out that way. He needed time to think to be alone so he asked Jennifer if she would like to sit at ringside for the remainder of the event. Her eyes twinkled as she said "yes" so he asked one of the ushers to take her out to a ringside seat and place a guard with her at all times. When she left he begain his meditation techniques to plan his next move and to clear his mind.

When all the matches were over Jennifer walked backstage and knocked on Takerís dressing room door. He opened the door seeing that she had come back. "Can I come in?" she asked him sweetly. He held the door open for her and she walked inside the small room. "What have you been doing in here all this time?" she turned and asked him. "I was meditating little one, I do that often to clear my mind." he said to her with a big smile across his face.

"Did you enjoy all the matches?" he asked her. "Yes I did my Dark Lord." she responded he just smiled and walked over to her and grabbed her hand. "Are you ready to go?" he asked her "Back on the plane?" she asked "No my little one, to transport with me." he told her. "I donít know how to" she said pulling back her hand and looking down at his boots again. He lifted her face up to his and said "I will teach you, come and I will show you." he said grabbing her hand. "Just think of my mansion and you will be there." he explained to her. "Then why did we take the plane last time, if all we had to do is concentrate on the place??" she questioned him. "You wernít ready little one, but now you are so go ahead and try." he said to her. "Now close your eyes and concentrate." his voice was stern yet soothing to her ears. She closed her eyes and thought of Takerís mansion and when she opened her eyes she was standing in the middle of the foyer of the house with Taker right beside her.

"How did I do that?" she asked him. "You have always had the ability to transport anywere you wanted to go, you will also find that you have other powers I have just awakened them." He said to her smiling. "Were did they come from? nobody in my family has them." she told him. He just smiled at her "Come and sit little one and all will be explained to you. He said as he took her hand and led her into the enmormous living room and sat her down in a chair and kissed her hand.

As he let it go he pulled one of the chairs over to her and sat down into it and reclaimed her hand. "Ok my Lady, what I am about to tell you is true let all questions be asked when I am finshed, ok?" he said to her smiling broadly she just nodded her head and he began to tell her the story. "When you were born you were choosen by God to have special powers for he knew that light and darkness must come together and be one for which you were known as the Lady of Light in the Dark Realm. I on the other hand, 20 years before you were born, was choosen at birth to be the Lord of Darkness. I only knew you existed through the stories Bearer used to tell me when I was little. Bearer has a strong hold in the dark realm which you probably have guessed. I located you through Bearer and when you were little I used to come to you in your dreams and in your thoughts. I came to you as an imaginary friend, which you knew only as Jonny Co Co." he told her.

"We used to have so much fun!, but as you got older and stopped believing in imaginary friends I lost contact with you." he explained. "As the years passed and you grew to be a woman I couldnít find you till I received a fan letter through the mail at Titan Towers. It was so heart felt and pure and so different from the other mail I get from females I had to make sure it was you, so I dispatched Midian to where the return address came from and he kept me informed; thatís why you needed to be trained in certain areas. I needed to know if you were the sender which, you were and well the rest you know my little one." he finished and watched her expresions and kissed her hand "Do you have any questions for me?" he asked she just shook her head no for she knew what he was saying was the truth.

She always knew she was different from the other kids at her school. She was more of a loner than anything, always wrapped up in her thoughts for she was a thinker and was always too self conscious to join the crowd. A fortune teller once told her she had an old spirt and that she was destined for somthing big she smiled to herself at the memory of her puzzling the poor fortune teller.

Taker looked into her beautiful face. "There is one more thing little one that I must tell you." he said to her "What is that Taker?" she replyed making sure she hung onto his every word, she saw him hesitate and then begin, "I am in love with you my dear, I have been since I first saw you as a little girl and now as I see what a beatiful woman you have become makes me love you even more." he told her.

She looked at him for a few minutes in shock and her expression changed to sadness. "How could you love sombody who looks the way I do?" she asked him "My breasts are way too big and I am not exactly a toothpic!" she said to him with a tear forming in her eye. Taker looked at his love and said "My dear, I for one do not care how big your breasts are, and my theory is the more the better, and as for your weight, my love, I do not care how big or small you are for I am in love with your heart not your looks." he said taking her into his massive arms and comforting her for she began to cry at his heartfelt words. "No man has ever spoken those words to me!" she choked in between sobs. Taker just comforted his beloved saying words of love to her till she cried herself to sleep on his massive chest.

When Jennifer awoke she found herself in Takerís massive arms and he too was asleep. She did not wish to wake him so she slipped out of his embrace. He stirred a bit and she stood perfectly still till he went back to sleep. He looked so cute as he slept she wanted to reach over and trace the lines of his face but she knew that would wake him. Then she thought about what he had told her earlier about him being in love with her since she was a child it was the most touching words she had ever heard she thought because she too had been in love with him for quite some time but she didnít come right out and tell him that. She belived that a woman's heart was an ocean full of secrets and this was one of her biggests secrets she had locked away in her heart. For also she was scared that he would think her weak if she trembled as she spoke Love to him. But she knew one day should would tell him her heart's desire but that day wasnít today.

She wandered around the big mansion till she came to a double door which she opened to find what must have been Taker's bedroom. She wondered how many women had been in that bed but brushed the thought aside for it hurt too much.

She closed the door and found herself in Taker's study. It had a large desk and file cabinets. She poked around the desk and looked through the file cabinets till she found somthing of intrest a drawer full of stuff from her life in his bottom desk drawer. Everything from old report cards to her missing teeth and toys she could never find was in the drawer. She wondered how he got a hold of these? She closed the drawer and left the room and headed back down to the living room were she found Taker was not on the sofa were she had left him. "Where could he be?" she thought.

She went from dark room to dark room and could not find him. When she reached the kitchen she looked around for him but didnít see him there. When she felt a pair of hands go around her neck she immediatly reacted out of fear and grabbed a kitchen knife and ducked from the grasp and whirled around to fight off her attacker. she found herself looking at a chest and looked up into the green eyes of the man who was in love with her. "What the hell are you doing?" he reacted by throwing his hands up in the air. She just looked up at him and started to laugh out loud. "I thought you were going to hurt me!" she said through her laughter as she put the knife back were it belonged.

When she turned back around he had his hands on his hips. Mockingly he said "Sheesh never trust a woman when there are sharp objects in the house!" and then he burst into thunderous laughter and grabbed her by her waist. "What are you doing up love?" he asked then a look of concern came over his face he said "Itís ok if I call you love right?" he asked her. "I was just looking around, and no I donít mind if you call me love names." she grinned to herself secretly. "But I was tired and came back to snuggle next to you, and you were gone and I came looking for you." she told him as she looked up into his green eyes. "Well now that you found me Mílady what may I ask are you going to do with me?" he joked. "Take ya to bed and snuggle up to you." she said with a big smile on her face. "Well then letís go upstaris to my room for we can not sleep on the cold kitchen floor." he said with a sparkle in his green eyes. She just laughed and said "Lead the way my Dark Lord." she bowed to him. He chuckled to himself and took her hand and lead her up to his bedroom.

When they got up there he took his shirt off and threw it on to the floor. She looked at his bare chest but pretended she didnít notice for this was her first time seeing the Dark Lord with his shirt off, she just proceeded to bathroom attached to the bedroom and put her night gown on. When she came back out Taker was already in bed sitting up wating for her to come to bed. He patted the spot next to him which she climbed in and lay down. He then put his arm around her and pulled her close to him so her eyes were on him and whispered in her ear "I Love You, Lady Jennifer." She just smiled and said softly that she loved him too. Without another word their lips met.

As their passions grew for each other, Jennifer, even though she wanted Taker that night, realized it was to early in their relationship for them to be making this kinda of jump. "Taker we must stop." she whispered as he kissed the fine line down her neck. Taker just looked up with a concerned face "Have I done somthing wrong?" he asked her. "No of course not." she kissed him again. "Itís just that itís too early to jump in bed together. Tonight was the night we let it be known that we were in love with each other. Lets not spoil that love." she told him. He nodded his head and agreed with her and took her back into his arms again.

Taker couldnít belive this woman. Most women just wanted him for the sex anyway and then bid him farewell. But this one was different she actually wanted to wait for him to love her physically. Instead he thought he would show his love for her emotionally. He kissed the top of her head and fell into a dream state with his beloved.

When he awoke the next morning he looked over to the other side of the bed and noticed she was gone. "Where could she be?" he thought. He got up, put on a pair of black jeans and a t-shirt, put his long auburn hair back into a ponytail and walked out into the hallway and down the long spiral staircase. As he approched the kitchen he could smell the aroma of fresh bacon cooking in a frying pan. As he got to the door frame he leaned against it to take in the view of his beloved in an apron with a spatula in hand tending to her eggs.

"Ahem.." he cleared his throat to get her attention. She turned around and smiled up at him. "Good Morning my Dark Lord" she told him waving to the kitchen table with her spatula. "Take a seat." she ordered him. He looked at her and at the table and back at her. "Ooooo an order giver, I like that." he growled going up to her and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek on his way to the table. "Well sombody has to do it, you have half your friends scared to death of you." she laughed and he just smiled at her and brushed off the humor part. He knew all too well that he had a bad temper and was usually the one who told people what to do, but for her he would make an exception.

"Well arenít we grumpy this morning!" she said as she put a plate full of food in front of him. "Iím not grumpy." he said as he grabbed a fork and stuck into an egg and watched the yellow substance ooze out on to his plate. "What makes you think I'm grumpy?" he asked sticking a piece of egg in his mouth. "Well for one you didnít say anything about me making breafast, and two, well Iíll think of a two later." she told him sitting down across from him with her plate. "Oh I am sorry my love, I am not used to a home cooked meal but....yes thank you itís wonderful." He got up from his chair to kiss her lips and hugged her and walked back over to his plate.

"Now thatís better" she told him. "So what is on your agenda today sweetheart?" he asked her sticking another piece of egg in his mouth. "Well I am planning to return to the mortal world and go back to my house and grab a few things and then I thought I would go do some shopping with my friends." she told him taking a bite of her bacon and chewing it slowly and watched his face. "Hummm.." he said stroking his beard and leaning back in his chair. "Well I want sombody with you the whole time to make sure that you're safe." he told her still rubbing his beard. "Can you do it?" she asked him. "I am afraid not little one I have to consult with a member of the Ministry and Paul." he told her. "But I will tell you what I will send for Midian. He shall watch over you while you do your...well..whatever women do." he said smiling at her. "And then I shall come and retrive you my love, for you have got to begin training on your powers and we can start after all has been accomplished." he said taking a bite of his bacon and then a sip of coffee. "Excellent!" she said. "I just adore Middi and I do miss him alot!" she told him. "I shall summon him now just for you love." he said as he rolled his eyes in the back of his head and went into a trance and speaking in words she didnít know.

Finally out of nowhere Midian appeared before them. Jennifer jupped up from her seat and embraced the confused Eyes of the Ministry "Middie, oh Middie I missed you soo much!!" she exclamied jumping up and down. Taker just watched her amazed and then looked over at Midian who was sending him a telepathic message saying "You're in love with a nut?" Taker just chuckled and got up to retrive his jumping bean love.

After she collected herself and cleared off the dishes and Taker went off about his business kissing her as he left Jennifer turned to Midian who was examining and talking to his pet eye ball. She just shook her head and told him that it was time to go. He looked up at her and said "Yes we should leave now Lady J." and stood up. She told him to make himself scarce for when she was shopping with her friends and told him no funny business. She teleported back to the Mortal world with Midian and his pet eye ball in tow.

When she was in her room she collected what things she needed most including her computer and teleported it back to the Dark Realm. After her room was completly empty she turned to Midian who was looking at a poster on her wall facinated. Jennifer walked up to him and asked him what he was looking at and then she saw that he was looking at an old photo of her and Jeremiah kissing she grabbed the photo and wadded it up and threw it to the waste paper basket. "Why did you do that Lady J?" Midian asked her. "Because that was a long time ago and he is never coming back for me." she told him. Midian just shook his head and went on admiring the pictures on her wall of the Undertaker. "Címon Middi." she told him when it was time to go. "My friends said that they were flying in for the wrestling event in Portland and that they were going to meet me at the mall." she told him "So make yourself scarce!" she added as they teleported to the mall.

Midian walked a few paces in front of her admiring a plant in one of the stores. She just shook her head again for he finds the most intresting things to look at. Her friends Christine, Storm, Shelara and Jenny ran up to hug her. It was the first time she had met these women but knew what they looked like from pictures they had sent her via internet. "Did you see the Undertaker on Heat?" Christine asked her. "He was just sooo cute!" she continued. Jennifer knew that Chris loved the Undertaker but none of them knew she was actually SEEING him! She asked herself several hundred times how she was going to explain Taker to them. She just nodded her head at Chris and said "Yes indeed he was sure cute!" with a sly smile on her face. "Um...are we ready to shop ladies?" she looked at all the girls who were nodding their heads.

She caught a glance of someone who was admiring a gentlemen dressed in all black. "Oh my god!" she thought. She hoped that the guy could not see Middi and it looked as though he couldnít and she prayed Taker would hear her telepathic message to him telling him to arrive to get her invisable for she didnít want to explain to her friends her secret. After a few hours of tireless shopping with her friends, getting to know all of them better and watching Midian look at every uninteresting thing possible her friends dragged her over to the food court to get somthing to eat.

Midian sat down right next to her. "You better hope to god they donít see you." she mumbled to him. "They canít Lady J watch I will prove it to you." he said getting up from the chair and walking over to Shel who was standing in the Wendyís line waiting for her food. Jennifer looked in horror when Midian lifted up her skirt to see what was underneath. She wanted to scream for him to stop but she couldnít otherwise the people who were around her would think she was nuts. Midian smiled when he saw what he wanted and walked back over to her and sat down in a chair. "I could just kill you!" she hissed. "Too late my Lady my dark lord did that for me!" he smiled at her, held up his pet and contined to look at it when her friends came back to the table.

As they all sat down to enjoy their lunches Jennifer prayed to herself that Midian would just mind his manners while her friends were sitting there next to him. Everytime she looked up at Midian he was harrassing one of her friends without their noticing it, and everytime she glared at him he would just sit there and look at his pet and smile up at her as if he was taunting her to say somthing aloud.

Finally she saw him get up from out of his seat and proceed to walk in one of the stores. What is he up to? she thought to herself but joined back into the girl's conversation at the table and when she looked up again she saw Midian with a handfull of plastic eye balls he got out of Afterthoughts. To make matters worse he would hand them out to people as they passed by him. The people would stop and stare and then walk by him briskly. She just put her hands over her face and whispered how she couldnít belive him.

"Belive what?" asked Shel for she heard her whispering. "Um....nothing" she said looking up at Midian and watching a mother pull her child's arm nearly out of the socket as she tried to get away from him. The girls at the table caught her stare and they all saw him. "Isnít that Midian?" asked Chris. "I belive...wait a minute...Yes it is him!!" said Storm both girls screamed with glee "Letís go get his autograph for he may know were Taker is!" Chris said exitedly all the girls that were sitting around her were gone faster than lighting. Jennifer put her head in her lap and finally went over to her friends who were jumping up and down at the site of Midian.

She watched as Chris pushed him back into a chair and climbed up on his lap and started to flirt with him trying to learn the location of his Dark master. Jennifer rolled her eyes and caught the eye of Midian who looked like he was about to explode for Chris was caressing a certain body part of his. She just glared at him and sent a message to him telepathically that she was leaving with or without him. As she said good-bye to all her friends and dismissed herself from the group she walked along the Mall's upper floors peeking in a store from time to time and shutting her mind compleatly off from Midian for she didnít want to even see him after the stunts he pulled on her that day.

As she walked along, out of nowhere Taker appeared before her. "What..where is Midian?" he asked her. "My guess is back there still getting his willy rubbed and being hounded for information on you." she said coldly. "What happend little one?" he asked her. She proceeded to tell him the whole story.

"HE DID WHAT!!" he roared. "Come my love I have to find him." he said to her taking her hand and they both teleported to Midian's location. "No wait!!" she said "We have to do this where my friends canít see me." she told him. "Of course little one." He lifted his hands to rub her smooth cheek. "Shall we go invisible love?" he asked her. He put his hand down to grab her hand. "Yes." she said "Ok love. Think of being transparent...and you shall be." he told her. So she did and saw a white glow emanating from them. "Taker, we are glowing." she told him he just smiled at her and said "Yes love thatís normal now letís go retrive Midian." he said as they walked over to him. "Midian you will dismiss yourself and come with me back to the mansion." he told him. Midian nodded, dismissed himself and they all met up back at Takerís mansion in the Dark Realm.

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