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7-22-99 The Weak Heel Syndrome

It's a theme that has been incorporated in literature, film, and now wrestling. Good versus and defeats evil. The only difference between its traditional usage and that of The WWF's angle is the stature of the antagonist. The World Wrestling Federation has begun to transform all of their heels into powerless wrestlers who must cheat to win.

Yes, I know that good is supposed to overcome evil but what is the threat if the antagonist is unable to defend himself. The great appeal of this overused and predictable storyline is the great battle that goes on between these two forces. It is not supposed to be obvious who is going to be triumphant and how. This is now the case at the WWF. If the heel wins, it's because he cheated and the face always wins by clean pinfall.

The Undertaker's gimmick used to be one that commanded respect and attention. He always confronted every opponent fearlessly. Taker never backed down from a challenge and he usually fought his battles alone. There wasn't a finishing move in anyone's repertoire that could keep him down for the count. He was the Phenom of The World Wrestling Federation.

Now it is impossible for The Undertaker to be in the ring without having his entourage far behind. He rarely wins his matches without an assist, and he is usually pinned a few minutes after the bell rings. Of course there is always someone there to distract or knock out the referee, unless he has already done it himself.

This angle that was intended to continue the feud between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon has ruined the reputation that has taken The Undertaker so long to establish. Taker's power and wrestling abilities are now becoming questionable. Why must his image be destroyed to accommodate the age-old theme of good vs. evil? Wouldn't it be beneficial to both parties if the heel gave the face some valid competition? I'd like to think this match would be more interesting to watch.

Although I am unhappy with The Undertaker's role in this angle, his current involvement in it is not my main concern. The dilemma is going to occur within the aftermath. How will The Undertaker's gimmick evolve so he can begin winning matches on his own again? How will they portray him to be a respectable champion if he wins the Heavyweight Title again? It seems to me like The WWF has dethroned The Lord of Darkness.

GG ~ Gothic Girl

The Undertaker: Married or Not?

I decided to start my first column of The Epitaph on a subject that has been getting a lot of attention on the Internet lately. This subject being The Undertaker's marital status, and whether or not this information is too personal to be discussed by the likes of the COTN.

In my opinion, I don't think that this question concerning his life should be that taboo. Upon entering his profession, Mark Calaway knew that people were going to become interested in his personal affairs (no pun intended). Is this justifiable? Probably not, but the fact is that it happens and each of us has been guilty of it.

Whether you enjoy looking at pictures of him out of gimmick, reading stories about people meeting him, or interviews he's done out of kayfabe, you have been unknowingly taking part in this invasion of his personal life. All of these pastimes cause a demand which must be supplied. Fans find him while he's at a bar having a drink, leaving his hotel, or just at the airport waiting for his plane and start flashing the camera in his face. Being a very private and mysterious man has also caused him to be sought after by the media. Newspapers and magazines alike know that The Undertaker's COTN would pay anything and even order back issues to obtain exclusive info on their favorite WWF superstar. Not only is this beneficial for the press, but Mark Calaway as well.

I don't need to mention that The Undertaker is the most popular heel at the WWF. Calaway's ingenious gimmick and his talent have gained him success in his career, but I believe it's his fans that have kept him on top. Who else but his crazed fans would buy all of his merchandise? If we didn't find that man so irresistible would we be buying his shirts, dolls, posters, and magazines with a picture of him on the cover that only has a one page story inside? We are partially the reason why he gets such an enormous paycheck.

As long as we conduct ourselves in a mature manner, I don't think it really matters what we talk about over the Internet. If you enjoy talking about his marital status or what color underwear he prefers, than all the more power to you. As long as all you are doing is just talking about it, then it doesn't harm anyone. Actually, being ATM (Addicted to Mark) helps him a lot more than you think.

GG ~ Gothic


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